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“Oscar” - the highest award in the world of cinema. Her desire, dream about it, for the sake of her directors go to the most incredible productions. Not every film manages to receive this award. But if the picture takes this award in his piggy bank, then she really deserves it. The best Oscar winning films (list below) should be watched by every self-respecting film critic and simply a lover of real, live cinema.

Who nominates for an Oscar, organization structure, goals

The Academy of Cinematographic Arts and Sciences is engaged in the selection of films that will be nominated and eventually receive the coveted award. In total, it includes more than six and a half thousand members. Each of the participants belongs to one of the fifteen departments. To solve urgent problems, the organization has an executive director, in whose subordinate there is one hundred forty people. These people are involved in organizing film screenings, cinemaposting informational articles in the print media, working with students and, of course, they are thoroughly preparing for the main event in the world of cinema. For the first time the film award was presented in 1929. Since then, the award ceremony has been held annually in Los Angeles. The main purpose of this award is to reward the most talented filmmakers for their significant contribution to the film industry.

Top Oscar Films

Not every film manages to reach the highest peak of recognition - to become an Oscar winner. Oscar-winning films of all times have a truly special history, an excellent cast, enchanting musical accompaniment, eye-catching scenery and virtuoso visual effects. These are not just movies - they are legends. It does not matter, the last Oscar-winning films are, or they have for many years. The main thing is that they cause true feelings, emotions and desires. Best Oscar winning films by year:

  1. 1939 - Gone with the Wind.
  2. 1972 - "Cabaret".
  3. 1993 - "Schindler's List".
  4. 1996 - The English Patient.
  5. 1997 - "Titanic".
  6. 1998 - "Shakespeare in Love".
  7. 2003 - "The Lord of the Rings 3: The Return of the King."
  8. 2004 - Aviator
  9. 2008 - Slumdog Millionaire.
  10. 2015 - “Survivor”.

All these Oscar-winning films, of course, are significant for their time. They are loved, they are remembered, they are revised.

"Gone With the Wind"

The story of a young southerner Scarlet O’Hara opens a list of paintings from the category “Best Oscar-winning films,” with eight awards and thirteen nominations. The girl's life is carefree and fun, but everything changes with the onset of the Civil War. Instead of noisy balls, she spends her evenings under the roar of cannon. Her courage, courage and desire to take a worthy place in the sun help a quickly matured girl to build a new life and raise the devastated lands, despite all the trials encountered on her path. Throughout the film, the viewer sees how ideals change, faith is gained and true love flares up.

This story won the hearts of millions. Feedback from viewers about the picture is endlessly grateful and admired. Absolutely everyone and everyone considers “Gone With the Wind” a national treasure, a symbol of the majesty of Hollywood, and simply a classic of American cinema.

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In the center of the film, Sally Bowles is an American singer from the time of the Weimar Republic.She plunges into the world of fun and lack of problems all of Berlin, speaking on the stage of the famous cabaret Kit-Kat. At this time, the country is in a state of political and economic chaos. Power falls into the hands of the Nazis, which leads to massive persecution of Jews. But a holiday always reigns in a cabaret, and perhaps, if Siley had not met Byron and Max, this would have been the case. But an Englishman who teaches in one Jewish family and a wealthy German playboy radically change the structure of her life.

The film, shot in 1972, received eight Oscar awards out of ten nominations. And these two are not taken awards were the nomination "Best Film" and "Best Screenwriter." Viewers with confidence declare that “Cabaret” occupies an honorable place in the rating “Best Oscar-winning films”. According to them, the main characters have something to learn. Especially come under admiring exclamations juicy and colorful scenery and reliable work of the crew.

"Schindler's list"

Thanks to twelve nominations and seven victories, the military-historical drama opens a list of Oscar-winning films."Schindler's List" tells the story that actually happened to the mysterious Oscar Schindler. He was a member of the Nazi party, a successful manufacturer who, during the Second World War, saved about one thousand two hundred representatives of the Jewish nation.

Like all the most Oscar-winning films, the Schindler's List received the highest rating from viewers and critics. He is called the fruit of the magnificent directorial work. While watching, there is a feeling that the actors do not play, but in fact live their lives. With the hands of Steven Spielberg, a picture was created that is very understandable, albeit cruelly, explaining the whole anger of fascism. Also, the picture shows that decent people who are ready to sacrifice themselves for the sake of others have been at all times.

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"English patient"

A motion picture of a burn victim suffered from a plane crash in the Sahara during the Second World War, an Englishman and a young Canadian nurse caring for him. The “English patient” is in its deathbed state, recovering, he tells nurse Hannah about a passionate romance with a married woman who, because of war and human prejudice, led to tragedy.

Oscar-winning drama films have such a strong energy that after watching them it is unclear whether the viewer saw it from the side or was an independent participant in the story. “The English patient,” according to viewers and critics, is not just a story about love or death, it is a confession of desperate people, demonstrating the tragedy of civilization. The viewer shook the picture with unknown force, so it is not surprising that the English Patient received nine Oscars.

Oscar-winning films by year


Like many Oscar-winning films, "Titanic" is the benchmark of American cinema. The film tells about lovers whose feelings flare up during a cruise on a huge liner. Unfortunately, their love is not destined to live long, as the liner stumbles upon an iceberg and crashes. Now the most important thing for them to escape in an emergency.

After watching the movie "Titanic" girls can not hold back tears, while men stand stunned by the tragic plot twist. In the book "3500 reviews" it is said that the picture of the flooded ship is one of the most legendary in the entire history of American cinema. The audience, seeing it for the first time, went to watch the film again and again. Leonardo di Caprio and Kate Winslet became the favorite romantic heroes of millions of viewers.“Titanic” is the strongest immortal drama about sincere love, thirst for life and self-sacrifice.

Oscar-winning films of recent years

"Shakespeare in Love"

The story tells of the creative crisis of William Shakespeare. He cannot find inspiration, he has practically no means of livelihood, and the timing of the delivery of the new play is critically pressed. He no longer hopes that the muse will visit him. But the charming girl of aristocratic origin Viola breathes a new life into it. And it would seem that the lovers can only be happy, but the difficulty lies in the fact that Viola is engaged and should soon marry a nobleman from a distant English colony.

Viewers and critics have appreciated the history of the greatest love of many centuries. Although initially some critics decided that it was just a light comedy-romantic melodrama. But seven Oscars made the whole world look at the film from a different angle. It was then that they considered all the mystery of Shakespeare's personality and the first creative tragedy of genius. Professionals in the field of cinema awarded the film the highest award - Oscar, and the audience gave her their heart.

Oscar winning films of all time

"The Lord of the Rings 3: The Return of the King"

This part of the trilogy was the final. It tells about the heroes who did everything to save the Mediterranean. The Hobbits are trying to finally destroy the One Ring, while Sauron is trying to seize the Fortress of Last Hope. Critics remained enthusiastic about the last picture. A journalist from Afisha noted that “The Lord of the Rings 3: The Return of the King” is an amazing spectacle that carries meaning and morality. The representative of the publication "Your Leisure" expressed the opinion that the third part is at times more spectacular than its predecessors, despite the fact that the creators say that the whole trilogy was filmed at the same time. Most of all he was subdued by battle scenes and magnificently executed monsters. The viewer to the film also had no complaints. The film is bright and unforgettable, I want to revise it repeatedly.


Another story with Leonardo di Caprio in the title role. But, like all the Oscar-winning films of recent years with Leo, Aviator did not receive an award for best actor. Despite the lack of a di Caprio, all in the piggy bank paintings five highest awards Oscar.

In the middle of the action is Howard Hughes.He inherited from his father a modest factory, which over time turned into a fantastically gigantic enterprise. He owns elite casinos in Los Angeles and the second largest commercial airline. The constant desire to earn more and more devours Howard. Truly he becomes happy only when he takes off. During the flight, no one cares about the social condition of the pilot - the most important thing here is professionalism, faith and honor.

According to critics, the film was able to convey the main essence of the character of the billionaire and aviators of the nineties. Although Hughes was considered an eccentric madman, he was still a bright and extraordinary representative of the American nation. The audience, in turn, appreciated the great humor, ideological idea and a worthy game of Leonardo di Caprio. In their opinion, the picture turned out to be honest, bright and elegant.

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Slumdog Millionaire

Can the yard boy Jamal Malik win a million in a game show? Of course, it seems to the viewer that he cannot know all the answers, since he does not have a proper education. But when Jamal is on the verge of victory, he is detained by the police, whom he tells about his life story during interrogation.And it is precisely the life situations through which the guy had to go, allowed him to give the correct answers. But the main purpose of participation in the TV quiz is still not money, but simpler worldly intentions.

One and all critics won the film. According to the representative of the publication "Semantics", "Slumdog Millionaire" is the brightest sight, which is equally interesting to both the wide and the potential audience. The viewers themselves, after viewing, noted that the picture belongs to the category “everything ingenious is simple.” It captures, fascinates and touches the very heart.


Drum roll - the film "Survivor" brings to the treasury of Leonardo di Caprio the highest award: the Oscar for the best male role. Here he played the wounded hunter Hugh Glass, who was thrown to die alone by the conquerors of the new lands. Now only will power can save him from death in the open spaces of the unknown Wild West. He boldly challenges the wild nature and passes through painful encounters with hostile tribes. But for the sake of revenge, he will do everything to survive. Critics from "New Look" called the film the event of the year.According to them, he instills life and forces to go to new goals, no matter what. According to the audience, "Survivor" to the depths of the soul permeates the magnificent work of the actors and a fascinating atmosphere of survival.

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Curious facts

At the ceremony are invited special "dwellers of places" who sit on the seats of unwelcome guests. They are paid one hundred twenty-five dollars per hour for this.

The nominees who have received the award cannot sell it, as they sign an agreement according to which, if they wish to realize the award, the owner must first offer it to members of the association for one dollar to buy.

The gratitude speech to the winners lasts a maximum of forty five seconds.

At one of the Oscar ceremonies, the naked man who ran onto the stage shocked the audience.

Most often, the Oscars are the performers of the roles of the British monarchs.

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