Benoit Meimiel - prodigy of French cinema

The famous French actor, Maimgel, who became a movie star in his childhood, by his 43 years managed to play more than fifty roles in film and television. He is a prize winner and winner of the Cesar Award. Our viewer Benoit Mimegel could be remembered for his works in the following paintings: “Knights of the Sky”, “Crimson Rivers - 2: Angels of the Apocalypse”, “The Pianist”, “Special Purpose Squad” and “The Convoy”.Benoit Meimgel


Maimiel Benoit was born on May 11, 1974 in Paris. His parents were far from cinema, his mother worked as a nurse, and his father - an ordinary employee in the bank. Benoit is the eldest of the three children of the Maimiel family, therefore, when his parents divorced, the responsibility for the younger ones fell on his shoulders. Nothing foreshadowed a brilliant film career, as a child, Benoit dreamed of becoming a firefighter. However, fate had other plans for it.

Early roles

At the age of twelve, Benoit Maimiel stumbled upon a newspaper ad sayingthat they started listening to the boys to participate in the Etienne Shatilye film “Life is a long calm river”. After successful screen tests, Benoit received one of their leading roles - a teenager named Momo. A year later, the young actor reappeared on the movie screen in the comedy “Dad Gone Mom, too,” directed by Christina Lipinski. After a successful experience in the cinema, Benoit became a constant participant in various TV projects. So, by the age of 16, the young man decided on the choice of his future profession and, having abandoned his studies, completely plunged into the world of cinema.Benoit Meimiel: Filmography

Benoit Meimiel: filmography

After a large number of successful roles in adolescence, acting career, matured Benoit came to a standstill. He continued to be removed, but already in episodic or minor roles. From 1993 to 1996, the actor appeared in the films “The Stolen Notebook”, “The Lonely Girl” and “Hate”. To attract the attention of critics Mimegel succeeded in 1996. He created the image of a secondary, but interesting character - Jimmy Fontan in the criminal drama Andre Tesine "Thieves" received positive feedback. For this work, the actor was nominated for the Cesar Award, and also received a Michel Simon prize.The next year was pretty successful. Benoit Magemiel played the leading male role in Diane Curis' biographical melodrama “Children of the Century”, where Juliette Binoche became his partner in the frame. On-screen love, the characters performed by them (George Sand and Alfred de Musset) grew into the real one. In 2000, in the historical drama of Gerard Carbier "The King is dancing" the actor happened to try on the image of the French monarch. The role of Louis XIV was not easy for Mamegel because for authenticity it was necessary to master the art of dance, which the Sun King brilliantly mastered.Benoit Meimgel: Photos

New turn in career

In 2001, Benoit Mimegel received the lead male role in Michael Haneke’s drama “The Pianist”. His partners in the frame were legendary actresses Isabelle Huppert and Annie Girardot. The psychologically complex role of Walter Klemmer brought the actor the prize at the Cannes Film Festival. With his work in the dramas of director Claude Chabrol, “The Flower of Evil” and “The Bride-Friend” of the director Magemiel again attracted the attention of critics. One of the leading roles in Olivier Daan's famous thriller “The Crimson Rivers 2: Angels of the Apocalypse” brought the world popularity to the actor. Another main character performed by Jean Reno.

From 2005 to 2007, the main roles were followed in the films “The Knights of the Sky”, “The Fellowship in French”, “Close Enemies” and “The Girl Cut In Two”. In 2008, Maimiel became the leading man in the French-Japanese production of a detective thriller Injou, the Beast in the Shadow. Now fans of the actor appeared in Japan. In 2013, Benoit returned to the drama genre and continued to collaborate with director Diana Curis in the film For the Sake of a Woman. One of the last works of the actor to date has become the main role in the thriller “Convoy” 2016.Benoit Meimiel: Personal life

Benoit Meimiel: personal life

The actor has never been married, but he has two daughters. The eldest Hannah is the fruit of love with Juliette Binoche, with whom Maimiel met on the set of the drama “Children of the Century”. The couple was in a relationship until 2003. Soon Benoit met his long-time acquaintance, actress Nikita Lespinas. An affair began, and in 2011, Nikita presented a daughter to Maigel. This relationship could not be saved; after eight years of marriage, the actors broke up. At the ceremony of presenting the film award “Cesar” in 2016, he was quite happy, and Benoit Mimegel was noticed in the company of a new companion. The photo of the actor is a clear confirmation of this.

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