Boris Mikhailov (hockey player): biography, sports career. Head Coach of Metallurg (Novokuznetsk) Boris Petrovich Mikhailov

Boris Mikhailov is a legend of national hockey, whose game was admired by the whole country. This hockey player was part of the most famous troika in the history of Soviet hockey - Mikhailov, Kharlamov, Petrov. He made a great contribution to the success of our team in the international arena.

First steps in sports

Boris Mikhailov was born on October 6, 1944 in Moscow. Pretty early on he started playing various sports with the guys in the yard. The country was only recovering after the war, so the younger generation did not have the conditions for playing hockey. Boris Mikhailov began to play hockey on ordinary boxes, and then enrolled in the section "Labor Reserves". He spent all his childhood in this team. Mikhailov has always stood out among his peers.His talent was celebrated by all hockey specialists of that time.

Boris Mikhailov

The beginning of a professional career

Boris Mikhailov is a hockey player, whom all our hockey fans are primarily associated with CSKA. But not everyone knows that before moving to this great club, Boris first played in the lower hockey leagues. His first club was Saratov Avangard. There he played three seasons. This team from Saratov was one of the outsiders of division A. In one of the Mikhailov games, Anatoly Kostryukov noted. This hockey specialist has done a lot for the future legend of Soviet hockey. It was thanks to him that Mikhailov got into the invincible CSKA. No one knows what the fate of Boris would have been if Anatoly Kostryukov had not appeared in his life.

Boris Mikhailov ice hockey player

Go to CSKA

Boris Mikhailov became a CSKA player at the age of 23. This team at that time coached Tarasov. At first, he gave Mikhailov a little playing time. But then, seeing the work and dedication of this hockey player, Tarasov began to regularly include him in the main part. It is thanks to the work of Boris Mikhailov, a hockey player, from an ordinary young player turned into a legend of world hockey.

Mikhailov Boris Petrovich

Legendary trio

Tarasov managed to collect the legendary troika, which was famous all over the world. The company of Mikhailov was composed of the legend of Russian hockey Valery Kharlamov and raspasovshchik Vladimir Petrov. The famous trio debuted in a match against the “Torpedo”. To the surprise of this game, the club CSKA lost 1: 0. But despite this, Tarasov did not change anything. Rarely when any of them scored as a result of solo passes. Only Kharlamov, thanks to his speed and dribbling, could single-handedly beat the opponent's defenses.

As a rule, goals were scored after beautiful combinations, against which even the legendary Canadian national team could not do anything. Partners have also become good friends in life. In the life of Valery Kharlamov in 1976, a tragedy occurred. He had a car accident and for a long time could not play hockey. Partners strongly supported their legendary teammate. But, despite the absence of such a strong player, Mikhailov and Petrov continued to show high results.

"HC Metallurg Novokuznetsk"

The influence of Viktor Tikhonov on the situation in the team

Tikhonov loved complete submission, while established stars like Kharlamov, Mikhailov and Petrov had their own opinion about hockey.Besides, having come to the national team, Tikhonov immediately declared that the team would have a rejuvenation team. Mikhailov Boris Petrovich, regularly scoring goals in crucial games, and besides the captain of the national team, has ceased to fall into the team. Similarly, Tikhonov did with Kharlamov and Petrov.

Many criticized the decisions of the head coach, but determining the composition of the team is his task. After that, Mikhailov Boris Petrovich decided to complete his undoubtedly successful career. In the USSR Championship, this forward spent 572 matches on the field and scored 472 goals. This figure is the best in the history of our hockey.

Boris Mikhailov number

Famous Athlete's Family

Boris Mikhailov, whose number is known to every hockey amateur, was brought up at a difficult time for the country. His parents were ordinary workers. My father worked as a mechanic, and my mother - at one of the tobacco factories. The family lived quite modestly. From an early age, Mikhailov cut hockey sticks from boards for breaking hockey in a couple of workouts to practice hockey. Now it is difficult to imagine the conditions under which then future sports legends had to be engaged.

Boris met his wife Tatiana in a pioneer camp. This couple had two sons who, like the father, devoted their lives to hockey.One is engaged in coaching, and the other acted in the Russian Super League.

Coaching activity

Having finished playing hockey, Mikhailov decided to start a coaching career. This hockey player has something to pass on to his charges. Mikhailov spent many seasons at the elite level, so he knows how to beat strong teams. At first, he began working with youth teams. Boris could not achieve great victories at this level, but hockey specialists highly appreciated his work.

The first serious club of this legendary hockey player in the past was the Moscow CSKA. Then he was invited to train the St. Petersburg club SKA. But the management was not satisfied with the results that Mikhailov’s team showed, and he decided to leave the club. The next club in Mikhailov’s coaching career was HK Metallurg Novokuznetsk. In this club, he worked for two seasons. HC Metallurg Novokuznetsk was not the top club of the Russian Championship. Therefore, Mikhailov in it was easier to implement his ideas, unlike SKA, where he was immediately expected to achieve high results. Pressure hindered his work.

Biography of Boris Mikhailov

Athlete achievements

Boris Mikhailov during his long career became a multiple winner of the world championships and the USSR championship, playing for the CSKA club. As a member of the USSR national team, he twice won the Olympic Games. In the played tournaments, Mikhailov was repeatedly recognized as the best player in the team, twice as the best player of the championship, and also several times he became the best sniper of the tournament. Mikhailov played at the famous Challenge Cup against the strongest team of Canada. For his services to the country, he received many state awards.

Work in the coaching staff of the Russian national team

Coach Boris Mikhailov began working in the national team in 1992. His hockey authority had a positive effect on his subordinates. They accepted with great respect the material given by the coach, who achieved great success in the international arena. At the World Championships in 1993, this coach, along with the team won gold medals. Such a high result in the international arena was the first in the history of the Russian national team. After such a success, our team could not achieve great victories for a long time.

In 2002, the Mikhailova team was one step away from winning the world championship.But she unexpectedly lost in the final. At the world championships in 2005 and 2006, as well as at the 2006 Olympics, Mikhailov worked at the national team coaching staff. The coaching career of this specialist is not as successful as the player’s career, however, he did a lot to raise the prestige of Russian hockey.

Biography of Boris Mikhailov proves how much can be achieved through work and patience. For many years he showed outstanding results. He devoted his whole life to hockey. Mikhailov will forever remain in the history of Russian sports. "Legend number 13" - so called this illustrious player.

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