Child and computer games: how to get rid of addiction

Does your child spend all his days and evenings at the computer? And it does not sit on educational resources, but just plays?

It is possible that he developed a gambling addiction. Officially, such a disease does not exist, and many parents simply turn a blind eye to the problem.

But take a look at your child: he is all tense, when he plays, it is impossible to tear him from his favorite activity - shouts or tantrums accompany any attempts to do this.

Psychologists have long been sounding the alarm, believing that such dependencecan be equated to drug or alcohol. German researchers from Charite University conducted an experiment and proved this theory. 20 children were shown screenshots of their favorite games: the reaction to them turned out to be very similar to the one that patients with alcoholism or drug addiction show when they see the object of their passion.

How to recognize the addiction

Regardless of how you feel about computer games, they are addictive, especially if you do not control how much time a child spends near the monitor.You can recognize the dependence on several grounds:

  • passion for games prevents the child to communicate with peers and learn;
  • barely looking up from the game, the child begins to worry, worry, does not know what to do, and does not find a place for himself;
  • passion lasts much longer than the time of the passage of one or two favorite games.

If a child has all these signs, you need to get rid of the bad habit. If the student just enjoys computers and games, but the study does not suffer from this, and he manages to communicate with peers, then you should not worry.

Anatoly Vasilenko, pediatrician:“Computer games greatly influence the development of children and the perception of the world. Schoolchildren who become addicted to computer games increase the level of depression, depression and even social phobia. Suffering and their academic performance. With the elimination of this dependence symptoms will decrease to normal values. This should be done gradually so as not to worsen the situation. Be prepared for the fact that at first the child simply will not listen to you. ”

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Causes of Gambling

Similarity of games and fantasy. We cannot influence this fusion of the child’s consciousness with the computer game, because we can neither change the properties of the imagination, nor the game itself. Books and television are passive sources of information that cannot be changed, and the child seeks to control his life. And it starts with fantasy.

Desire to drive. It is important to remember that a person is not just an automaton that reacts to an external influence, but an active, creative and controlling being. The child wants it to the full. He needshis space where he will be the masterwhere he will do what he wants, not his parents or anyone else. If “their own territory” is too small for a student, it is much easier for him to stay in a fictional space.

Lack of experience managing your life. Often parents deny a child independence, worrying about him. Here the child gets experience in the game, especially since it is simpler than the real conditions of life. Little fidget needs a sample of management and his own experience.

Mom-forumwoman Angela thinks so:“Children play a lot of computer games only in those families where they are allowed, or where they are not paid enough attention. Parents are constantly at work, busy, in the evening - tired, and do not pay attention to the child.Of course, it will be easier for him to stay in the reality where he is always welcome and where he is interested. ”

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How to get rid of gaming addiction
Pay attention to how much time the child spends at the computer screen. For a 6-7-year-old child, the ideal time is 10 minutes a day, at 8-11 years old - no more than 15-20 minutes, and high school students should allow a maximum of 25-30 minutes.

Remember: in no casedo not abruptly take away or prohibit computer gamesa child who has already been drawn into them! Do this consistently and gradually.

Elena Kornyakova, child psychologist:"The most important thing is not to prohibit a child from playing computer games completely. Otherwise you just set it against yourself. He will lose confidence in a person who wants to deprive him of his favorite entertainment, almost the meaning of life. It will seem to the child that he is right, and the rest are not. Therefore, if gambling on the face - better consult with a psychologist. "

Control the genres of gamesthat your child likes. Prohibit scenes with violence, cruelty, an abundance of monsters and all sorts of horror films. Track any abnormalities that occur with the child after the game.If he has insomnia, irritability, agitation, this indicates that the game is not suitable for a little tomboy absolutely.

By the way, this also applies togames on mobile devices. If the child has an expensive phone or tablet, make sure that he installs and what he plays.

Give your child as much time as possible, attention, invent a variety of games "in real life", an exciting family leisure. The warmer and more trusting the relationships in the family, the less often the children end up in bad companies, regardless of whether they are in virtual reality or not.

It is quite possible, when you give the child all the warmth that he did not receive earlier, he does not want to sit at the cold computer monitor.

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