Crafts from car tires - from flowerpots to swing

To date, the issue of disposal of old used tires has not been resolved. But many gardeners and gardeners have long found a solution to how to give rubber tires a second life. They make beautiful garden sculptures and flowerpots. Crafts from automobile tires can be not only a worthy decoration, but also be useful. They are made very quickly and simply. And in the end it turns out a whole island of bright sculptures and flower beds, which will bring a lot of positive emotions and joy. The tire is made of rubber, which is why it is very flexible and capable of taking different forms. If you attach a little imagination and perseverance, you can make wonderful crafts from garden tires in the form of a sandbox for children, swings, flowerpots, flower beds, animal sculptures and even an original alpine slide.

Flowerpots from car tires

crafts from car tiresOf course, you can buy ready-made fashion pots and flowerpots for garden flowers in the store, but why waste time when you can make crafts out of car tires with your own hands.For their manufacture will be useful not only old tires, but also rims. Of them make the original stand under the pot. They give an improvised flower bed a more elegant and at the same time steady look. So, in order to make crafts from car tires in the form of a garden pot, you will need a file or a sharp, durable knife. The Bulgarian can significantly speed up and facilitate the process, provided that you know how to handle it. Having filled a little hand on the first product, you can decide for yourself which tool will be more convenient to work with in the future. In order to cut off the excess rubber from the tire, put the tire on the ground and chalk it on it. For convenience, it is best to first cut a circle. If there is a desire to make the edges of the pot jagged or wavy, it is necessary to put on the tire the appropriate pattern. This is done manually, using an ordinary stencil. It will be much more convenient than just drawing by car accessoriesFirst, cut the marked circle, and then proceed to the formation of figure drawing. In order for the rubber to give in better, it is necessary to periodically dip the knife in cold water.Having completed figure carving, turn the tire inside out. To do this, flip it upside down and, with your knee pressed down, carefully turn the cut edge towards you. Paint the resulting pot with acrylic paint so that it looks elegant and bright.

Making a swing from car tires

DIY car tiresVery many grandmothers and mothers may be interested in the idea of ​​creating a kind of children's corner in their garden. For this it is convenient to use crafts from automobile tires. For example, you can make a sandbox or swing. In order to make a sandbox, additional knowledge is not necessary, its production is extremely simple. But with the swing things are more complicated. For them, an old, but very strong tire is specially selected. With the help of a drill in it make holes for fasteners. Directly to them will be attached a chain or automobile cable, which will hold the entire difficult structure on weight. Fasteners must guarantee the utmost safety for the child when riding on a swing. Of course, such original crafts from automobile tires should have a reliable support.This can be a specially made metal structure or a strong tree branch.

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Crafts from car tires - from flowerpots to swing 76

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