Completion of feeding: proper nutrition of the child

When mathe baby grows up, the parents start to think that it's time to diversify the baby's diet and introduce complementary foods.

Of course, there are many questions and doubts: whatfeeding schemethe best, with what it is necessary to start to introduce lure and when to enter it? Today we are answering important questions about feeding in our article.

Is the child ready for the introduction of complementary foods?

Important factorsuccessful introduction of complementary foods- this is the baby's readiness for new food. Pediatricians distinguish such signs that the child is ready for the introduction of complementary foods:

  • to kidnot less than 4 months, according to the recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO), it is not recommended to administer lactation before 4 months, the ideal time for introducing complementary food is 6 months, before the introduction of complementary food can only be prescribed by a pediatrician, based on the evidence;
  • your baby is alreadymanaged to double the weight from birth;
  • childcan sit by herself;
  • babylearned to push the lip forwardto take food from the spoon;
  • childmay show that he does not want to eat: turn away, for example;
  • kidtakes an active interest in adult food.

If your child has all the signs of his readiness for the introduction of complementary foods, then you can safely think out the first complementary foods. Before you enter it, you should definitely consult with your pediatrician.

First feeding: what to feed and when?

As we said, the optimaltime for introduction of complementary foods - 6 months, feed before you can enter only on the recommendation of a doctor.

Also a very important question:where to start lure?Standard pediatrician recommendations on this matter boil down to the fact that if the child is well-fed, then you should choose vegetables as the first complementary food, if the child is thin, then you should start feeding with cereals.

Perfect for the first feedingnon-allergenic vegetables neutral colors- zucchini, broccoli, cauliflower. From porridges for the first feeding it is recommended to chooseDairy-free cereals that do not contain gluten. These include: buckwheat, rice and corn porridge.

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The scheme of complementary feeding by months

Complementary feeding schemeThis is a very important topic in the issue of baby food. All parents understand that acquiring a baby with new products should be gradual, but according to the exact scheme, parents usually have questions.

WHO offers an approximate complementary feeding scheme for children who are breastfed and mixed-feeding (with a daily breastmilk volume of about 50%). We offer this scheme to your attention.

6 months-7 months

If you took vegetable puree for the first supplement, then by 7 months you can gradually accustom the child to dairy-free cereal, and vice versa, if you started the first lure with dairy-free cereals, then by 7 months it is worth introducing the child to vegetables. At 7 months, you can start giving fruit puree of soft fruits (apples, bananas), compote.

8 months

At this age, milk-free porridge (rice, buckwheat, corn), meat puree, yolk can be added to the child’s diet.

Irina Kolpakova, pediatrician, homeopath - Homeopathic Center named. Demyana Popova says:“I recommend administering meat feed to children not earlier than 8 months with 1/2 teaspoon and gradually increasing to a volume of 50 grams daily. However, by the year you can give 70 grams.The best meat for children up to a year is poultry meat (chicken, turkey), rabbit. You can also give beef. I do not recommend pork ».

Mom-forumwoman Elizabeth shared her story:“My daughter refused to eat meat at all, she did not even eat spoons, I tried different varieties, with vegetables, nothing came of it. I consulted with the pediatrician, he said, not to give for several weeks, and then start to add a little to her favorite products, for example, to vegetables - great. She did, no, she does not eat. So I with сней for three months was excruciated, only by a year she began to eat a little meat ".

9 months

Diversify the kid's menu with baby biscuits, cottage cheese, yogurt and kefir.

10 months

At 10 months, offer the child liver, tongue, heart in the form of mashed potatoes, you can mix these mashed potatoes with vegetables, you can also give the kid cottage cheese, kefir and yogurt with fruit additives. In addition, you can replenish the child's menu with fish and fruit juice, preferably from non-allergenic fruits.

11 months

You can start to give juices and compotes of bright fruits, pore them, and also offer the baby potatoes.

12 months

By the year, you can add to the child's diet manna, barley, pearl barley, and berry puree.

Complementary feeding scheme: proper nutrition of the child - image №2

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Complementary feeding scheme: rules for complementary feeding

It is very important to introduce complementary foods, adhering to certain rules. They will help your with a high degree of probability to avoid allergies and other food troubles:

  • lure start to enter when the baby is healthy;
  • primer is not administered a few days before and after vaccinations;
  • feeding is given before breastfeeding;
  • It is necessary to offer any new product from half a spoon of a spoon, gradually increasing the volume of food to a full portion;
  • if the baby does not want to eat any product, do not force it, you can repeat this product in a couple of weeks;
  • it is not necessary to introduce a new product more than once every five days;
  • Do not introduce a new type of food until you replace one of the feedings with the previous type of food, for example, you should not give the baby fruit until you have replaced one of the feeds with cereal;
  • start lure with monocomponent products;
  • Be sure to consult with your peliectra doctor before you start feeding.

The feeding scheme is a very important issue in the topic of baby food. Make an ideal feeding scheme for your child, consulting with a pediatrician.Remember that any pattern of complementary foods is only a guideline, and there is nothing terrible if your baby does not want to eat something, if it is time to eat according to the pattern.

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