Cowboy Party: holiday script. Invitations, costumes, contests

Both adults and children rejoice in such happy holidays, it’s not difficult to make a party scenario. And at the same time you can hold one thematic party for kids and their parents. Just contests and menus will vary slightly.

If the holiday is planned to be held in a private or country house, great opportunities open up. You can make a good noise, dance, roast meat on the fire, which is not the case in the apartment. The ideal option for any company is a cowboy party! The main thing is to thoroughly prepare.cowboy party

Decorating the ranch

If you have a great desire to make the party unforgettable, a little fantasy - everything will turn out better nowhere! Costumes of cowboys and sheriffs can be built independently. The rest of the scenery is also easy to do with cardboard and paints! Make a stencil in the form of large cacti and transfer it to cardboard, then paint it beautifully with gouache.There must be a barnyard and large poultry. For cattle fit the box from the refrigerator or washing machine. Place the animals behind the wicker fence, it can be made from rods. For cool photos you need to draw a poster with an imitation of the bar and strong drinks. Dress up one of the guests as a bartender. The party scenario needs to be thought in detail and written down to avoid awkward moments and hitches!

Western saloon

If the party takes place in the apartment, then there will be no problems with the scenery either. Print out posters with images of brutal cowboys, ranch species and the Wild West nature. Arrange guests for a fascinating western. Fun contests and a variety of drinks at the bar in company with freshly prepared meat are exactly what you need on this evening. Before entering the apartment, attach a piece of wood with photos of those invited with the title script

Complimentary ticket

We now turn to the invitations. The easiest way is to print ready-made templates on the printer and enter the names. But you can make beautiful cards yourself. You will need rough paper and pieces of leather or a substitute.The paper can be slightly aged with a solution of strong tea, after drying it will be yellowish and uneven, make a fringe of leather and attach it to each invitation along the edge. Write the time and place where the party will be held in the style of cowboys, you can coal. To deliver such a treasured ticket is also unusual. For example, dressed in a cowboy costume, perform the role of a postman and hand personally to each guest. Or use the services of real mail and send registered mail.

Begin to notify your family about a party in one or two weeks, because they will need to prepare costumes! The invitation to the party should look intriguing, so that your friends want to quickly plunge into the life of the Wild West. Run it in the shape of a cactus, a cowboy hat, or a whiskey bottle from the saloon. Print the invitation cards on the printer, paint with acrylic paints and paste on cardboard. If all this is done a little sloppy and rude - it does not matter. A cowboy-style party implies a bit of contests

Music has tied us

Cowboys love good music. Therefore, musical instruments will be useful.Lip harmonicas, a grand piano, a mandolin, a guitar will complement the interior and add color to the atmosphere. The cardboard country-style ensemble will delight the guests, but if there is no such possibility, cut the musicians out of cardboard and place them on the stage. Get a great background for a photo as a keepsake. But what will sound throughout the evening is a matter of taste of the host and guests. You can include several cowboy motifs in the playlist, but you shouldn't get involved in this genre. Choose incendiary, dance tracks, so that no one invited to get bored! After all, the cowboy party is undying fun, laughter and mobile contests.

Costumes and attributes

All accessories for a party can be done in the home. But it is better to indicate in the invitation card what form of clothing should be for everyone who came. Faded old jeans, plaid shirts, shawls and hats, leather jackets and high boots - at least something can be found in any wardrobe. Maybe one of the guests has a wide belt with a huge badge. Girls can create a more elegant look: denim shorts, skirts with a fringe to toe, a shirt, knotted at the waist.At the entrance to the house, give each guest a bright bandanna or hat; you can prepare a sheriff's badge for everyone. Be sure to come up with new names of cowboy guests, so it will be even more interesting to plunge into this world full of adventures and dangers!style party

The host of the holiday must have a real cowboy costume. For him, you can buy ready-made outfit. It can be an Indian, a sheriff, and even a faithful horse of a cowboy! The more comical the leader’s outfit is, the better. After all, he will always be the center of attention and set the tone for the party. Do not forget about the small gifts to guests who will begin to actively participate in competitions.


So that the guests will not get bored from eating meat and strong drinks, arrange them a good shake. Contests for the party need to think in advance and prepare the paraphernalia.

Let's check which of the guests has every chance of becoming an oligarch. To do this, we collect water in a large basin and throw a lot of pieces of golden foil rolled into it. Now everyone can feel like a gold miner. With eyes closed, the participant must catch as many nuggets as possible using a sieve! After counting the winner, give the chocolate gold medal.

Agility and endurance

A cowboy party is not a place to sit quietly and have small talk.This is where the real adventures begin, in which you can show your skills and strength.

Arrange guests to race horses. Glue the mane and the horse's face onto two huge pumped balls - these will be the loyal horses of the cowboys! Gymnastic balls with a handle or ears, on which you can easily move, are best suited. Now divide the guests into two teams and those who complete the baton will be the first to receive the prize!cowboy costume


What kind of cowboy can't handle a lasso? It is imperative to check how accurate and deft your city representatives are. Tie a tight rope and make a ring. You can lure anything you want: a magnificent beauty, a cow and even a chair. With each stage, the target moves farther and farther, reveal the most apt winner!

Contests for the party need to pick up and moving, and quiet, so that guests can relax a bit. A quiz with tricky questions will not be superfluous either.

Try to check the reaction of all those invited. The facilitator says the word and shows what movement needs to be done, everyone repeats after him. With every word he tries to confuse the participants. When the word "sheriff", you need to grab a pistol from a holster, the word "storm" - to cover your face with a scarf.Think up some interesting movements and repeat them alternately, inattentive participants will get confused and quickly get out of the game. Will remain the most attentive of the guests!

Bull by the horns

Parties for adults are usually very fun and active. Give your friends a real rodeo. To do this, you need to make an angry bull. Lay a log or a thick board on the chairs at the edges. In the middle lay a blanket in the form of a seat. Divide the players into two teams. The first one sits on the log and holds onto it with all parts of the body as tightly as possible. But the second team begins to rock the log, trying to throw off opponents! It will be a very fun competition, but such actions are best carried out in the open air. Then the teams change places, and the fun begins again.

Water treatment

If the cowboy party takes place on the street in the hot season, you can arrange water battles. Get a few water toy guns and cook clean large containers. Type buckets or tanks with clean water and you can begin shelling. Players will be divided into two teams and will remember their childhood, having fun frolicking in the fresh air.Win the driest invitation

If dousing guests do not like, you can shoot with water guns on the banks. Make the scenery for this cowboy shooting gallery, you can stick photos of criminals on the banks, and the shooter will present himself as a formidable sheriff.

Like it or not

At the party, where there are close friends, you can hold an interesting contest - "like - do not like." The moderator asks each guest what he likes in his roommate. When everyone has expressed their views, the host offers to kiss the place that the neighbor likes. And then on the contrary, bite what does not like! It will turn out very fun, but it is better to carry out such an action at the very end of the feast, when the guests lost all their embarrassment and the team rallied.

Fun milking

Cowboys are notable cattle breeders. Offer them to milk the cow, let them show their abilities in dealing with horny friends. Take three rubber gloves and puncture the holes in each finger. Pour water into the glove and distribute to participants. The one who drinks the most water is the winner. You can give him as a presentation a liter of milk! The more participants, the more interesting to watch them. Especially if the milkers are men.For comicity, tie them with bright scarves and put on aprons. Such a competition can be held both in the house and on the accessories

Have fun with all your heart! And to make the party memorable and bright, just make a little effort. Pick up costumes and attributes in advance, send invitations to friends. Prepare presents for the winners, even if the budget does not allow you to buy something worthwhile, lollipops and chocolate medals will do! Contests, quizzes, delicious meat on the fire and a sea of ​​positive - this is the motto of a cowboy party! Enjoy the holidays like children, and create a fervent atmosphere at your celebration.

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