Cashback on Aliexpress: reviews and rating of services

In recent years, many of our compatriots have mastered online shopping and have learned how to choose purchases with the maximum benefit for themselves. One of the largest virtual malls in China, “AliExpress” did not lose sight of these changes and quickly translated its website interface into Russian, which made shopping on the virtual web even easier and more profitable. But how to achieve maximum financial advantages by acquiring the necessary (and not so) things from this site? “AliExpress” cashback services come to the rescue. Reviews about them are different, how to use it - at the discretion of the buyer. What are the most popular resources? This article will tell this.

what cashback is better for aliexpress reviews

Can find all

Not only buyers from Russia highly appreciated the capabilities of AliExpress. This site quickly became popular in the CIS, it is used by both Europeans and Americans. By the way, at each interested position a potential buyer can see who else ordered the goods, from which countries these people were.Often it helps to decide in favor of the seller - is it worth trusting him? Of course, on “Ali” everything is cheap, but the reliability of the reviews allows you to choose a manufacturer with whom you won’t lose money.

Well, for those who like not just to buy cheap, but also to maximize their personal benefit, AliExpress cashbacks have been opened. Reviews in 2017 appear on the Web like mushrooms after rain - almost all regular customers of the Chinese Internet Mall use such resources. This is not surprising, because in fact the client, having made a purchase, after some time gets a percentage of the cost back in cash. What could be nicer? True, not so simple. About the “AliExpress” cashback, the top best reviews contain references to fraudulent sites. Some resources promise to return large percentages, but in the end buyers are left with nothing. To be able to choose among the variety presented on the Internet is also an important skill. What can be called the best? The biggest cashback on AliExpress, the reviews of which contain mention of speed, accuracy and honesty of the resource. Where to find such a beast?

Cashback - what is it?

The term came to us from the English language and literally translates as "cash back." In recent years, cashback has become one of the most popular marketing tools used by online malls to attract customers. Others believe that in the current realities such opportunities make it possible to concentrate on the point of sale the attention of potential buyers better than even an advertising campaign.

When placing a product for sale, the seller decides to spend a certain amount on attracting a buyer and sends it to the address of an intermediary involving the customer in the purchase. The task of the intermediary is to lead a potential customer to the required Internet platform and wait for the purchase to be made and paid. The intermediary will put a certain amount of relying on the return of funds in his “pocket”, since the search for a client is also requiring remuneration. Other share - for the buyer. The value depends on how large the purchase price was made, also on the rules of a particular service. How to choose a reliable AliExpress cashback? Reviews will help to do it correctly.

We get owed: how?

Can I get an “AliExpress” cashback on Qiwi? Reviews claim that it is quite realistic, the main thing is to choose a reliable intermediary. And sites offering their services in this area are just a sea! How not to get lost? Statistics show that, on average, not more than 240 million goods are ordered from “Ali” only from Russia per year. Up to 85% of site users buy something for the first time on the Internet. This means that reviews of the AliExpress through a mobile application and specialized sites are written by real buyers - there are enough of them to find anyone willing to express their opinion on the experience gained.

cashback aliexpress reviews

The volumes of deals made through “AliEkspress” are so large that the site can easily afford to work simultaneously with several resources to provide interest on the purchase. However, some promise to return 10% of the amount spent, while others guarantee the return of that larger share. A reasonable buyer will immediately begin to doubt - how can you believe such a generous offer? In order not to learn all the good and bad things for yourself, you should take advantage of other people's experience and analyze feedback on different offers.

Choosing a cashback: what to look at?

Testimonials “How to return cashback from AliExpress” usually begin with recommendations in favor of a certain resource. There are quite a lot of sites, deciding in favor of a particular customer should evaluate:

  • project reliability;
  • interface convenience;
  • number of partners;
  • the duration of the refund period;
  • the minimum amount allowed for withdrawal;
  • refund methods.

Having chosen the best option in your proposals, you must first familiarize yourself with the rules of its work and get feedback on the cash back from AliExpress in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine. Trustworthy information can be found on specialized forums and social networks, communities dedicated to the resource. Be critical: not all reviews are real, but usually you can immediately understand which ones are written by real buyers.

Most popular services

If you ask the search engine, according to reviews which cashback is better for “AliExpress”, the first places in the results will be:

  • Alibonus;
  • Alikopi;
  • "EPN";
  • "Dronk";
  • "Letyshops";

Not all options are equally reliable, but their sites are the most visited.


This site provides the opportunity to receive returns from 800 virtual points of sale of different scale and level of popularity. The service not only supports AliExpress, but also constantly conducts advertising campaigns, discounts and promotions, allowing you to receive a double refund for the purchase. Users of the resource get access to promotional codes, regularly become participants in the draws. According to the reviews on the AliExpress cashback, it can be concluded that many users are satisfied with the cooperation with this project.

best cashback for aliexpress reviews

The official website reports that for the year through it, buyers receive about five million - this is the total amount of returns for the purchase and prize amounts. However, when you first look at the start page of the site, it is not clear how this works. To understand the system, you have to register. It's easy, you can use your account in one of the popular social networks. In the personal account, the buyer sees with which stores the site is currently working and what return can be obtained. From here you can go to shopping.

When problems begin

Choosing from the reviews which cashback is better for “AliExpress”, you can stumble upon negative opinions about the Letisops service.As a rule, those who carelessly read the instructions and do not follow it are disappointed with the result. The fact is that the site charges money only in the case when the transition to the store is made through Letishops. Otherwise, the project does not seem to know about the buyer, and one cannot count on a refund.

Reviews of the best cashbacks for “AliExpress” show that many users of the Virtual Web are rather inattentive, do not read the rules for using the resource, and then become frustrated without receiving their money. In order not to be among the complainants, it is enough just not to ignore useful information, which can be accessed from your personal account. In order not to risk once again, you can first make a trial purchase, figure out how the system works, and only then acquire something more expensive.

What can you expect?

When shopping with Letishops, you can count on the age of 1-3% of the amount spent. The specific value is determined by the value of the purchased goods and the level of participation in the system. If the user has a bronze account, he gets an additional 10%, and when you purchase a premium account, you can return up to 30% of the spent on shopping.

cashback ru for aliexpress reviews

According to reviews of the best cashback for “AliExpress”, it can be concluded that users need to choose how to receive a refund. Letishops gives it to the fullest. Money is transferred to various e-wallets, including the "Qiwi" system. You can withdraw funds directly to the card or even to the phone account. In short, all the most popular options were included. True, you can count on payments only if the amount of cashback grows to 500 rubles.


Reviews about the work of this site, frankly, varied. Some people say that purchases from a personal account disappear by themselves, it is completely unrealistic to accumulate an amount for withdrawing money and to receive the promise too, and it takes too long to wait. Others admire the high return rates and are convinced that it is better not to find an option.

If you visit the official page of the project, you can find out that you can get a refund from purchases from as many as 844 stores. Reviews of "" for "AliExpress" confirm that the site is convenient for shopping on Chinese marketplaces. The home page of the site rather boastfully announces that it is here that the highest percentage of cashback, and this attracts the potential buyer.

Shopping Features

As in the case of the service described above, you can only get a refund when you purchase goods through an intermediary’s website. Reviews of “” for “AliExpress” are often negative for this very reason - buyers forget that you need to go to the store using the link in your account. The system can not track the actions of the buyer, so the purchase is not credited to the account. Of course, this is not always convenient, but these are the rules of the resource.

As indicated in the instructions for the site, you can count on a refund when a confirmation of the purchase comes from the store. The seller pays the commission to the intermediary site, and he (if you believe official assurances) completely sends it to the buyer. However, there is a reservation: with savings of 30 euros per year, the service keeps 5 euros as a reward.

What to count on?

You can receive money on return for purchases in different ways. works with e-wallets, payment systems, and bank cards, so it’s easy to pick up the payment, you can choose the best method for yourself. The amount of cashback when working through this project is calculated in US dollars.The amount of return depends on the specific position.

reliable cashback aliexpress reviews

Reviews of “AliExpress” cashback through this site contain mention of a very low percentage - the return is only 1.4%. This applies to products sold in the category "Lightning". But when acquiring positions from a group of mobile phones via, you can already get 3%. Finally, the highest percentage - 6% - is laid to those who placed and paid for the order in all other categories. But remember: only when switching to "Ali" through the site "". Reviews about the “AliExpress” cashback clearly show that buyers constantly forget about this condition. The minimum amount for withdrawal is 500 rubles.


How much does Alikopi promise? 30% cashback AliExpress! User reviews, however, are not as optimistic as the mediators' bright promises. This is not surprising - the offer is generous, but from afar one can see that not everything is so simple here. And that's right, who will be throwing away such money? Especially when it comes to "Ali", where prices are already very low? However, if you carefully read the rules, the situation will become clearer. The resource promises to return 30% only for the first purchase made through an intermediary. Also set a limit on the maximum amount for the first purchase ($ 25).In the future, you can count on a return of up to 9%.

The rules for using the resource are the same as those described above. To purchase was counted, you must go to the store's website through an intermediary, then make an order and pay for it.

When nothing shines?

All cases where Alikopi does not charge a refund are described in the rules with which the user agrees upon registration. In the future, you can go to them at any convenient time. Read and really will not be superfluous. For example, it is stated here that the cashback is not paid if the user has entered a bonus coupon, discount card or loyalty card when paying. You should not count on a refund if the buyer prefers to get rid of ads using AdBlock or just follow a link in the store window (this applies even to simple information banners).

Of course, such severe restrictions on the use of functionality are inconvenient, although in general they are similar to the rules of the resources listed above. And yet, users who have not carefully read the rules of the service and the agreement write negative feedback on the AliExpress cashback because they do not receive the money they were counting on.

What to expect and when?

The Alikopi website gradually accumulates a refund from purchases made by the user through the intermediary’s personal account. This money can be withdrawn. Electronic payment systems are supported if it is possible to withdraw to a bank card. The interaction with the popular in our country resource "Kiwi" is maintained.

You can withdraw money when $ 44 is accumulated in the internal account. In this case, a large percentage of the return can be expected only at first. When the internal account reaches $ 6, the return percentage will decrease. If you managed to save the cherished $ 44, you can proceed to the withdrawal of money (but for this you have to spend about $ 800 on AliExpress). Here the user is waiting for a surprise - a commission of 8.8%. Of course, all services charge a fee, but usually its value is less. In addition, at the first withdrawal of two dollars the service will require to leave on a virtual account - they can be removed at the second “call”.


This resource promises to return to its users almost 5% of the money spent on “Ali”. Of course, on the site, as with the resources described earlier, there are assurances that this is the biggest cashback.Believe it - the choice is up to the user. The resource promises to transfer the accumulated money to an account in a virtual payment system or withdraw it to a plastic card.

kiwi cashback aliexpress reviews

The system of operation is somewhat different from the ones described above. In order for purchases to be taken into account in your personal account, you need to install a special extension in your browser and use it if you wanted to purchase something through AliExpress. The minimum amount for withdrawal is only five dollars (compares favorably with the option described a little earlier). The processing period of one payment is a working day. In general, it sounds more than attractive.

And if more?

There are not too many reviews about the work of this system on the Internet, it has users too (at least in the Russian-speaking sector of the Virtual Web). Clients write that, in general, the system is working, attractive with a referral program, money is paid regularly. If the payment is delayed - you can contact technical support, the service responds quickly to all requests.

how to return cashback with aliexpress reviews

The site describes a progressive scheme for increasing the percentage of cashback. It depends on the amount of purchases made and the category in which the goods are placed on Ali.The resource promises a cashback increase of up to 50%, but for this you need to save more than two and a half thousand dollars only on a virtual account. It sounds rather unlikely (it is for what amount you need to buy?). Reviews contain references that the site often “misses” expensive purchases, which means it is unlikely to accumulate such a sum in reality.


The ePN resource has really consolidated a lot of users on its pages. He promises to return about 3.5% for each purchase, however, the specific amount of return is determined by the amount of the purchase and product category. Details of the current conditions can be found in the user agreement, published on the official portal page. From time to time, these rules change, which is caused not only by the site’s policy, but also by the AliExpress specifics.

ePN supports not only Ali, but also other large international virtual trading platforms. Here you can take part in sweepstakes, surveys, as well as receive additional bonuses for active work in the internal social network. For its customers, the mediator organizes promotions, discounts, regularly provides access to lucrative offers.

What can you count on?

You can use ePN through a plugin in a browser or a personal account, where you can go to the store. If the plug-in is turned off, and the buyer has not arrived at “AliExpress” through the intermediary’s site, the purchase will not be counted. The variant with the plugin is more reliable, when clicking on the link in the browser, errors often occur, the transaction is not counted. True, the advantage of ePN is that you can receive compensation even if the purchase is “lost”.

30 aliexpress cashback alikopi reviews

The resource offers a double refund if you first purchase a gift certificate, and then buy a product for it. The return is charged first for the purchase of the certificate, and then for the goods for which this certificate has been calculated. Accumulated money can be received through virtual payment systems, on a plastic card or even a phone bill.


The resource is quite young, although it is famous (at least it falls in the top of the search engine). He promises to return to customers up to 4.5% of money spent on “AliExpress”, although cashback is often only 2.57%. The main advantages are cooperation with a large number of trading platforms, an own plug-in that allows purchases not to be lost, as well as a search for goods in various stores.There is a referral system, payments for which are promised literally for life - if only friends make purchases through Dronk.

The system looks quite original, differs from the previously described product search function in several sites at once. This, of course, is original and useful, but the general rule is: the more complex the more mistakes. Therefore, users often complain that purchases are lost, funds are not charged. The site has instructions on the use of the resource. Before you buy through Dronk, you need to carefully read it. This will prevent losing money. The system may not work if the client uses an extension to block ads and prevent redirecting by links. Also, the Dronk plug-in conflicts with other plug-ins to receive cashback on Ali.

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