Cooking surfaces: design, functions, features

For the preparation of fragrant and delicious dishes need reliable kitchen appliances. Suitable option - hobs from the German brand TEKA. They combine aesthetic design, functionality and long service life.

Types of electric cooktops

When selecting a hob, it is important to take into account a number of nuances on which the installation of the device and the speed of cooking depend. It is also important to know the differences between the types of hobs. This will help make the right choice of home appliance.

Dependent and independent surfaces

Cooktop TekaThe range of hobs today is incredibly diverse. This applies to both design decisions and functionality. According to one of the classifications, devices are divided into dependent and independent.

A dependent panel is a set consisting of an oven and a hob. They are united by a common control panel.Both devices are mounted on the same location - the kitchen table or cabinet. The stove is located above the oven.

An independent panel is the same set of appliances (oven and surface), but they have different controls. You can install appliances in opposite parts of the kitchen. This type of device will appreciate the young mothers. They will not be able to install the oven downstairs, but above the hob so that the children do not reach it.

Types of heating elements

By the type of heating elements, hobs are divided into five main types: standard, hi-light, halogen, induction and gas. Each type of surface has its strengths and weaknesses.

Standard heats up from a special spiral in 8-12 seconds, hi-light from a tape heating elements (in 3-6 seconds), in halogen ones special lamps are used. They need only 3-5 seconds to warm up to a temperature of + 80 ° C. The induction plates are installed blocks that provide quick heating of the burners. The principle of operation of gas panels, as in the classical: the heating of the stove occurs due to the gas supply.

The most economical option - induction.They heat up in 5-6 seconds and ensure an even temperature distribution over the entire surface of the pan or frying pan. Thanks to them, you will reduce the time for the preparation of your favorite dishes. This type is often called "smart." After heating the burners, they maintain a certain temperature level, while reducing energy consumption. With induction panels, you will reduce the amount in payments for electricity by 20-30%.

Connection of electrical surfaces

Before connecting the electric hob, you must carefully check the condition of the outlet in which you plan to turn on the device. The slightest flaws in her work can lead to the failure of the stove or the entire wiring of the house. In addition, the outlet must be grounded. If you are not sure that you can handle the connection of the equipment yourself, it is better to immediately entrust the work to professionals.

TEKA range of hobs

An indispensable tool in choosing a hob will be for you. Here are the new items and models that consumers have enrolled in the category of "classic".

Electric hob TekaThe TEKA EM / 30 2P S.STEEL model is suitable for a compact home or office kitchen.It consists of two rings, can be built into the kitchen table. It is based on durable, practical and reliable material - stainless steel, which is resistant to high temperatures, moisture, aggressive chemical components. It is equipped with convenient temperature controls. Plate height - 4 cm, width - 30 cm.

TRS 645 - electric stove with a coating of porcelain. It has a stylish design, high quality and rich functionality. This model is from the generation of smart. It has the function of “automatic boiling”, programming cooking time (up to 99 minutes). It adapts to the parameters of the pan and pan, provides an even distribution of heat over their surface.

Model TEKA EX 60 4G AI AL CI NAT - classic gas panel. It has a cast-iron grill and four burners with different power: from 1 to 2, 80 kW, gas regulators. It is suitable for cooking first courses, side dishes and desserts at the same time. Care of the stove is minimal. You just need to remove the remnants of food, fat and drinks from its surface.

TEKA EX 70 5G AI AL CI TR is an excellent acquisition for a large family. The stove has five gas burners with different power levels.It is made of stainless steel. Practical, reliable, durable. This device will decorate home cooking and your faithful assistant in the preparation of the most exquisite dishes.

If you are looking for a compact and stylish panel, you will love the TR 60. It is made in black. Its surface is made of glass-ceramic, and the range of functions will satisfy even demanding housewives. Order hobs, get acquainted with the price list, evaluate the design of appliances and their functions can be on the official websites of stores.

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