Anzor Boltukaev: the difficult path of a fighter

Today Anzor Boltukaev, whose height and weight allow him to perform in the heavy weight category, is considered one of the most stubborn and persistent wrestlers in the world. Due to the huge competition within the Russian team, he rarely took part in major world tournaments, but in recent years he began to show excellent results and managed to win the bronze medals in world championships.

Long start

Anzor Adamovich Boltukayev was born in Grozny in 1986. His childhood coincided with difficult times in the history of the republic, but he was able to preserve dignity and common sense. As with most North Caucasian boys, wrestling was the number one sport for him.

Anzor Boltukaev was swinging for a long time, he did not particularly stand out among his peers. Traditionally strong juniors from North Ossetia and Dagestan overshadowed the Chechen teenager and predictably played out the main awards and medals of all-Russian tournaments. For example, at the 2006 World Junior Championships, Anzor took only sixth place, thereby sowing doubts about his prospects.Two years later, he spent an excellent segment and was able to take the bronze medal of the national championship.anzor boltukaev

However, then the Chechen fighter for many years went into the shadow of the best Russian fighters. The competition in weight up to 97 kg in those years was just crazy. On the carpet shone such masters as Gatsalov, Gadisov. Anzor did not succeed in the fight against these "monsters", and he was content with awards at home tournaments of the Kadyrov Grand Prix.


Everyone began to forget about the existence of a Chechen wrestler, who once flashed on the national championship in 2008, but he was not going to give up and stubbornly walked towards success. By 2013, he scored a great shape and gave an enchanting performance in the national championship. At the tournament, Anzor Adamovich Boltukayev fought defiantly, held a reception at the reception, without fear of risk.

The result of this struggle were the gold medals of the championship of Russia. On the way to them, Anzor defeated his main rivals, Gatsalov and Gadisov, and he dealt with them, putting both on the shoulder blades, without even a shadow of respect for world stars.Anzor Adamovich Boltukayev

Of particular importance this victory was because the champion of the country had the opportunity to represent the country at the World Championships, held in 2013 in Hungary.Unfortunately for his fans, Anzor Boltukayev received an annoying groin injury during the tournament. Stretching did not allow him to act in full force, but even with damage he did not remain without awards, taking the bronze medal.

Second try

Sport is often unfair. The harshest, dexterous, and non-standard wrestlers, who try to perform more beautiful tricks and work very spectacularly, are prone to injuries and sprains to the greatest extent because they act sharply, as a result of which their muscles and ligaments do not withstand overloads. The same fate followed Anzor Boltukaev, who, due to injuries for almost two years, dropped out of the big sport in the prime of his life.

The next period of activity of an excellent, but unstable wrestler came in 2016. He began by winning the prestigious tournament in the aggressive, dominant manner - the Grand Prix of Ivan Yarygin.Anzor Boltukayev freestyle wrestlingOn the way to victory, Anzor disassembled the two American wrestlers who owned the titles of the Olympic and world champions. Stunned by Warner and Snyder, they only watched as the Chechen athlete practiced the whole range of free-wrestling techniques.

After that, Anzor Boltukayev was considered the main favorite of the European Championship 2016. Here he clashed in a battle for gold with Ukrainian wrestler Valery Andreytsev, on whose account was the Olympic medal. In the stubborn, tough fight, Anzor was stronger and for the first time in his career he won the continental title.

Olympic attempt

Winning the European Championship 2016 was a welcome, but not the main goal for Anzor. The composition of the Russian national team for participation in the Games in Rio was determined by the results of the national championship. It was necessary to win the championship of Russia, that the Chechen guy performed brilliantly.Anzor Boltyukayev height weight

In the finals, he for a minute crushed the legendary Khadzhimurat Gatsalov, on whose account was a whole fan of victories at world championships, as well as the title of Olympic champion. Thus, Anzor Boltukayev for the first time in his career received the right to participate in the Olympics.

Here, however, he was not too lucky. Already in the early stages of the tournament he had to fight with Valery Andreytsev. The Ukrainian athlete remembered his defeat from Anzor in the European Championship final and managed to take revenge on that Olympic evening.

In 2017, Boltukaev represented the Russian team at the European Championships in Serbia. In the final, he was again overtaken by an injury, and a very serious one - the gap of the meniscus.However, the courageous guy did not give up and fought to the last, still losing to Rize Yıldırım.

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