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Muscovite was born on September 23 (Virgin) of 1979. From 10 years old I started listening to rap. Loved performers like 2pac, Nas and Biggie. He dreamed to record a joint track with Nasir Jones. In fifth grade, the biography of Guf (Alexey Dolmatov) begins to change. He was in the company that introduced him to drugs. After this, there is a gradual transformation of an obedient child into a burden for parents.

Alexey Dolmatov

Start rap career

In the early 2000s, Roma's friend appears in the biography of Alexei Dolmatov. Together they create the Rolexx group (short for Roma and Lech). Even when Aleksey left the group and began solo work, he used the name of the group as his nickname until 2005.

The first track Alexei was released when he was 19 years old, the song had the name "Wall of China".

Since 2002, Alexey Dolmatov began to write songs more often and worked on his first album.In the same year begins cooperation with Slim. Their first joint track received the name "Wedding".

Group "Center"

Aleksey wanted to continue rap, but he understood that he needed help. Together with the rapper Principle in 2004, Alexey creates the group "Center". The guys release the first album "Gift." At that time, the guys did not think about sales, so they released the album in small editions - only 13 discs, which were subsequently presented to friends on the New Year.

At the time of 2006, Guf has established himself in the rap community as an addict with experience, who clearly traced a particular storytelling style. Next in the biography of Alexei Dolmatov meets rapper Basta. They record the track “My Game” and accompany the work with a clip. Then there is work with Smoky Mo on the “Traffic” track, which was also accompanied by a clip.

By 2007, the "Center" consisted of three MCs - Guf, Slim and Ptah. The Principle long before that had problems with the law, and he dropped out of rap. In April of the same year, the Center group will present the album City of Roads. Guf starts a concert activity. In October, “Center” in a new composition will release the second album “Swing”.

Two years later, Guf, in one of his interviews, states that he is leaving the “Center” because of disagreements with the other two participants. This does not prevent him from doing solo works, Guf, inspired by his place of residence - “Zamoskvorechye” - creates the label ZM Nation and in December releases the album “Doma”.

In the period from 2009 to 2014 the following solo albums of Alexey Dolmatov are released: “Houses” (2009) and “Himself and ...” (2013). As well as joint releases with Basta "Basta / Gough" (2010) and with Rigos "420" (2014).

After leaving the “Center”, Guf puts the “One Hundred Lines” video online, where he indirectly mentions Sliema and Ptaha in a negative way. These lines can be interpreted as the fact that former colleagues were pretty tired of Guf during the time of cooperation.

Slim and Ptah in response, shoot a parody clip on the most popular song of Guf Ice Baby, where they ridicule his behavior. Despite the departure of Guf, the “Center” continues to work and the guys release an album.

Lesha Dolmatov

Group reunion

The year 2014 becomes significant both for the fans of the “Center” and for the biography of Alexey Dolmatov. First, the song "Caspian cargo", which appeared Guf and Slim. Then the photo in the "Instagram" account Ptahi, which is the very same trio.The end point, when everyone understood about the reunification of the group, was the joint track Ptahi and Gouf “On Nizam”.

Later, the group announced the start of concerts and performed in full on Channel One. The group members recognized and forgave each other the past mistakes, and also realized that they had done something stupid when they broke up the team.

During the concerts, Alexey Dolmatov (Guf) understands that he stepped on the same rake as he once did. He can't get along on the same team with Ptah. The group informs fans about the end of the concerts. Also, group members note that the album "System" will be the last joint creation.

Despite the fact that Alexey Dolmatov (Guf) could not get along with Ptaha, with Slim they had good relations and mutual understanding. They even release two albums GuSli and GuSli II as a duet.

Guf Ptaha

Battle vs Ptahi

Ptah, who remained aside in October 2017, uploads a three-minute video to the Internet, in which he calls Gouf on a Versus battle.

Gough harshly answered by live broadcast in the "Instagram" account. In the broadcast, in addition to Ptahi, the embittered rapper also touched Pharaoh, T-Fest, Scriptonite and Bastu. The main idea was that he accepts an invitation to the battle.True, provided that he will be paid 2 million rubles.

The organizer and creator of Versus on the stream blogger Lech Med confirmed the information that the battle will take place. He also noted that 1 million will be allocated for Ptahi, and 2 million for Guf.

February 18, 2018 that long-awaited battle comes out. By decision of the judges, Guf won with a score of 3-0.

Nickname Rights

In 2007, the first offer to sign a contract appeared in the biography of Alexey Dolmatov. In those days, Guf led a wild lifestyle, any penny was important to him, and he did not read the terms of the contract. It so happened that by signing the contract, he transferred his name with all the rights for 10 years. For this, he received $ 5,000 and was very happy, because then rap did not bring large fees. Having signed a huge pile of papers, the rapper shook off the sweat from his forehead and rushed to his former life. The realization that he transferred the rights to 10 years came to him later, but it was impossible to return the time back.

After the death of the owner of the company with which Guf signed a contract, all rights were transferred to his wife. Then this company was bought by another person. After that, Gufu for the remaining 9 years came to the court and the accusations that he is an impostor and earns on someone else's name.The organizers of the concerts were in a misunderstanding, because they received calls from the tax and police, they did not fully understand who they were organizing the concert until they met the rapper personally.

The total number of claims amounted to 150 pieces. From each concert the rapper had to pay 150 thousand rubles, if he went for it, he would be bankrupt now. Because of the huge amount of fines, Guf decides to hire lawyers, because it would be cheaper to get out of the situation. In December 2017, the problem was solved, and now Guf is the owner of his name and everything connected with it.

Problems with stuttering

While still a schoolboy, Guf suffered from stuttering and could not answer while standing in front of the class when his teacher called him. Therefore, he took all the tasks in writing. Even when Guf reads a book out loud, he stutters. The rapper has a logoneurosis. As the rapper himself explains, stuttering will appear or not depends on the internal state. When he is nervous, he cannot articulate his first and last name. The musician also notes that if he drinks coffee in the morning, then stuttering is provided for the rest of the day.

Public restraint

Guf is mortally afraid of communication with the public. Concerts for him are money.The main thing - quickly shoot back. When Guf feels the hitch, he runs to the DJ and asks to put on the next track as soon as possible in order to avoid communication with the public. Over the 15 years of his career, Guf never learned how to overcome his fear, his speech looks like a reading of a verse. However, he tries to work on it.

Gough is surprised by young artists who, when they go on stage, conquer the public from the first words and "blow up" the hall with their performance. Guf is already afraid of trying on such a role. He thinks that he will not succeed, or it will look ridiculous at his age. He even finds it absurd to read rap at 37 years old.

Life in china

Moving to China took place in 11 years. Prior to that, Alex lived with his grandmother and was left to himself. Mother after divorce with his father Gufa was engaged in arranging her personal life. Soon there was a stepfather, with whom she spent all the time. Gough thinks the drug connection is due to a lot of free time and bad company.

Alexey's family went on a business trip to China for 5 years. In order not to waste time in vain, Guf enters the Chinese Institute of Foreign Languages.The rapper started selling drugs and was respected by acquaintances. In the queue for the purchase to him were representatives of different countries - the Italians, Germans and Koreans.

Having learned that Alexei is engaged in the distribution of drugs, the Russian embassy promptly sends Guf back to Russia. Leaving all his belongings, which he amassed in seven years, the Guf is sent by baggage charter to his homeland. It is not known what would have happened to a young rapper if the Chinese authorities had caught him, because in China the death penalty for drug trafficking is envisaged. True, only for Chinese citizens, most likely, Gufa would also be sent home. Only in this case a Russian court would be waiting for him.

Guf shoots the clip

First drugs

During his school years, Guf had an Armenian friend, who at that time already had acquaintances with his elders. Once this friend suggested to Alexey to smoke marijuana. It was 12 years old, Guf, without thinking twice, agreed, because he had previously watched peers who had long been on this topic, and wanted to try it himself. For the first time, Guf did not feel the effects of the drug.

The first encounter with hard drugs happened at the age of 17.At that time, Gufu’s permanent residence was China, to Russia he came to his grandmother once a few years to stay for a month. And in the next such vacation Gough notices that many young people smell heroin. And Alex, too, decided to try. Alexey sniffed heroin the day before he left for China.

About the sad experience with drugs

In the fall of 2016, the single “About Summer” was released, in which the rapper reads that he was again out of the level of life. Speaks about what planned productive life. But because of the creative impasse, after 4 years of abstinence, he returned to drugs. I decided to try it once, but in the end it turned out that Guf did not remember how it was half a year. And in August, he himself felt that a little bit more and his life would end in death. It all ended with the fact that he was sent to rehabilitation, where he was injected with sedatives so that the body would recover and no longer require a new dose.

After that, he returned to Moscow, but again he could not restrain himself. Guf understood that this was no longer possible and was already returning to rehabilitation with a serious spirit, which lasted for a month and a half. This is not the first time, the rapper was close to death from an overdose in 2012.

Gough at a concert


Presidential amnesty helped the rapper not to stay in Butyrka.After serving seven months, he goes free - he was released under a presidential amnesty.

Gufu had a suspended sentence for possession of marijuana, it lasted 1 year. Literally five days before the end of the suspended sentence, Guf passed the session and decided to mark it in a familiar way. I bought a glass of marijuana and went to the station to go to the cottage. But while Alexei was studying the schedule of electric trains, a policeman approached him and began to conduct an inspection. In Guf's man purse, he found cigarettes and eye drops. Continuing the search, he found a glass of weed in Guf in his underpants. Guf solves the issue with the investigator in such a way that he was promised a second suspended sentence. And now Alexey is asked to come, ostensibly to take the decision of the court on the second conditional term. But the case was replaced by the investigator, and Guf was sent to Butyrka.

Gough in the hat

The film "Gasometer"

Probably, all fans and listeners of Guf are aware of his role in the film “Gas-holder” (2014). In fact, this is not the first experience of the rapper in the movie. In 2006, he worked on the soundtrack for the movie "HEAT". In 2009, he had the opportunity to duplicate one of the heroes of the animated film "9". Guf also participated as an actor and producer in the film “Yegor Shilov” (2017).

Gough with her son

Personal life

After acquaintance of Guf with Aiza, the biography and private life of Alexey Dolmatov changes for the better. They have been a couple for a long time. In 2008, they got married. With the support of his girlfriend, Guf several times tried to distance himself from drugs. In 2009, the couple born son Sam. Photo Alexei Dolmatov with his son is above in the article.

As Guf admits, he began to cheat on his wife when she was still pregnant. The lady of the heart forgave him this misstep. However, in 2014, the couple divorced.

After Isa, a girl named Anastasia Kiushkina appeared in Alexey Dolmatov's personal life. However, they did not work out, the rapper explains this by saying that the girl was too stupid.

In October 2017, rapper Alexey Dolmatov posted a photo of his son in his Instagram account. Under the photo, the rapper wrote that he was looking for a son and asked fans to tell him if they saw a boy on the streets of the city. The son is not really lost. And such a post is explained by the fact that Isa Anokhin limited communication between Sam and her ex-husband.

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