Central Budapest

The closer the day went to dinner, the hotter it became on the street, but I just could not stop, continuing to walk and look around. It seemed that there was already here 3 times, but the beautiful architecture and the beautiful day persistently did their job.
I finished the last entry on the embankment on Széchenyi Street
It leads to the famous building of the Hungarian Parliament, one of the most beautiful I have seen.
When for the first time I was here with a friend 8 years ago, we came to the local maidan. Video from an old Nokia
On Sunday there is quite empty, people's choices rest
But the guard is still there.
Another retro tram is able to decorate any entry about the Hungarian capital.
In the summer of 2011, a monument to Ronald Reagan was unveiled in Liberty Square. Despite the fact that the former US president has never been in Budapest, his merits in the victory over the Iron Curtain and the "evil empire" were thus marked.

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