Charging for pregnant women in 1, 2, 3 trimesters

charging for pregnant women

Every woman dreams of a little miracle. When, finally, the doctor confirms the pregnancy, joy embraces the future mother entirely. Immediately comes the understanding that her life will no longer be the same, much will have to change. And during pregnancy you have to take care of yourself and keep your body in shape. Simple exercises for pregnant women are very useful for expectant mothers, as it helps to prepare the body for the upcoming stress and childbirth. Especially if a woman was actively involved in sports before the pregnancy - there is no point in completely abandoning him

What is useful charging for pregnant women?

Any physical activity, even if it is given in doses in small quantities, has a positive effect on the state of the whole human body. There is an impact not only on the muscles, but also improves blood circulation, strengthens the immune system. For pregnant women, timely and proper preparation for the upcoming load on the spine and the body as a whole is very important.Simple daily exercise throughout pregnancy will help you get less tired in the last stage and recover faster after childbirth.

A small load will help a woman not to gain too much excess weight and keep the body completely healthy, will give the skin more elasticity, which will save it in the future from stretch marks. Morning exercise for pregnant women will help to train breathing and breathe properly during labor during labor.

It can be said that charging not only physically, but also psychologically prepares a woman daily for upcoming events, sets her up for a favorable outcome of childbirth. And it is very important for pregnant women who experience frequent mood changes.

How to choose exercises during pregnancy

Choosing the right exercises for a pregnant woman is very important. After all, her well-being and emotional attitude depend on it. First of all, choosing a complex of physical exertion, it is necessary to take into account the duration of pregnancy, contraindications and the state of health of the woman.

morning exercise for pregnant women

The most common exercises for pregnant women are divided into four groups of exercises for expectant mothers:

Exercises for each group of pregnant women will be discussed in more detail below. When choosing a method of loading, it should be remembered that the exercises should be simple and without excessive loads, so that they can be performed slowly and easily. Women who are professionally involved in sports before pregnancy should take into account the fact that it is impossible to drastically reduce the load. This should be done gradually and carefully so as not to expose the body to stress.can pregnant do exercises

So what exercises can you do pregnant? The one that will help strengthen the future mother's health and does not harm her and the fetus. In exercises, there should be no sharp jerks, strong loads that engage the abdominal muscles, as well as excessively active movements, jumps.

Classes should be fun, help relax and rest. Group classes will have a good effect and emotional support for a pregnant woman.

Exercises 1st trimester

It is believed that the greatest benefit for the female body in the first trimester will bring yoga. Therefore, you should consider what includes charging for pregnant women.

1 trimester is the most important period in the birth of a new life, therefore, the female body needs a lot of strength to save pregnancy. During this period, you should be more often in the fresh air, to strengthen your health and to walk as much as possible.

Charging for pregnant women 1 trimester

In the first weeks you should not slow down the usual rhythm of life, if there are no special restrictions on doctors, just be careful.

Here are some of the basic exercises:

  1. Take a chair with a back, which is set in front of him. Hands are placed on it as a support. Spreading their legs apart, they make light shallow squats.
  2. Used the same chair. With bent hands, the woman leans against the back. Alternately, straight legs rise forward and to the side, back.
  3. It is necessary to become straight, feet shoulder-width apart, arms bent at chest level and touching with palms. Squeezing for a few seconds, stretch your arms and relax. This will help strengthen the pectoral muscle.
  4. Hands are placed on the hips, legs shoulder width apart. Light circular movements are performed clockwise and against the pelvis.
  5. The tilts are performed in different directions, while the arms are stretched to the side of the slope, and you, as it were, sip to it.
  6. Circular movements of the feet can be done while sitting, lying or standing, as you like. You simply rotate them left and right in a circle.

Charging for pregnant women 2 trimester

2nd trimester exercise

Consider what includes charging for pregnant women during this period. 2 trimester is the most favorable and quiet time for the whole pregnancy. That is why at this time you can perform almost any load, not forgetting about safety.

Most of the exercises are designed for the muscles of the pelvis, so do not use a bandage to perform them. So that you and your baby have enough oxygen, do not do exercises on the back.

Here are the main ones:

  1. You should sit on a chair, stretch your legs and cross. Turn your head gently left and right, and then spread your arms to the sides and turn the whole body, keeping the buttocks in one place.
  2. Lie on your side, and stretch your arms forward. Raise the upper arm and with it unfold the body, maximally expanding, then return to its original position. We change the side and repeat the exercise.
  3. Still on the side, you make a slight emphasis on the arms, and with your legs you perform unsharp moves. Swing can be done with both a bent and straight leg, increasing or decreasing the pace.
  4. It should bend the legs at the knees and lower the buttocks on the heels, knees slightly apart. Bend with straight arms extended so that your forehead is as close to the floor as possible.
  5. Exercises for the chest, exactly the same as in the first trimester.

Exercises of the 3rd trimester

Almost the last spurt remains before you hold your tiny miracle in your hands. But for this, too, one should prepare not only morally, but also physically. Therefore, it is necessary to consider what includes charging for pregnant women. Term 3 is the period when we need to help prepare the baby for childbirth. As the previous exercises become more difficult to perform, it is worth reviewing them.what exercises can be done pregnant

At this stage, the baby inside her is also engaged with her mother, even if it is just a walking tour. Here are some recommendations for gymnastics of the 3rd trimester:

  1. Fitball exercises are helpful. Sit on the ball and just swing your whole body to the left and right.
  2. Take the “Turkish” position and squeeze the ball with your arms bent at the elbows. Tighten and relax your muscles.
  3. Position - emphasis on the knees, keep the ball with your elbows in front of you and lower your buttocks on your heels, thus doing squats.
  4. Lie on your back if it's not hard for you.Feet throw on the ball and make them in a circular motion to the left and right.
  5. Lie on your back on the floor and place a large towel rolled under a roll, relax and rest for a few minutes.
  6. Sit buttocks on the heels. Start to lean back as far as it will turn out, spreading your knees to the sides. Help yourself by leaning on your elbows.

Breathing exercises

During labor and childbirth it is very important to breathe correctly. It depends on how well you help your child get out. Charging for pregnant women includes breathing exercises not only at the end of the 3rd trimester, but throughout pregnancy.Charging for pregnant women 3 trimester

Proper breathing helps to saturate the blood with oxygen and helps prevent the oxygen starvation of the child. Such gymnastics can soothe and set up the future mother for a favorable outcome of childbirth.

Breathing exercises should be performed in the supine position, 2-3 times a day for 5-10 minutes. The very first classes should not be done for too long - you may feel dizzy with a head. Gradually increase the time, try to relax your whole body. Take a deep breath with your nose and a slow, noisy exhalation through your mouth, as if you are trying to inflate a balloon.

Yoga - good or harm?

Yoga classes can strengthen internal muscles and prepare women for childbirth. Many exercises can be performed both in the 1st and in the 2nd trimester. In this case, special attention should be paid to well-being. Pay more attention to asanas that will help improve the stretching of the muscles of the pelvis, strengthen the legs and spine. Respiratory gymnastics pranayama is also aimed at facilitating childbirth.charging for pregnant women

Pool: walk or not?

Far from all women know if pregnant can do exercises in the water. In fact, you can and even need in the pool at any time of the year. This will help and relax, and bring all the muscles in tone. The following exercise will be very useful: hold your breath and dive for as long as your slow exhalation lasts. This should take the pose of the embryo.

Before visiting the pool, be sure to find out if there are any contraindications to you. If you are physically uncomfortable to swim or make any movements - do not force yourself to force, it is better to refuse it. Listen to yourself and your heart, do only what you can.

When you can not do exercises

Not everyone is allowed to charge for pregnant women because of any contraindications to the health of the mother or baby.Therefore, it is best to find out from your doctor what workloads are allowed for you and what you should refrain from. The main contraindications for exercise:

If your gynecologist does not see any contraindications, it means that you can safely do exercises for pregnant women while watching your health and body.

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