Charging for the eyes - health for many years

Eye charge

Currently, the problem of preserving vision is very relevant. There are a large number of different exercises aimed at improving eyesight and relieving eye strain. This article will be considered a great preventive charge for the eyes. This is a set of exercises to train your eye muscles and prevent cramps. Such gymnastics is especially useful for the eyes of young people. With it, you can significantly improve the sharpness of his vision. And the elderly, systematically doing this "eye" gymnastics, will be able to relieve eye strain and suspend the process of vision deterioration.

eye chargeComplex exercises for the eyes

Charging for the eyes, which will be discussed, should be performed twice a day and last for at least 3-5 minutes. This preventive "eye" complex consists of 9 exercises:

  • Eye relaxation. Closing your eyes tightly, you need to try to relax. You can remember something pleasant that happened in your life.
  • Circular movements of the eyes. Open eyes make movements in a circle: first, clockwise several times, then against.
  • Eye movement in a straight line. Doing this exercise. you have to drive your eyes left and right, up and down, as if drawing horizontal and vertical straight lines.
  • eye exercises when working at a computerTwinkling. This exercise has two types: intense and light blinking. The first exercise is performed as follows: several times open and close eyes intensively. The second exercise is this: you need to blink quickly and easily, at least a hundred times.
  • Diagonal. This exercise is done in this way: the gaze is directed to the lower left corner, as it were, on the left shoulder and is fixed on this point for a few seconds. Then everything repeats, starting from the bottom right corner.
  • Mirror diagonal. An exercise similar to the previous one, only here the eyes need to be “cut” in the upper corners: first to the left, then to the right.
  • "Dark" eye relaxation. Palms are put on eyes, and fingers are crossed on a forehead. In doing this exercise, you must “see” a deep black color and completely relax.
  • "Oblique eyes". This exercise should be done like this: look at the tip of the nose, for convenience, you can raise your index finger to the nose.
  • "Close, far". You can perform this exercise in the following way: going up to the window, you first need to look at an object near, for example, a leaf of a tree growing nearby. Then from a selected point, draw a straight line into the distance and direct your eyes there, while trying to see as many objects as possible.

charging for eyes with myopiaThe above charge for the eyes is performed while sitting (except for the last exercise). Comfortably seated on a chair, you should try to do it in the most relaxed state.

"Eye" charging for myopic

The above charge for the eyes with myopia is very useful. Here you can add some breathing exercises:

  • Sit comfortably on the sofa. Take a deep breath, bend over and exhale. Run five times.
  • Sitting on a chair, straightening his back, stretch his arms in front of him. While inhaling, the arms slowly rise upwards, and the gaze does not come off the tips of the fingers, while exhaling, the arms fall down.

"Eye" gymnastics - for those who work at the computer

Now any work is somehow connected with the computer. Which, in turn, gives a greater strain on the eyes. Exercises for the eyes when working at a computer will save your eyesight and relieve tension.

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