Corn Cookie Taste

Corn cookies - it would seem that it could be easier. Usually they are made from wheat flour, but we are familiar with the options with the addition of oats and bran. And here in the store in the section of oriental sweets and baking I saw corn flour cookies and I thought - probably this is something unusual, you have to buy and try it.
Taste of corn biscuit cookies, ordinary, most, corn, has, unusually, taste, before, only, corn, chips, tortillas, bread, never, it turned out, given, taste, somehow, special, wheat

Here is the pack itself, in Auchan about 90 rubles for 380 grams. I tried it at home, waited for some unusual taste, because I used to eat only corn chips, flatbreads, bread ... and never any cookies. But it turned out that this cookie does not have any special taste. This is the usual wheat, the most simple Kurabie, with a subtle aftertaste, slightly softening everything else.

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