Augmented Reality

It was necessary to shoot not during the day, but at sunset - it would be better if it happened. Why did I not climb this mountain and not descend from that? And here we also stopped by, but nothing like that was there, you do not know why? Never read what they write about the resort from which you recently returned.

Because it turns out that you did not really look and did not understand. That last week you smoked under the balcony of the house in which Napoleon lived. You were warned about the harm to your health, but not about Napoleon. That one traveler has a syllable better than yours, another understands history, the third one, albeit bald, but on the background of Italian architecture it turns out like a godfather on vacation. And so upset that you can not squeeze out a word without ugly and looking at someone else's opinion.

While the impressions are fresh, you want to replay everything, rewind back. Then much will be forgotten and settled down like sand to the bottom. You will be with a grin and almost indifferently compare and tell how it was with you. And plan a new trip.Then, having looked through a couple of historical books right before the trip, you will create an augmented reality for yourself, with real Maltese knights and Turgut-Reis.

The closest city to St. Julians, in which I stayed, was Sliema. The word "sliema" translates as "peace" and was used as a greeting (akin to "salam"). This kind of view today opens from its embankment. From here to Valletta, teasing from afar, can be reached by ferry or bus. The moored boats are painted in the colors typical of the Maltese wooden luzzu, but with a motor and passenger seats.

When I saw a van in the form of a lemon on the waterfront, I didn’t take it off, persuading myself that “I’m not here for that, there are enough consumer goods tents and we have enough.” But even then I understood that I would regret it. But I can’t deny myself to take pictures of yachts and boats in the lights, which the inhabitants of the cold metropolis lack so much.

During the great siege of Malta, this city was the camp center for the Turkish troops. I found articles about the disembarking of the Turks in the fishing village of Marsaxlokk, and about the master of La Valetta with scattered heads of dead animals and poisoned wells.About Sliema, the time of the battle of the Cross and the Koran - not a word, as if it had never existed.

During British colonization, a new church dedicated to the Virgin Mary “Star of the Seas” was opened for public worship. Her image is depicted on the emblem of the city. Slim began to develop rapidly in the second half of the 19th century and became the popular summer resort of the rich Valletta.

The buildings of the Victorian era decorated the three-kilometer sea promenade, which overlooked the rugged cliffs, farms and a sandy beach. In 1990, one of these farms became the Garden of Independence. It is believed that living in Sliema is prestigious. But who will not say this about their own city, trying to embellish the present state of affairs?

Here, the smallest number of people who speak English, and the population is aging rapidly. Settled mainly local from other parts of Malta. There are legends about the cozy sandy beaches, but I met only people, laying towels directly on the concrete, and those who bathe from the rocks near the churches and the roadway.
Today there are many hotels and apartment buildings in Sliema, and the old buildings are hidden on the inside of the streets.Two tower fortresses: British, nineteenth century, and De Regin, built in the seventeenth century, are located near the waterfront. The architecture of Sliema has one feature.

All streets are strictly perpendicular to each other. The three churches of the Virgin Mary and the Church of Jesus of Nazareth are lost among ordinary houses, which is unusual for us, accustomed to surround them with a public garden, an area and more outbuildings.

And here from your dusty balcony you can reach the bas-reliefs on the temple. You are drying cowards, and the Catholic saint is looking after them, forgive me for such ernichestvo. Elders, perched over the lion and bull heads, I wanted to look closer.
There is a large shopping center and a street with mass-market shops. I went to Zara and Mango - the same as ours. On the embankment, where palm trees and originally trimmed bushes occasionally come across, in the morning and in the evening there are a lot of runners and people walking. Cafes and bars are most often on the opposite side.

The walls of the houses are sealed with ads for renting and selling apartments and villas that promise the fulfillment of your dreams. The apartment "overlooking the Sliema embankment, the bay, Valletta and Manoel Island, in the center of tourist activity" costs from 500,000 euros. Happiness in a house with a terrace and a pool will happen for no less than 4,200,000 euros.

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