Cindy Sherman, master of staged photography: biography, personal life, features of creativity

The scandalous Cindy Sherman is both a photographer and model, makeup artist and costume designer. A celebrity who gained fame in the 70s of the last century, intuitively determines when to press the camera button. She became an ideal model, and her self-portraits are recognized as true masterpieces. A well-known American woman is often accused of provocations and unjustified harshness, and many works cause aversion in viewers who have conflicting feelings.

From painting to photography

One of the most extraordinary photo artists in the world was born in January 1954 in the vicinity of New York, in the state of Jersey.

A girl who has been fond of painting since early childhood, declares to her parents about her intention to devote herself to art.However, a practical mother advises her to first get a profession, and only then do what she likes. Despite all the entreaties, at the age of 18, Cindy Sherman enters the University of New York and masters the painting technique. However, soon she was bored with copying other people's work, and the student takes a camera in her hands, taking her first steps in her career. She quickly realizes that with the help of the camera she can say much more to the world.Cindy Sherman

The most successful career project

Immediately after receiving the diploma, young Cindy begins work on the project "Frames from movies without a name." She concentrates on transforming her face with makeup, uses numerous wigs and costumes from cheap stores, playing different roles in front of the mirror. A lover to change clothes and drastically change her appearance wants that her work could be appreciated by ordinary people from the street without training, and she first of all thinks about the viewer who wants to please rather than about the critics.

For three years she has not shown her pictures to anyone resembling freeze-frames from non-existent films. An American artist, who is well aware of the cliché in popular films, acts as a model and plays new characters each time, conveying their mood.In 69 small-format photographs, Sherman appears as an untidy dancer, a respectable wife, and a businesswoman who takes pictures of herself at home, on the street and in the office. She is experimenting with clothes, make-up, hairstyle, skillfully changing women's images and capturing them on film. “I used to shoot friends and relatives, I used helpers, but for everyone it was fun and a game. And I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to get and couldn’t explain anything to another person,” the photo artist, who had no money for professional models, admits.

Trying on the life of their heroines

When the pictures were presented to the audience, he saw in them heroines from the famous movies of Godar and Hitchcock. Despite the fact that Cindy Sherman was repelled by popular female images, the photos do not give a clear hint of the actresses of those times or the tapes of famous directors. This is where the value of the project is manifested - unique and unattached. The creator of the works extracted from the viewed pictures the entire range of female images and situations of behavior.features of creativity

She tried on the life of her characters and their relationship to the world.These were staged shots invented by the author himself. No wonder critics consider this work to be the best in the work of a photo artist.

The feminist manifesto of the photographer

A series of self-portraits was interpreted as a feminist manifesto by Cindy Sherman, who questioned the artificiality of female roles in society. She showed how women in the fair sex feel uncomfortable under the evaluating glances of men, and how vulnerable they are in the modern world, always in the background. Investigating the place and purpose of women in society, she immediately attracts the attention of the representatives of the weaker sex, recognizing the favorite characters from different films in the photo and identifying themselves with them.

It was a world without men - sincere and exciting.

The growing popularity of the American

The project brings great fame to the American, and she soon gets a scholarship to the National Foundation of Arts. Unusual works participate in international exhibitions, which only contributes to the growth of its popularity. It turned out that no one works in this genre, and she became the first artist to create strange images.Cindy works hard, reincarnating in different characters, and the viewer can not even think about the fact that all the photos captured the same person.cindy sherman

However, it does not bring the expected financial well-being to her, and in one of the interviews the talented master regrets that her fees are not enough for life.

Features of the master

The first works of Sherman, who became a legend in the art world, were monochrome, but in the 80s of the last century she successfully experimented with color and increased the format of her shots. The woman concentrates on good lighting and pays attention to the expression on her face. Most often, she relieves herself in a horizontal position, posing on the floor or in bed.

Cindy, from whom private collectors began to buy her works for good money, creates photographs that evoke negative emotions. Hard and provocative works that knock the viewer out of the comfort zone are still demanded by the market and appear at international exhibitions.

A talented artist takes full advantage of the illusion of photographs, drawing attention to staged photographs and their artificiality.As the author of unusual works says, they all appeared due to intuition. The creator of unique self-portraits preaches her creative view of the world, and not just displays it. The master does not work with a specific woman, but in a collective way.

Photography as an art form: scandalous and commercially successful projects

More than twenty-five years ago, a project emerges in which Sherman appears as the heroes of the paintings by Raphael, Caravaggio, Botticelli and other brilliant masters. In order to be inspired by the spirit of the Renaissance, the American in style of photo art lived in Rome for a long time and invented her characters on the basis of reproductions of works of art by famous authors. All the decorations are strictly sustained and correspond to that era, but the heroines look grotesque. This series of self-portraits awaits a resounding success, and finally Cindy Sherman becomes financially as an art form

At the same time there are works created for fashion houses, but they are radically different from glossy glamorous photos. Uncanny looking mysterious images were inspired not only by the mystical fairy tales of the Brothers Grim, but also by the criminal chronicle.

And in the 2000s, the pioneer of conceptual art works without attracting a lively model, removing mannequins, products from the sex shop, rotting pieces of human flesh, prostheses that look very tough and aggressive in the frame. And such works, showing the emptiness of the modern world, cause an ambiguous attitude.

Project "Hollywood"

Working under the motto "photography as an art form," Sherman in the beginning of the XXI century is not by accident drawn to the images of aging actresses. She again acts as a model, and new work echoes the first project, which became the best in her work. Before starting the shooting, Cindy takes a long time to think about how best to show the other person and freezes in front of the mirror for several hours. The Hollywood series is a work depicting women whose best years are long gone, but they have retained their charm and charm.

Exhibition in Zurich

Three years ago, the first exhibition of photographs of an American woman who achieved tremendous heights in Zurich under the title “Unmarked Horrors” took place. Few people pass by indifferent nameless characters depicted by the master. True, negative emotions most often prevail, and the artist's provocations make the bashful viewer lower their eyes.The most extraordinary woman in photography art is always serious about her work and believes that her works correspond to the mood of the times.American artist

The curator of an interesting exhibition stated that the organizers wanted to create a real kaleidoscope of Sherman works, which would help to look at her work in a new way. The art installation, which caused a violent reaction of society, was created from well-known and little-known works. Cindy personally selected the works and participated in the preparation of the exhibition, where she showed modern people hiding real feelings behind the fake grimaces.

Personal life photo artist

In 1984, Sherman married the French director Michel Oder. Their marriage, in which Cindy raised her spouse's daughter, lasted until 1999. And in 2007, she met with artist and musician David Byrne, whom she broke up with six years ago. The founder of the group Talking Heads, who began in the 90s of the last century, professionally engaged in photography, regularly exhibits his work in modern art galleries in different cities of the world.

David Byrne and Sherman seemed like the perfect couple that united the love of art.And after a painful rupture, the suffering woman completely surrenders to creativity.

The most influential and successful artist

She is the most successful photo artist of our time, pictures of which go to auctions for fabulous sums: each work costs at least $ 50,000. The Museum of Modern Art (New York) acquired for one million dollars all the photographs from Cindy’s first project, Untitled Film Stills, and the product from this series, number 96, was bought for almost 4 million euros 6 years ago. In the photo a cute girl who is lying on the floor is holding a newspaper clipping with the announcement of acquaintance. A lonely charmer dreams of a hectic romance that will change her life and craves exhibition

The number of personal exhibitions of photographs in Sherman is incalculable, and books about it are republished in huge editions. In 2012, a kind of record was set: over 600 thousand people visited a retrospective of the work of an American woman in New York.

Breaking stereotypes

Now world-famous Cindy Sherman, full of energy, creates new works and works with Photoshop to finish drawing the exhibitions

Computer processing opens up new perspectives for the photo artist to highlight the falsity of the modern world and its new heroes.However, she not only mocks the characters, but also sympathizes with them. An influential person in the world of photography has been breaking all stereotypes for a decade, ridiculing the mores of our society.

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