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Biography of Anastasia Stotskaya

Anastasia Stotskaya, a native from Kiev, was born on October 7, 1982, in the family of a textile artist and resuscitator. At the age of four years, the mother gave the girl to a music school and vocal and choreographic ensemble "Kiyanochka".
Pop singer Anastasia StotskayaPop singer Anastasia Stotskaya

Childhood Anastasia Stotskoy

In her native Kiev, Anastasia Stotskaya lived 10 years, in 1992 the whole family (father, mother and mother mate brother, actor, Pavel Maikov) moved to Moscow. In the Russian capital, Nastya started studying at the school at the Moon Theater, where her mother brought her when she saw an ad in the newspaper.
Almost immediately, the young singer was given a role in the children's play "Fanta - Infanta". There Nastya played five roles at once: fairies, gypsy, hussar, ballerina and black star. The performance was a great success, with this production the girl went on her first tour in Russia, countries of near and far abroad.
Anastasia Stotskaya in childhoodAnastasia Stotskaya in childhood
The Metropolitan Theater of the Moon has become for Anastasia Stotskaya a serious school of acting. There she played on the same stage with such eminent artists as: Evgeny Stychkin and Chulpan Khamatova, and in parallel acted together with the participants of the State Academic Russian Folk Choir. Pyatnitsky. After such training, the question of choosing a profession was no longer there - Stotskaya was ready for serious roles.
In 1998, at sixteen, Nastya graduated from school and entered the acting department of the Russian Academy of Theater Arts. In the first year Nastya dyed her blond hair red and began the countdown of her acting life.

Early career Anastasia Stotskaya

2002 was a stellar year for Nastya. She passed the casting at once in three musicals: Notre-Dame de Paris at the Operetta Theater, “Lips” by Alexander Zhurbin at the Theater of the Moon and “Chicago” at the Variety Theater.
Anastasia Stotskaya brilliantly copes with roles in musicalsAnastasia Stotskaya brilliantly copes with roles in musicals
The first work on the professional stage was the role of Fleur de Lis staged by Notre Dame de Paris. Produced musical Katerina von Gechmen-Waldeck, who is one of the first creators of musicals on the Russian stage.
The role that made Anastasia Stotskaya popular in Moscow was played in Alexander Zhurbin’s “Lips” musical based on Nabokov’s novel Camera Obscura. During this work, the girl was still in her third year at RATA.
Anastasia Stotskaya and Philip KirkorovAnastasia Stotskaya and Philip Kirkorov
At the premiere performance of the musical Nastya Stotsky, the pop-king of the Russian stage, Phillip Kirkorov, noticed that he immediately realized that there was a brilliant dancer and singer in front of him. At this time, Kirkorov recruited actors for the musical "Chicago", Stotskaya was ideally suited for the role of Roxy Hart. The show was prepared by American professionals, Nastya rehearsed with the masters of stage productions who worked with Bob Voss. After the premiere of "Chicago", many called Stotskaya the best actress of the musical in Russia. Newspapers and magazines vividly praised the young actress.
Anastasia as Roxy HartAnastasia as Roxy Hart
“Despite the fact that Anastasia Stotskaya was the youngest Roxy Hart, she became, in my opinion, the best performer of this role in the world,” Katerina von Gechmen-Waldeck told about Stotskaya. - Nastya is one of the few who came to the scene by chance. In Americans, this is called star quality: when a young artist enters the room and it becomes immediately clear that a change in the temperature regime has arrived with this person.Nastya is exactly like that, and I have no doubt about her success. ”
In 2003, Nastya finishes RATI with a degree in Theater and Film Actress. Thesis for her was participation in the play "Chicago".

Star Trek Anastasia Stotskoy

In 2002, Anastasia Stotskaya under the strict guidance of Philip Kirkorov recorded the first songs for a solo album, many songs from which became unconditional hits.
Bright image of Anastasia StotskayaBright image of Anastasia Stotskaya
In August 2003, Nastya became the winner of the “New Wave” competition in Jurmala. She performed the jazz composition “Can't Take My Eyes”, the children's song “Orange Sky” and the dramatic song “The River Vienna”, having bribed the audience with her strong voice and ability to stay on stage. Listeners for a long time did not want to let go of the singer. Jurmala has not listened to such applause for many years. Speech at the "New Wave" was a turning point in the biography of Stotskaya.
After the international competition, the first video was filmed for the already beloved song “Vienna River”. The video was filmed in an old abandoned mansion "Dacha Polovtseva" on Kamenny Island of St. Petersburg.
Anastasia Stotskaya "Vienna River"
From autumn 2003 to December 2004, Anastasia Stotskaya gave about 300 concerts in Russia and abroad.In between the performances, the singer releases two singles, which become sales leaders in the Russian market, and also participates in photo shoots for fashion publications such as Vogue, Cosmopolitan and Officiel.
Anastasia Stotskaya for Playboy magazineAnastasia Stotskaya for Playboy magazine
At the beginning of 2004, Nastya presented a new song for the court of public entitled “Give me 5 minutes”, and immediately started shooting a video with the participation of dancers of the Theater Alla Dukhova.
A little later, in a duet with Philip Kirkorov, she sings the song “And you will say ...”, in the same 2004 in London under the direction of Stephen Bad, the first European hit Tease was recorded.
Anastasia Stotskaya - Give me 5 minutes
In 2005, with the song Shadows dance all around me, Nastya is going to the Eurovision-2005 qualifying round. However, in the Russian finals of the prestigious song contest, Stotskaya took only third place.

Conflict with Philip Kirkorov

In early 2007, there was a conflict between celebrities. The media appeared personal pictures of the singer, which she would prefer not to show to the public. Kirkorov reported the incident to the family Stotskoy. Nastya did not like the producer’s interference in her personal life; for a while she stopped talking to the pop king.The pair reconciled after almost two years.
Anastasia Stotskaya - The Price of Success

New round in Stotsky's creative career

Since 2008, Nastya has begun working on a musical project called “I Make a Look” in an unusual style for myself - it combines pop soul, jazz and funk with bright instrumental vocals.
On the eve of the new year 2009, Nastya is filmed in the clip by Philip Kirkorov for the song “Just Give Me” from the tape “Love in the big city”, and in the second part of the film Nastya already plays one of the main roles.
Alone with everyone. Anastasia Stotskaya
In 2009, Stotskaya played in the Russian interpretation of the American musical "Cabaret". At the pre-premiere performance in Moscow, the audience was standing up for the Russian Liza Minelli.

Anastasia Stotskaya in film and television projects

An actress by training, in 2012, Anastasia Stotskaya made her film debut. The first was the work in the musical film "Crazy Day or the Marriage of Figaro", in which she played the Figaro bride - Suzanne. In March 2013, Anastasia Stotskaya surprised her fans by taking part in the one-on-one reincarnation show, posing as Elena Vaengi, Britney Spears, Anna German, Valeria, Philip Kirkorov, Svyatoslav Vakarchuk.In 2014, Stotskaya again appeared on stage in the golden composition of the musical Chicago, which was revived by Philip Kirkorov.
One to one! Anastasia Stotskaya. Philip Kirkorov

Anastasia Stotskaya's personal life

Anastasia Stotskaya's personal life is not as rich as it is creative. In 2003, the girl secretly married in one of Kostroma's temples with actor Alexei Sekirin, who is known to the public for her role in the famous sitcom “Happy Together”. However, the family broke up after 5 years.

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