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Each of us still knows the Greek island of Crete very well from the good old cartoons. The sights of this historical place begin to date back to the second millennium BC, and most often such ancient architectural monuments appear before us in the form of dilapidated, but still majestic and very beautiful palaces, temples and amphitheatres. An important property of the island is considered and unique nature. Here, in addition to the beautiful waters of the Mediterranean, there are many unique tropical plants that envelop small rocks and plateaus. Well, let's take a wonderful - albeit virtual - tour of this ancient island and try to discover new notable places.

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People who have never been here know, alas, only about the existence of the Palace of Knossos and the labyrinth, believing that these are the only attractions of the island of Crete. Greece actually has a much more extensive cultural and architectural heritage. For example, a town called Gortis can dip you in the Doric era. Here are mostly religious buildings, dating from the second century BC. Not far from this ancient complex stands the Orthodox Church, which was built by Paul, a follower of Titus, in the 6th century AD. In the 16th century, the magnificent Prevelli Monastery was erected on the island’s territory. And near the river flows, to which palm trees are leaning, which gives the area even more charm and charm. In the old days, this place was considered the most picturesque on the island of Crete. The sights of nature are most clearly able to express themselves in the dictatorial cave. This is a very mysterious place that was holy to the ancient Greeks. Now there is an internal lake and a large hall where tourists can gather to explore the area.

Crete Island Attractions

Crete: Attractions

Heraklion is the capital city of a unique island. Here is concentrated the entire cultural life of the region, including both innovations of modern progress and monuments of bygone eras. In Heraklion, you can shop, visit the spa, enjoy delicious delicacies, and also have fun from the heart. However, all these amenities fade a little against the background of the cultural heritage left by the ancient Greeks. The city itself is named after the mythical hero Hercules, and all the buildings that you will meet here are literally saturated with antiquity and the greatness of that era. You can get acquainted with the history of the city in the national museum. In addition - and it just needs to be done - you can buy a card and go on an excursion. Walking along the streets of the city, you will meet at every step the most beautiful fountains, stairs and alleys. Especially popular among tourists is the famous Palace of Knossos, known to us from the myth of the Minotaur. Visiting this miracle of architecture, you will be able to see a labyrinth overgrown with green thickets, and, most importantly, a bathroom and a toilet, which were built 3,600 years ago!

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Crete, Rethymnon

The sights of this island can be found even in such a small town as Rethymnon, which is located in its western part. In principle, this resort village does not shine with any famous monuments of architecture or art. Sandy white beaches stretch for 16 kilometers, almost all of which are marked with the blue flag. This is the perfect place to relax with the kids or for a honeymoon. But, despite the silence and harmony, which gives the local nature, there will be very noisy places of entertainment. With the onset of darkness, a very stormy nightlife unfolds in the town, clubs and restaurants open, and beach parties are sometimes organized. Bali is considered a very popular resort of Rethymnon. Here, in addition to the beautiful nature and the cleanest sea, fishing is very developed. Therefore, everyone can join this lesson. Or you can simply go with the locals for a boat ride along the shores of the island.

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Dedicated to all lovers of lazy rest

As a rule, tourists who come to Greece to simply bask under the southern sun, first of all begin to look for the perfect beach.Sfakia is a region in which the most picturesque recreation areas are concentrated, and in all this beauty is only a merit of nature. Local southern mountains and hills like cascades down to the water, forming a secluded bay and beautiful harbor. We note immediately that local beaches can be divided into pebble and sandy. Also among them there are many recreation areas for nudists, because you need to know in advance how to organize your holiday. For example, the beach "Marmara" - a secluded place with a pebble surface. Here you can relax as a whole family, and alone. Recreation area "Glyka Negra" is considered the most beautiful in the region. It is surrounded by cliffs and is washed by clear turquoise water. On the other hand, emerald green fits close to the sea, and a run-in pebble under the feet shimmers in the sun. But if you want to sunbathe naked, then feel free to go to the pebbled beach "Filaki" or to the sandy "Agios Charalambos" and "Amoudi".

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Lovers travel with extreme

If a boring beach holiday is not for you, then you will get a lot of new impressions and adrenaline in the Samaria Gorge. It is known to all tourists as the longest in Europe, because its length is 18 kilometers. It is possible to pass through it only in one direction, since the road as if rushes up.This journey will take you from 6 to 8 hours, and the tour itself will cost about 5-8 euros. It should be noted that all the surrounding nature is strictly protected by the state. Therefore, on the way it is not allowed to tear off the leaves of trees, flowers, and especially the whole branches of plants. Surrounds the gorge of the village of the same name. It is considered an architectural classic of the island of Crete. Landmarks are enclosed in snow-white houses, which form a narrow and winding streets. In this style, small churches, chapels and theaters are made.

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Traveling around the island by car

Seeing the sights of Crete by car is much more convenient and interesting than on a tourist bus. Car rental conditions are very profitable here (70 euros for two days), so we will start the tour “on our four” right now. Exploring the local trails, you can see Lake Kournas. It is considered the largest freshwater reservoir on the island. Stop here and book a ride on a catamaran - you will not regret! The water of the lake is so pure that all its inhabitants are visible. And you can see the reservoir to the bottom! The next item becomes a family cemetery, which is located on the way to Chania. Here, surprisingly, a very peaceful atmosphere that allows you to think about eternal values.Arriving in Chania, you can park and go on foot inspection of the Old Town. There are small chapels and simply beautiful old houses, but the local lighthouse is considered the main asset. Leaving Chania, go to the Arkadi Monastery. It is considered one of the oldest on the island.samarium gorge

"Artificial" island of Spinalonga

In the eastern part of Crete there is a small island with chiseled shores, which is called Spinalonga. It is believed that it was separated from the main part of Crete by the Venetians during the ongoing military conflicts. In the old days, this place was a haven for Christians who were in exile. Later, he became a colony for lepers who ended their days here. Today these lands are considered ancient and unique and are included in the administrative structure of the island of Crete. Local sights are taverns, beaches, clean sea and beautiful horizons. Also here there are fortresses, chapels and towers that were built in different eras. Because the architectural style of this mini-island is very diverse and is considered quite atypical for Crete.

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Cave where god was born

According to legend, the ancient Greek deity, called Zeus, was born in the cave Dikti, which is in the east of the island of Crete. It is located at 1050 meters above sea level, and, most importantly, the entrance to it is completely inconspicuous. However, getting inside, everyone is amazed by the so exciting beauty of nature. Majestic stalactites, figured passages and arches, stone silhouettes, which by their height really remind us of the deity ... At the bottom of the cave there is a lake, which in former times was considered a cult place. Before visiting this property, you need to consider the following: you need to wear shoes comfortably, because you have to climb over the stones. You should also take hats, as it takes a long time to get to the grotto. And also: it is forbidden to photograph in a cave. Therefore, if you want to bring unique pictures from vacation, just do not use the flash and do not catch the eye of the guides.

sights of the island of Crete, Greece

Waterpark Anapolis Waterpark

This summer entertainment complex is the largest in Crete. Its attractions lie in the fact that there are collected a wide variety of attractions, which are designed for adults and children.Here is built the largest wave pool in Europe, there is a bungee above the water, descents of various structures and heights. The water park itself is located quite high above sea level. The only negative is that there is not a covered attraction in it. Therefore, if you catch a shower, there will be nothing to do there.


A visit to Crete is a real fairy tale. This trip will be a real revelation for you. You will discover a lot of new, useful and interesting. Get acquainted with the culture of this marvelous country, and, of course, have fun for the glory. There are the oldest architectural monuments of our planet, buildings of the Middle Ages, modern cities and a very vibrant nightlife. Therefore, going here, you need to be ready for adventure.

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