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There are such women - the dump head. She walks down the street, and in the city of panic. Passersby turn around and stand in their tracks, and there is a traffic jam on the road. Long legs, noticeable bust, thick hair, wasp waist - and all in one person. Well, the god of genes slept, you will not say anything.
And there are the same men. This is what I tell you as a woman, the men of “dumping bashki” also happen. High growth, strong broad bones, a figure of an inverted triangle, shoulder width, embossed "deltas" and a pretty face - and here are all the girls in piles. Even the most decent housewives with zatyukannym life libido already dream of true and eternal love for life.
Alexey was just from this breed of men - a man, at the sight of whom every modest worker of the post office or the bookkeeping, kindergarten or floor cloth began to dream. He knew this peculiarity of his, and looked at the world around him with the indulgent look of a tired lion.
In the gym where he lived, he had no competitors. He calmly spat on the men from top to bottom, and the women continued to fall in piles, writing the asphalt under the windows of his hall with ridiculous declarations of love.Lesha meticulously examined the applicant, and most often condescendingly responded to love. And that would not answer if a woman asks? And on high testosterone, and at all could bring happiness to anyone, even the most average appearance. True, as a smart man, always protected.
The plug-in happened only once. An absolutely elegant woman of middle child-bearing age paid attention to Lesha. Expensive coat, good car, consistently high standard of living. She was different from the usual Lesha postal workers and mops as the sky from the ground, and so he did not hurry, but settled on the classical “three-svidvanki” scheme, not counting communication before the relationship flowed into a romantic one. And it was not in vain. On the third date was followed by an unexpected confession.
- I could not say anything and put you before the fact, but ... I am a decent person and I want to be honest to the end. I plan on you baby.
Lesha's jaw dropped to the floor with a crash. Gathering his jaw, he continued to listen.
- You know, I have to give birth. This is not my fantasy, but the objective opinion of my doctor. How and why he made such a conclusion - I would not like to go into details.But it is, and arguing is stupid.
At the moment, I have no one, and the option with a sperm bank seems unattractive to me for some reason. They remain anonymous and do not show photos of donors, only for children. You can read all the characteristics, you can even choose a foreigner, but it’s out of the question to know a person alive.
The pleasantness of the natural process I do not even want to discuss.
In short, I thought, I talked to you, and came to the conclusion that you are beautiful, young, with a higher education and no bad habits - the perfect ... candidate.
I do not strain you with the requirements of participation in upbringing and alimony, I will not ask you anything, and you will remember this only once in your entire life - if you want. If you see fit, I will introduce you to a child when he is 18 years old.
Alexey muttered that he is a fan of the traditional family, that it would be uncomfortable for him to know that he has a child somewhere that grows without a father ... In short, he turned away. Still, nature has poured him not only the appearance, but also the brain.
On the other hand, everyone, sorry for the expression, less valuable genetic material, often has children in almost every city, and does not think at all about the consequences. Begotten children in 60, 70 and nearly 80 years, despite the risk of mutations.Dumped from women with whom they lived for years, only to learn about pregnancy.

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