Wartner Nailexpert: reviews. Antifungal preparations for nails

Have you suddenly started to itch feet? Have you noticed how the nails changed color and began to crumble, break down, and the smell is simply unbearable to endure? All this indicates an unpleasant disease, like onychomycosis (damage to the nail plate on the upper and lower limbs). Do not panic, because getting rid of this ailment is not so difficult. Wartner Nailexpert will help to eliminate the problem, without harming the body as a whole. Today we learn what this preparation is, how to use it, what results to expect, and also how its analogs are called. And we'll find out what patients and dermatologists think about this remedy.wartner nailexpert instruction


The drug Wartner Nailexpert, reviews about whichcan be read below, is a medical product designed to eliminate and prevent fungus on the upper and lower extremities. It can be used for mild to moderate onychomycosis. This tool is recommended for people who are often exposed to external factors (frequent visits to baths, saunas, swimming pools, sports sections, etc.).

Mechanism of action

The exclusive formula of Nailexpert by Wartner helps the nails affected by the fungus, as follows:

- The product creates a special film that does not allow to spread to pathogenic organisms, and it also protects healthy nails from infection.

- The drug helps to restore to normal nails due to the moisturizing and nutritional properties of its components.wartner nailexpert nail fungus elimination

How to use?

The medical device Wartner Nailexpert, the instruction to which is necessarily included in the package, is applied quite easily. For this you need to perform the following actions:

  1. Cut your nails, wipe the varnish.
  2. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and wipe them dry.
  3. Shake the bottle with Wartner Nailexpert.
  4. Apply using the applicator in the box the right amount of the drug to the affected areas.
  5. Wait until the product has absorbed and then reapply.

Apply this medical product twice inday: morning and evening. When treating nails with Wartner Nailexpert it is prohibited to use any ointments, creams or varnishes. Use this product until all the symptoms of the fungus are eliminated.

The duration of therapy depends on the growth of the nail. This treatment may take from 4 to 12 weeks.run nail fungus


Mild to moderate nail funguscan be effectively eliminated with the help of Wartner Nailexpert. The composition of this drug is the following: cyclomethicone, water, glycerin, sodium bicarbonate, sodium dihydroxycetyl phosphate, panthenol, denatured ethyl alcohol, dimethiconol, lactic acid, hydrogen peroxide.

The agent is a tube with a 4 ml applicator.antifungal for nails

What results can you expect?

Destruction, or scientific elimination,nail fungus Wartner Nailexpert - a drug developed by Irish doctors - is possible after 4 weeks of active use. The results you can expect:

- Improvement of the surface of nails (elimination of dryness, fragility, fragility).

- Decrease, and then complete cessation of itching.

- Nails become soft and treatable (manicure, pedicure).

Wartner Nailexpert product: price

The cost of this effective tool in variouspharmacies its own. Pricing is influenced by factors such as the location of the institution in which the drug is sold, its mark-up. In Moscow, you can purchase Wartner Nailexpert for 550 rubles. The price of this medical product in other cities may be lower and amount to about 450 rubles for the same volume of tube (4 ml). And on the Internet you can order this drug at a discount, the main thing is to know on what sites you can yield.instructions for use price analogues

special instructions

- Wartner Nailexpert can only be used externally.

- You can apply the medication to people who have reached the age of 18 years, not younger.

- Do not apply the drug to open wounds.

- Do not use the drug for people who are intolerant components of the drug.

- Before buying Wartner Nailexpert, you need to consult a dermatologist.

- Do not use the drug with other topical antifungal medicines.

Storage of funds, the expiration date

The medical device Wartner Nailexpert needsKeep in a dry place at a temperature of +5 to +25 degrees. Also do not forget that this drug should be hidden away from children, so they do not inadvertently get it, do not squeeze it out and, God forbid, try to eat it.

Shelf life of this medicinal product is 3 years.

Positive feedback from people

Wartner Nailexpert Patient Reviewsmostly flattering. So, people note that this drug really eliminates fungal disease. Already in the third week of use, you can see how a healthy nail grows, how the unpleasant smell of feet is eradicated. The main thing that satisfied users pay attention to is do not forget to apply this drug and do it strictly according to the instructions.

Also people note that there is no need to drinkSpecial pills that can adversely affect the liver, and generally on the body. Local application of the drug Wartner Nailexpert does not harm the person.

More men and women celebrate convenienceuse of this tool. Manufacturers thought it through, made a convenient tube with an applicator. And the patients are happy that Wartner Nailexpert has no color or smell, which means that it will not dirty your socks and give off a specific flavor.wartner nailexpert reviews

Negative feedback from people

Unfortunately, the drug Wartner Nailexpert reviewshas not only flattering, but also disapproving. So, some people write on the forums that this tool did not help them to get rid of the fungus. However, as it turns out later, they used them only 3-4 times, while therapy should be long. After all, apply the drug Wartner Nailexpert until the healthy nail grows. It turns out that those people who supposedly did not fit this medical product, simply do not have endurance.

Also, some people do not like the high cost of the medication. And indeed, the price of this facility is large. But for an excellent result, it's not a sin to pay 500 rubles.

Feedback from specialists

Wartner Nailexpert reviews dermatologistsgets good. So, doctors to many of their patients prescribe this drug, considering it one of the best in the treatment of fungal nail infection. However, as noted by dermatologists, Wartner Nailexpert is sold over-the-counter, which, in their opinion, is wrong. After all, a person, reading information about this drug, can go to the pharmacy and buy it. In this case, the patient will not go to the clinic, which is fundamentally wrong. After all, only an expert will help assess the condition of the human nail plate, determine how seriously the disease has overcome the patient. Running a nail fungus with this tool will not cure. Perhaps a man or woman will need to prescribe some other drugs.

Also, doctors pay attention to the fact that peopleshould address to experts at the first displays of disease: a unpleasant smell, an itch, change of a nail plate, its or her darkening. To delay with treatment it is not necessary, after all if to begin therapy in time, it will be possible to manage one agent Wartner Nailexpert.wartner nailexpert price

Antifungal preparations for nails. Analogues of Wartner Nailexpert

Get rid of onychomycosis (fungal infectionnails) can be using such means as "Mikozan", "Loceril", "Nizoral", "Batrafen". The drug "Mikozan" is sold in pharmacies at a price of 850-1000 rubles. The agent "Loceril" is even more expensive - 1500-2300 rubles per tube. The cream "Nizoral" costs about 500 rubles. A drug "Batrafen" can be purchased for 400 rubles. The Wartner Nailexpert product is even cheaper than most popular and effective medicines against fungal nail infection. Therefore, this drug is not as expensive as it seems to many people.


Now you know everything about WartnerNailexpert. Instructions for use, price, analogs, special instructions are now known to you. We also found out that patients and doctors are thinking about this drug. Also have understood, that if to follow the instruction and to have though a little patience it is possible to get rid of a fungoid defeat of fingernails or nails for ever. And this will help the effective and, as it turned out, inexpensive (in comparison with analogues) tool Wartner Nailexpert.

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