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Alexey Ivanovich Buldakov is a Russian actor and singer, familiar to the audience primarily from the roles of the comedy genre, especially as General Ivolgin from the series “The Peculiarities of the National ...”, whose apt phrases have long been scattered over quotes. But the talent of the national artist is not limited to comedic roles. For example, since 2011 he has been in the detective series “Forester”.
Russian actor Alexei BuldakovRussian actor Alexei Buldakov

Childhood and adolescence

Alexey was born in the Altai village of Makarovka in a working large family: the actor has two brothers and two sisters. My father worked as a driver at the carpool, his mother was a milkmaid and was engaged in housekeeping. Since childhood, all the younger Buldakovs were accustomed to heavy village work, they were able to care for cattle, work in the garden and in the garden, and maintain order in the house.
My childhood is barefoot. Shoes bought only for school, and went barefoot.
Soon the father bought a house in Pavlodar and brought his family there.In the city, children have much more opportunities to show their abilities. Alexey enrolled in an aircraft modeling club, built gliders and launched into the sky, and dreamed of becoming a pilot in the future. He understood that it was not easy to enter a flight school, so he tried to study well at school and did less hooliganism, was a class leader, was engaged in boxing and wrestling.

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