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One of the countries attracting African and Arabic exotic is Morocco.

The history of the state

Initially, the state belonged to Carthage, then belonged to Rome. Around 430, the Roman province was captured by the Vandals. Morocco to return to the empire could Byzantines almost a hundred years later.

And after that for a long time the Moroccan people were under the leadership of the Arabs, the Portuguese and the Spaniards. In the nineteenth century, Morocco was considered a pirate state.

As a result of crises at the beginning of the twentieth century, France dominated the greater territory of the country. And only in 1956 the independence of Morocco was recognized.

capital of morocco


The Kingdom of Morocco is located in northern Africa and takes approximately 58th place in area. The capital of Morocco is the city of museums Rabat is the cultural capital of the country. Some of the attractions of Rabat are included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Despite its small territory, Morocco ranks third in terms of population (35 million people).However, this has a negative effect on the country's economy, since unemployment is quite high in it. It has access to the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, separated from Europe by the Strait of Gibraltar.

State symbols

The coat of arms of Morocco is represented by a shield that is supported by two lions. On a red background is a green pentagram, and above it is the rising sun. Above the shield is a crown, and the country's motto is written down in Arabic: “If you help God, then he helps you.”

emblem of morocco

The flag of Morocco is depicted in the same style as the coat of arms. On the red canvas is a five-pointed star, which is called the seal of Solomon. The flag of Morocco, in particular the pentagram made on it, connects the Moroccan people with God. On the civil flag in each corner of the cloth are also depicted gold crowns. The red color in the symbolism of the country is associated with the sheriffs of Mecca. This title was given to people who were considered the guardians of the holy cities of Islam - Medina and Mecca.

flag of morocco

The first flag of Morocco looked like this. It was a red rectangular canvas with a square in the center. It was divided into black and white cells, arranged in a checkerboard pattern.It was replaced by a red “rectangle” in the thirteenth century.

The current flag of Morocco was approved in November 1915.

Culture and religion

The saturation and richness of the state’s culture was shaped by the influence of various peoples - eastern, southern and northern. Significant imprints left the following confessions - Islam, Christianity and Judaism. Distinctive for every country and every nation is traditional clothing. Moroccans have dzhellaba, which is a long, loose clothing with wide sleeves and a hood. Both men and women wear such clothes. In some cases, men wear a red hat - a fez, and women - decorated kaftans.

If we talk about art, and more specifically about contemporary art in this state, then it should be noted that it is at the stage of development and formation. Art galleries are working in the country; Moroccan contemporary artists exhibit their paintings at international exhibitions.

The city of Rabat attracts tourists with a large number of museums. Among them, the most famous art museum, the National Museum of Crafts and the Archaeological Museum of Rabat.

emblem of morocco

The literature of the country is widely represented works of Moroccan authors in various languages ​​- Arabic, Spanish, Berber and French.

As for religion, Islam is invariably the state in Morocco. According to the Constitution of the Kingdom, the king must take care of the respect of Islam. And all the decrees and laws relating directly to Islam, can not be subjected to reforms.

The second religion in Morocco is Christianity, and less than one percent of the population refers to Judaism.

Morocco is the most interesting country, distinguished by the vividness of the national color and originality of culture.

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