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Unfortunately, for some reason, this film was held in our cinemas without much success. Whether the topic for teenagers seemed complicated, or in the pre-holiday bustle, the audience just missed one of the strongest films of recent years ... All the better, because we have a great opportunity to catch up.
After all, it is incredibly interesting to see how the classic and the film “The Best Offer” is born is the best confirmation of this.
Giuseppe Tornatore, earning an Oscar and world-wide fame thanks to the Cinema Paradiso, began to pass clearly. It was interesting to watch his work, but the feeling of the gradual fading of the director's star was invariably present.
Fortunately, these masters often have a good dose of gunpowder in stock. Like Eastwood, who sprang up after “The Bridges of Madisson County,” Maestro Tornatore released the “Best Offer” ... As always, with wonderful music Morricone, as usual, with a perfect picture and strong actors, but unexpectedly, assembled from bizarre details and equipped with a persistently ticking mechanism cinema.

Trying to tell about this film, it’s too easy to get to the spoilers, in fact, most of the reviews they sin. The less concrete the story is, the more enjoyable it will be for you to watch it.
He (Geoffrey Rush) is an isolated, lonely art historian and appraiser of extra-class artworks. In an abandoned rotten sliver, he is able to recognize the precious miniature of the sixteenth century. At the same time, he treats the modern world with disdain and apprehension, so much so that he disdains to touch mobile phones.
She (Silvia Hooks) has been afraid for many years to leave the house full of antique furniture and magnificent paintings that remained to her after her parents died. But circumstances make her think about selling ...
Naturally, fate can not push them ...

One of the key parts of the film and, at the same time, the ingenious metaphor of all the action is the mechanical toy of the Swiss watchmaker Pierre Jaquet-Dro. Before you are ready to look, read a couple of our small texts about this, a surprisingly surprising master, in the 18th century, he invented and created mechanical toys that still baffle the researchers of his work.Why are only his mechanical caskets with miniature birds inside, or a robotic boy clerk ...
Despite the many references to the world of painting, to history, the film holds great attention. Everything is in order and with love lines, and in terms of the quantity of quality suspense, the “Best Offer” noticeably wins over most competitors, although this is not a thriller in its purest form.
But the most important thing, of course, is the aftertaste. When the credits ended and the thoughts about the plausibility of what they saw appear by themselves, you suddenly realize that yes, it happens that way and this story, with all its external exoticism, is in fact very vital. And, perhaps, this understanding can frighten more than all the turns of the infernal, but witty plot.
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