Biography of Sergey Garmash

Childhood and family

Sergey's parents recognized each other in the amateur theater. Mum, Lyudmila Ippolitovna, has Polish roots on the paternal side. She was born in one of the villages in Western Ukraine, worked during the entire length of service at the bus station - as a dispatcher.
Dad, Leonid Trofimovich, began his career as a simple driver. Later he received a higher education and grew up to a management position. From the company where he worked, his father was given a cottage. His grandfather was an accountant for a construction organization in Kharkov, and his grandmother was a bookkeeper (he served the railway).
The surname Garmash testifies that Zaporizhzhya Cossacks were in Sergey's family tree. In these troops, the artillerymen were called this way.
Sergey has a younger brother Roman.
Actor Sergey Garmash was born in a creative familyActor Sergey Garmash was born in a creative family
The actor himself now recalls that in school he was poorly given exact sciences. He did not differ in exemplary behavior, but he did very well in humanitarian subjects.After graduation, Sergei did not know where to go to study further. He got acquainted with the reference book for applicants entering universities, and found out that the most suitable exams are in theater institutes.
But there was a dream of a nautical school where knowledge of the exact sciences was required. Meanwhile, Sergei went to the competition in sailing. At that moment, his mother took her son’s documents to Dnepropetrovsk and submitted them to the drama school. That's how it was decided. Mom, in fact, remembered how Seryozha, still small, said: “I will be an artist!”

Youth of the actor Sergey Garmash, the path to the scene

Sergey easily passed the competition in the mentioned educational institution, after which he became an artist of the puppet theater. He worked in this specialty in his native city, went on tour to neighboring villages and collective farms.
Two years later, a young man was drafted into the army, and Sergei was in the construction battalion. This experience has been very valuable for his future life. At the end of his service, Garmash decided to study in Moscow. In the Moscow Art Theater School, he read a long excerpt from Dostoevsky, and the admissions committee reacted to him favorably.
Evening Urgant.Actor reads a song - Sergey Garmash
Learned he happened to Tarkhanov. Sergey was always distinguished by a sense of humor, and he clearly defined his goals. Being very charming and hooligan, he became a leader among students. He had a pair of buddies, also born in the month of September.
They celebrated their birthdays for a long time, forgetting about their studies. Due to absenteeism, this “warm” company was deprived of scholarships for half a year. There was still a period when the guys were working as janitors. In winter, it was necessary to clear the area of ​​snow. But they spent their leisure time with fun: with feasts and their own performance of Vysotsky's songs.
Already in the first year, he spotted a beautiful girl in his school - Timofeev Inna. She at that time was only 16 years old, because she entered the studio immediately after the secondary school. With Sergey, a man older than herself for the whole five years, Inna did not even think of starting a relationship. In general, he had to pursue his own for a long time, because it didn’t go further than “friendship. Once, during a fight in a restaurant, Garmash broke his leg, after which a month was in the hospital. Then for three more months he moved on crutches, and Inna nursed him.This rapprochement influenced the further course of events.

The personal life of Sergey Garmash

Sergey did not consider himself handsome and knew that at first he did not arouse Inna’s interest. But gradually he achieved reciprocity on her part. Their acting marriage has been around for a long time. He was imprisoned during the filming of the film “Squad”. They were held in the Baltic States, and they were going to register in Kherson, where Sergei was born. The bride and her parents arrived there on time, and the bridegroom — one day late. This was told by the actor Alexander Feklistov - the then comrade Garmash.
Sergey Garmash - Man and Cat
When in 1984 Sergey was hired to work at the Sovremennik Theater, he asked that Inna be taken there too. (According to the distribution, she first got into the theater of the city of Noginsk). Since they serve in the same theater.
Garmash believes that at work they should not help each other. This couple got married in the Novodevichy Convent. They have two children. In 1988, the daughter Dasha was born, and after 18 years - the son Vanya. Sergey always dreamed about the appearance of a boy in the family.
According to friends, Sergey and Inna have a very harmonious marriage. Actor S. Garmash extremely appreciates his own family hearth.Dasha entered the production department of VGIK. At preschool age, Vanya began attending the “Little Genius” circle, where he was engaged in drawing, mathematics, reading, and so on.
Sergey Garmash and his wifeSergey Garmash and his wife
He will not soon have to choose a professional path. Since the parents were very busy, the boy was hired by a nanny. The family lives in a country house, which Sergei built in Bykovo. There is also a bath. Garmash is a very zealous owner. Meanwhile, it does not “hang” on the Internet, because it takes a lot of time. Sergey is keen on more useful things.

Career actor Sergei Garmash

With the participation in the graduation play “The Eldest Son”, Garmash was noticed by the director Konstantin Simonov and invited to shoot the heroic ballad “The Squad”. There were selected unknown artists. It can already be noted that Sergei has usually been cast in roles in a movie with a “truly masculine character”.
Starting to appear in 1984, he played many "heroes of the second plan" in a large number of pictures. With age, his cinematic status has increased. In the famous Andrzej Wajda Garmash played in the film "Katyn".The actor participated in the TV series "Kamenskaya" (as Korotkov's operative). Elena Yakovleva, Sergey Nikonenko, Andrey Ilyin and others also worked in this project.
The artistic director of the Sovremennik Theater, Galina Volchek, is sympathetic to such “side” works. In her troupe, Garmash also became a “star” on which performances were staged. He became an honored artist of Russia in 2004, and in 2006 he was awarded the title of national.

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