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There is such a wonderful singer - Anna Sedakova. Her biography is worth attention, as the way to the top of glory was simply impetuous. Anna has repeatedly hit the lists of the sexiest stars.Anna Sedakova biographyShe took place as a singer, actress and TV presenter. Favorite viewers Anna Sedakova (biography, height, the weight of which interest many) was one of the brightest members of the group "VIA Gra". Her beauty and talent are obvious.


Anya was born in Ukraine, in Kiev (in 1982, December 16). Before the birth of their daughter, Ani's parents lived in Omsk, then moved to Kiev. Anna Sedakova spent her childhood without a father. Her biography contains the fact that he left the family when the girl was five years old. Anna's mom is an intelligent, educated woman, an English teacher. She had to raise her daughter alone, they were not rich, so the girl began earning jobs from an early age as soon as the slightest opportunity presented itself.

With hard work, Anna Sedakova achieved her goal.Her biography took shape in such a way that at the age of six the girl knew that she would be an actress. It was at this age that she entered the folk ensemble of Ukraine "Svitanok", which toured around the world. Mom, looking at the stubborn daughter, said that Siberian genes live in Ana, which means that she will achieve everything she wants.

In addition to dancing, the girl studied at the music school, graduated with honors in piano. As soon as she had enough strength, she finished secondary school with a gold medal. Anya's diligence can only be envied by “white” envy.

Anna Sedakova: biography, growth and early career

The beginning of a career was laid at the age of sixteen, at this age a beautiful and adventurous girl got a job as a party leader in nightclubs. Thanks to her natural talent she was able to express herself not only as a leader, but also as a director-director of these parties. So she didn’t immediately reveal herself as a singer Anna Sedakova. The biography of that time is evidence that at first it was rated as a capable organizer and artistic presenter.singer Anna Sedakova biography

Inspired though small, but by success, Anya passed her exams at Kiev National University of Culture and Art, her future specialty was called the announcer of TV and radio.Studying in the third year, the student decided to become a TV presenter. The girl, as before, had time everywhere: in the afternoon she studied at the university, and in the evenings and nights she led parties in clubs. She had enough energy for everything.

In order not to miss the slightest opportunity to get on the big screen, Anna attended all sorts of shooting in the studio "1 +1". She started as a spectator in the eighth row, then gradually moved her to the first row, so a very young beauty fit into the overall picture. She was noticed, they began to be invited to act in different episodes. Then the matter came more seriously, Anna was offered to work on the music channel TV presenter. In just one year, she was able to overcome the distance from the extras on live broadcasts to the position of presenter. It was a great start to your career.

The dream of life - "VIA Gra"

Tireless Anna Sedakova! Her biography makes a sharp turn - the girl comes to the casting of the group “VIA Gra”. Getting to this team was for Anna the dream of life. It was clear that participation in the most popular group would be the next step to the top of glory. Standing out among the many contenders, Anya was among the top five favorites.The success seemed so close, the girl was appreciated, but they didn’t take the group because she looked too young like a teenager.Anna Sedakova biography growth

Fate gave her a second chance! Sedakova graduated from the university, received a diploma with honors, managed to work on the "New Channel" in the program "Rise!" Along with Max Nelipa. At this time, the producers of the project "VIA Gra" decided that the girl is ready to become a member of the sexy trio. In early 2002, Nadezhda Meikher leaves the group on maternity leave, Anna takes her place. Finally, she is rewarded for all her labors! For two years, the beauty "bathed" in the glory. But then the choice made in favor of the family has already become a celebrity Anna Sedakova. Biography, personal life, work in a group - everything changed after such a choice of the singer.

Solo career, success in the role of presenter and actress

After a break in creative activity, Anna Sedakova reappeared on the scene under a pseudonym - Annabel. Now she was waiting for a solo career, life was again filled with performances, photo shoots, fans ... Sedakova works as a TV presenter, gives concerts, shoots videos, records albums and takes part in a TV show.In short, life is in full swing, Anna has risen one more step of her popularity. She is in demand both in Ukraine and in Russia, her career is rapidly flying forward.

The profession of a TV presenter really liked Anna, she easily passes castings and moves up the career ladder. Together with Tair Mamedov leads the entertainment project "King of the Ring-2", participates in the Ukrainian TV show "TV star-superstar" together with Andrei Malakhov.Anna Sedakova biography children

Anna Sedakova's film career also does not stand still. The debut film was Cinderella 2002 release. In 2006, Sedakova starred in the film “Relatives,” two more years later, in the TV series “Gravitational Force”, and this is not the whole list of her film works.

Family happiness singer

As a wife, such a bright personality, as Anna Sedakova, did not last long. The biography (the husband of both the first and second occupy little space in it) continued outside the scene. As mentioned earlier, Sedakova left the group “VIA Gra” at the peak of fame because of the football player Belkevich Valentin. Literally a month after leaving the project, the singer in love married her chosen one, who did not want to share it with the stage.Already in December of the same year, Sedakova gave birth to a daughter, Alina. But the happiness did not last long, in early 2008, the marriage broke up, and Anna again plunged into creativity.

Bright beauty Sedakova was not alone for a long time, Maxim Chernyavsky, manager of races from Los Angeles, tried to win the heart of the singer, he succeeded. In 2011, in America, a loving couple played a wedding, but again Anne was not able to be long in the role of wife. The singer’s second marriage lasted only two years, during which time she gave birth to her daughter Monica.

Anna Sedakova: biography, children

Alina and Monika live with their mother. There were fears that after the divorce, Cherniavsky would take the daughter for himself, but the former spouses managed to find a common language in resolving this issue. Maxim can visit his daughter at any time.Anna Sedakova biography growth weight

Anna Sedakova managed to combine active creative activity with the role of mother. After Monica’s birth, she had to hire a nanny, but every spare minute Anna hurries to her daughters. During the tour she is calm for the children, the nanny truly loves and cares for them, like a mother. Alina loves her younger sister and tries in every way to pamper her. Monica is very similar to her dad, so he simply must be a good father for her.

Interesting facts about the life of Anna Sedakova

A lot of curious things happen in the life of every pop star, here are some interesting facts from Annabel's life.Anna Sedakova biography personal life

1. In 2008, the singer was recognized as the sexiest TV host of Russia and the most stylish TV host of Ukraine.

2. In 2010, wrote the book "The Art of seduction."

3. Being in the fourth month of pregnancy was shot for the men's magazine "Maxim".

4. Having received a fee for shooting in the film “Moscow. Ru, Anna Sedakova gave it all to charity.

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