Breakthrough to the pole

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There was a time and there were cellars.
It was the case and the prices were reduced.
And flowed where necessary channels.
And at the end, where necessary, fell.
There is such a picture, called the "Ascent of the K-3 nuclear submarine" Leninsky Komsomol "near the North Pole." It depicts just this event that took place on July 17, 1962. And then it was a really great achievement. "Leninsky Komsomol" was the first in the Soviet submarine fleet to make such an ascent. Although, of course, it may well be that not for the sake of a record, but not even to work out a combat mission.
Initially, "Leninsky Komsomol" was named K-3. It was the first Soviet nuclear submarine, the former head in the series. By the way, and throughout the world it was only the third nuclear submarine. It received its name from the diesel M-106, which died in 1943 in a combat campaign. "Lenin Komsomol" boat was just after a long hike under the ice of the Arctic Ocean. During this trip, the submarine twice passed the point of the North Pole under water, and on July 17 she made an ascent near this geographical point and hoisted the Soviet flag there.
Significant was the event. When the boat returned to the base, it was met by Khrushchev and Defense Minister Malinovsky. After the hike, the leader of the operation, the submarine commander and the power plant commander became Heroes of the Soviet Union, and the rest were also awarded orders and medals depending on merit.
There was a time, there were feats. Both in space and under water.

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