Battery for motherboard. Battery for motherboard BIOS

Probably, any user paid attention to the fact that even after a sufficiently long disconnection from the network, the computer still retains basic information about the system, such as time, passwords and much more, while you can even completely pull out the power cord and strip it of any energy sources, but the information will still be saved. However, few people know that for such an effect a specialized battery for the motherboard is installed in the computer.

What is she like?

motherboard battery

Today, not everyone knows what this device is. It is immediately worth noting that, despite the prejudices of people who do not even know what a laptop or PC battery is, it is not a battery, but a battery. That is, the device has a certain shelf life, and it only has enough energy for a specific period of time, and it cannot be replenished in any way.

What are they like?

battery replacement on motherboard

The battery for the motherboard today is specialized manganese-dioxide lithium batteries of several types, which differ in energy consumption and height. The labeling of the battery you are using is a set of parameters, so this question is often asked in various stores if you suddenly want to, or you need to buy a new device. Any battery for the motherboard should have a voltage of 2.75 to 3.3 V.

What is better to choose?

In this case, there is no difference in which manufacturer you will have a laptop battery or a PC, since they don’t practically differ in quality, and in any case the period of validity of the purchased device will be from two to five years. . However, as in other cases, here the purchase of a more expensive battery from a well-known brand is reassuring to users, so they often prefer just such equipment.

Why is it needed?

laptop battery

Unlike a number of modern electronic devices, the date and time settings in a computer will not be lost even after the power is completely turned off.The battery for the motherboard allows the specialized program, which is used to control this board, to save all the basic data without losing it even if the power supply unit ceases to function.

It is worth noting that, among other things, the functionality that such a battery has also provides for storing a certain amount of information stored in the BIOS chip. For this reason, on the Internet today, quite often there are such situations when this device is simply called “BIOS battery” (or something like that).

The purpose of the “BIOS battery” is to preserve the performance of the specialized CMOS memory of the computer, which, in turn, is used to store the main configurations of the computer, including BIOS values, as well as the system timer. The volume of this memory is only 256 bytes, so it is difficult to even imagine how little memory is required to maintain its operability.

What is BIOS?

 bios battery

By itself, the BIOS is a specialized program, which is relatively small in its volume, but at the same time responsible for the most important settings of any modern computer.Through the use of such a chip, the computer determines for itself exactly how it will need to run the workflow before the operating system is loaded. If the battery suddenly stops working, the system will instantly display a message in which full information will be provided regarding the error that occurred when the machine was started up, and in such a situation, you can start the computer only by pressing the F1 - Resume button.

How to understand that you need to change the battery?

sat the battery on the motherboard

The fact that the battery has sat down on the motherboard can be judged by the following features:

  • Continuously after the next computer shutdown, the time and date completely disappear, or the time begins to lag significantly behind the current one.
  • When trying to open certain web resources, the browser constantly warns us that the certificates of these sites have long been expired.
  • The anti-virus program you have installed constantly complains that it has installed outdated anti-virus databases. If the utility is paid, it may happen that the license key flies, because it simply has not yet reached the due date.
  • Some programs refuse to start completely.
  • The screen displays a variety of messages indicating various errors.

How to change the battery?

battery on laptop motherboard

The battery on the laptop motherboard or PC is quite simple:

  • Initially, you need to restart the computer, then hold down the "Delete" key to enter the BIOS of your computer. It should be noted that it is best to rewrite all the settings of your BIOS on some piece of paper, because after you change the battery, the system settings will be completely reset.
  • Turn off the computer, and then further switch to the "Off" position of the switch on the power supply. Only after this the power cord must be unplugged. Immediately it should be noted that the next step is best not to start right away, but initially wait at least a few minutes.
  • Now you can remove the side cover of your system unit and try to find the battery on the motherboard. It is installed alone and looks like a large silver coin, while to make it easier for you to search, initially try to look around the video card or under it.
  • Carefully remove the battery by pulling the latch to the side, then install the device you bought instead.
  • We close the side cover of the system unit (do not forget about the screws), and also connect the power to it. Do not forget that, most likely, you also turned off the power with the button on the power supply itself, so the switch must also be turned to the “On” position.
  • Turn on the computer and heal the Delete key again. After the BIOS is opened, you will need to set the current time and date in the settings, as well as all other information in accordance with the records you previously made. After that, it is important to click "Exit & Save Changes" and agree to restart.

Everything, replacement of the battery on the motherboard is completed, you can use the computer again. In most cases, this procedure is required every 3-5 years of operation of any modern computer.

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