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the same ordinary people, but their biography interests a lot of people, because their lives are richer. Alisa Saltykova, daughter of the famous Russian pop singers of the eighties and nineties, Irina and Viktor Saltykov, now lives outside of Russia, is building her musical career. About this girl I want to tell in today's article.

Childhood history

Alice Saltykova was lucky to be born to famous parents. Her first years of life were cloudless in comparison with other children, her parents were not denied anything. But this happy time did not last long, until mom and dad decided to leave.

The very fact of divorce did not scare the girl, she did not consider herself abandoned and offended, confused by another. She was very worried about the fact that her parents did not begin to quietly disperse, but carried all the rubbish out of the hut to a common vision. So, Irina participated in various talk shows, where she accused her husband of constant drunkenness, assault and betrayal, but Victor, in turn, said that without him Irina would not have become a star.All the discord between parents did not in the best way affect the weak psyche of the girl, she cried a lot, became more and more locked up.

The second blow for the child was that her beloved dad forgot about her after leaving home. She missed, but he was not looking for a meeting, he did not even pay alimony. Thus, Alice's once happy life turned into suffering.

Alice Saltykova

The decision to leave the country

Alisa Saltykova left Russia at the age of fifteen and went to study in France. She did not plan this move initially, the case decided everything.

Irina and her daughter decided to go on a weekend to go skiing, and at the resort met their family from Paris. The boy spoke Russian well, and Alisa Saltykova became very friendly with him. When the holiday was over, they corresponded for a long time, and once Alice and Irina were invited to stay in Paris. The offer was accepted, and it was in France that little Saltykova felt confident, became happy.

After long negotiations with my mother, it was decided: the training will continue on the Cote d'Azur, where Alisin is learning a French friend.

Alice Saltykova


Alisa Saltykova felt that she would definitely like the new school, but it turned out quite the opposite. The first difficulty she faced was a language barrier.The girl did not speak French, knew English very little, but that was not enough. The inability to communicate affected her studies, she simply did not understand what the teacher was trying to tell her. Also, Alice had no friends at all. The children did not consider her a stranger, did not hurt, they just could not communicate!

Alice also missed her young man, whom she had met for a year before the move, her mother, all her friends. Sometimes the girl wanted to quit everything and return to Russia, but still she passed all the tests. Alice says she has always been stubborn and strong, and it is these qualities that helped her to take root in a foreign country.

After a year of living outside Russia, Saltykova got used to it, began to speak French confidently, which she taught day and night.

alice victoria saltykova

Life in switzerland

Alisa Saltykova had to unlearn a year to complete her studies, but the school in which she had just adapted had gone bankrupt, since a new director had appeared in her. It was decided to finish studies in Switzerland.

Alice says that she really could not get acquainted with the culture and beauty of the new place of residence, since she was completely absorbed in her studies.She lived the same way as all the visiting students, - in the hostel. She did not have any special conditions, since her mother could not provide the luxury of living, all the money was spent on training.

After graduation, she went to London, where she lives to this day.

Alice Saltykova photo

Alice's career

The girl always dreamed of the scene. She is endowed with a peculiar timbre of her voice, and therefore songs performed by her immediately became popular. Alisa Saltykova is also a producer of theater productions and concerts.

Recently, she wrote a song about her mother. It was decided to present the video in Moscow. Alice says that everyone is used to seeing Irina Barbie, whom she has been throughout her career. In the video, the girl decided to show her mother a real simple woman, who she is outside the stage.

Alice's father did not come to the presentation of the video, as no one invited him. However, now the girl has a good relationship with her father, they began to communicate. But Alice’s daughter Saltykova doesn’t cherish her hopes that she has acquired her father again, she says that they are simply in a warm relationship.

Victor's children from the second marriage were able to make friends with his eldest daughter.Alice often communicates with Anya, who also lives in London, the half-sisters walk and talk up a lot.

Altyn Saltyk's daughter

Saltykova Alisa's personal life

The girl is different from her mother drastically. She is a natural blonde, but repainted in a dark color, made a tattoo. Alice does not like dresses and heels, prefers jeans, wide sweaters and comfortable sneakers. The photo of Alice Saltykova is available in this article, and it is clear from them that outwardly the girl is still very similar to Irina - her mother.

In London, the girl has her own house, which she herself has earned. Along with her there lives a beloved dog and a real python. Alice says that she fell in love with snakes from childhood, when a teacher at school brought her python to the classroom so that the children could play with them. She has a big dog, she admits that she can not tolerate small breeds and wants to introduce her snake to her when she is met.

Alisa Saltykova often argues with her mother. Irina insists on marriage of her daughter, wants grandchildren. Alice herself does not want to think about her family. She says she does not consider it necessary to shackle herself with the shackles of marriage, to have children. The girl is completely absorbed in her career, and she wants to achieve the greatest success in her profession.

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