Brilliant Russian literature - Nikolai Nekrasov. short biography

Famous Russian poet - Nikolay Nekrasov. A brief biography of a literary genius is very ambiguous. He survived the difficult years of childhood with his father-tyrant and youth, not having a penny in his pocket. He started as an unknown poet, but died a brilliant writer. He was always worried about the fate of ordinary people, about which he reflected in his works. Nekrasov with his poems and poems made a huge contribution to the development of Russian literature.

Short biography of Nekrasov

Famous Russian writer - Nikolai Alekseevich Nekrasov. His brief biography is very interesting and rich in various events. Perhaps the most famous work of Nikolai Alekseevich is the poem “To Whom Should Live Well in Russia,” which he created from 1860 to 1877. The poem “Frost, Red Nose”, written in 1863, the poem “Grandfather Mazai and Hares” is also known to the whole world.

Nekrasov brief biography.

Little Nikolai began writing his first poems in a notebook at the age of 16, and he began composing them at 11. Nekrasov died at the age of 57 as a recognized writer. Nikolai Alekseevich rightfully occupies an honorable place in Russian literature on a par with A. A. Pushkin and M. Yu. Lermontov.


A brief biography of Nekrasov shows how extraordinary this person was. The writer was born in the family of a wealthy landowner and lieutenant Alexei Sergeyevich in the town of Nemirov, Vinnitsa district, Podolsk province. His mother, Elena Andreevna Zakrevskaya, was an educated woman, the daughter of a petty official. Elena's parents were against this marriage, so she married father Nikolai Nekrasov against their will. However, in marriage, Zakrevskaya was unhappy - Alexei Nekrasov was a tyrant, oppressed not only the serfs, but his whole family.

In the poet's family were 13 children. Nikolay's father took his son with him when he decided family matters: knocking out debts from peasants, intimidating people. A child from early childhood saw the dead, which sunk into his soul. In addition, the father openly cheated on his wife. Later, all this will be manifested in the works of the writer in the form of images of a tyrant-father and a martyr-mother.The image of the mother - bright and kind - the writer carried through his life, and he is in all his works.

An unusual person was Nekrasov, his brief biography is unique. At the age of 11, Nekrasov was sent to study at a gymnasium, where he barely reached the 5th grade. He had problems with his studies, in particular because of the authorities of the Yaroslavl gymnasium. The young poet was disliked because of his satirical rhymes in which he ridiculed his superiors. It was at that time that the writer began to write his first poems in a small notebook. The first works of Nikolai Nekrasov are full of sad notes.

Alexey Sergeevich always wanted his son to follow in his footsteps and become a military man, but Nikolai Nekrasov did not share his father's wishes, therefore at the age of 17 he left without permission to go to university in St. Petersburg. The young man did not even stop his father’s threat that he would leave him penniless.

Studying the brief biography of Nekrasov, one can see how difficult the first years in the capital were for the writer. There were times when he could not eat normally due to lack of funds. Nikolai Alekseevich undertook any work, but sometimes there was not even enough money for housing.The poet Belinsky, who accidentally turned his attention to a talented young man and helped him to Panaev, the famous writer of the time, helped a lot.

Nikolai Nekrasov - a short biography of writing

Difficult times were left behind when Nekrasov began to write small articles in magazines and newspapers: “Literary Gazette”, “Literary Addendum to the Russian Disabled Person”. He also gave lessons, wrote vaudeville. In 1840 Nekrasov released his first collection of poems - “Dreams and Sounds”. However, this book was not very popular, and the critics of the capital did not take the poems from the collection seriously. This greatly influenced the self-esteem of Nikolai Alekseevich, he even began to buy "Dreams and Sounds" from the shelves and destroy, in order to avoid shame.

Early Nekrasov's prose was full of realism, it mentioned poor deceived girls, hungry poets, cruel moneylenders - all that the writer had to face personally during the times of his difficult youth. Nekrasov’s biography — a brief summary of his life — reveals all the difficulties that the writer had to go through before he made a decent fortune and found friends.

Journal "Contemporary"

At the beginning of 1847, Nikolai Nekrasov, together with Ivan Panaev, rented “Contemporary” from Pletnev, a popular literary magazine at that time, which was founded by Alexander Pushkin himself. Comrades were the discoverers of new talents: it was in their journal that Fyodor Dostoevsky, Nikolai Chernyshevsky was first published in their journal. Nekrasov himself at this time writes and prints such works as “Dead Lake”, “Three countries of the world”, in collaboration with Golovacheva-Panayeva (Stanitsky). Struggling with all his might Nekrasov, a brief biography of his literary activities shows that he did not spare the forces so that the magazine remained interesting and in demand.Short biography of Nekrasov

During the reign of Nicholas I, the strongest censorship reigns in print, it’s not easy for a writer to deal with it, so Nekrasov closes the gaps in his works. Although, as the poet himself noted, the content of Sovremennik was noticeably dimmed, and it took a lot of effort to preserve the journal’s reputation.

The personal life of Nikolai Alekseevich

His first beloved Nekrasov met in St. Petersburg. In fact, it can be said that he repulsed Avdotya Panaev from his friend Ivan Panaev.Avdotya was a bright and temperamental woman, which many people liked, but she preferred Nikolai Alekseevich Nekrasov. A brief biography of the writer shows that after the poet and lover began to live together in the apartment of her ex-husband Avdotya, many friends and acquaintances turned away from Nicholas, but he did not care - the lovers were happy.Biography of Nekrasov. Summary.

The next woman was Nekrasov windy French Selina Lefren. She was not serious about the writer, while Nikolai Alekseevich Nekrasov himself, a brief biography shows this, was crazy about her. He dedicated poems to her, admired this woman. But Selina spent most of the state of Nicholas and went to Paris.

The last woman of the writer was a young Zinaida Nikolaevna, whose real name is Thekla Anisimovna Viktorova. She took care of her husband until the last days. Nekrasov was very affectionate towards Zinaida and dedicated not one poem to her.

Late years of the writer

The writer constantly reflects on the fate of the people of his homeland, as evidenced by the biography of Nekrasov. The summary of the famous work "To live well in Russia": the poet is trying to understandIs the common people, the peasant peasant, living so well after the abolition of serfdom? People already have freedom, but is there happiness?Nikolay Alekseevich Nekrasov short biography

In the work of Nekrasov, satyr always occupied a large place. This can be seen especially in such a work as Contemporaries, written in 1875. In the same year, the poet was seriously ill, the doctors diagnosed him with stomach cancer. Surgeon Billroth was called from Vienna, however, treatment and surgery only briefly delayed the death of Nekrasov.

In the last works of the poet you can see sadness - Nekrasov understands that he was given quite a bit of time. In some works, he reflects on his life, on what he has achieved, thanks his close friends for being near.Nikolay Nekrasov. short biography

Nikolai Alekseevich Nekrasov died in the early evening of December 27, 1877. All the literary elite of that time came to say goodbye to the poet, as well as the common people for whom he wrote.

A brief biography of Nekrasov shows how extraordinary this man was: after passing with dignity all the difficulties of life, ups and downs, the poet never forgot his mission - to write for the people and the people.

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