Alcohol addiction: treatment. How to get rid of alcohol addiction?

Predilection for alcoholic beverages is not just a category of addiction. Experts call this condition a disease that can unnoticeably but deftly tighten into their strong networks. Alcohol dependence is a strong link psychological, emotional and physiological factors that lead to an irresistible craving for alcohol.alcohol addiction

The essence of alcoholism

There are well-established images in human ideology. For example, if you ask a group of people to describe a typical alcoholic, most of the participants will present an untidy dressed and fairly swollen from constant drinking a middle-aged man trying in vain to stand on his feet. It is sad, but in reality a huge percentage of the population suffers from alcohol dependence, and the majority of cases are not even suspected of others.Alcohol dependence can be hidden not only in personalities abandoned by fate, but also in serious businessmen, as well as in chapters of happy families.

Many people have been around for years with this addiction, without even thinking about the trap they have fallen into. At the same time, relatives and friends, as a rule, see no cause for concern. And at this time the patient suffering from alcoholism, begins to increasingly look for a solution to their problems at the bottom of the bottle.

First stage: hidden dependence

The main symptom of the origin of the disease is manifested in the disappearance of the body's defensive reaction to alcohol. Already at this stage it is required to begin the treatment of alcohol dependence. If a healthy person by drinking a large amount of alcohol occurs vomiting reflex, then in this case it is absent. The body no longer tries to reject the poison that comes with alcohol. The patient, in turn, perceives this not as a danger, but as an opportunity to experience the taste of the holiday in full.

At the first stage of alcoholism, craving for alcohol is episodic, manifesting itself in small disruptions.In the intervals between relapses, the patient can lead an absolutely normal life and not drink spirits at all. Such symptoms indicate that a person is formed alcohol dependence. Reviews of doctors about this prove that if time does not recognize the birth of the disease, then in time it will begin to progress.drug and alcohol addiction

Second Stage: Chronic Hangover

At the next stage of development of alcoholism the patient is bothered by some changes: he clearly feels all the consequences of the abolition of drinking alcohol. The second stage may well become an alarming bell, as it is pronounced and has a cyclical nature. However, unfortunately, most often the patient continues to deny everything.

After a binge, he feels an overwhelming desire to stop the hangover - to seek help again from alcohol. In this drug and alcohol addiction have several similarities. In the first case, with the abolition of the consumed substance, the patient feels breaking, and in the second, the hangover syndrome. Thus, a vicious circle of alcoholism is formed, pushing a person to constantly recurring actions.

By this time, the disease is already beginning to become chronic. If at the first stage, the craving for alcohol is manifested by sharp breaks, then at the second stage it turns into long binges, from which relatives and friends are trying to pull the person out.

Third stage: destructive action

At the last stage of the development of the disease, alcohol dependence is formed, leading to degradation. A person ceases to see any reasons for the abolition of the use of alcohol. He is not just ready to be in a binge day and night - it becomes the meaning of his existence. In other words, there is a complete destruction of the so-called alcohol tolerance.

Here we can already talk about the destruction of a large percentage of brain cells and, as a result, a decrease in its functions. Binges begin to be permanent and continuous, ending only because of the limit of the capabilities of the human body, just physically not allowing a person to continue to drink. Treatment of alcohol dependence in the third stage requires an integrated approach, but it does not guarantee the full restoration of the functions of the brain and other organs.This is due to the irreversible destructive processes that have occurred in them.alcohol addiction reviews

Alcohol addiction treatment

Eliminating craving for alcohol can take a long time, since it is a complex process that requires the participation of not only medical workers, but also the patient himself. As a rule, people suffering from alcoholism completely deny the fact of their addiction and categorically refuse treatment.

On the question of how to get rid of alcohol addiction, you can find hundreds of answers. In total, all treatments are grouped into two main methods:

  • Psychological;
  • Physical.

The first option is the impact on the human mind, the purpose of which is to cause the patient to understand the situation and aversion to alcohol. These methods include coding and hypnosis. As for the physical methods of treating alcoholism, they are based on the use of medicines and other therapeutic agents.alcohol addiction treatment


One of the most common methods of treatment of alcohol craving is coding. It helps to get rid of alcohol addiction in this way: the patient is injected with a special drug intravenously, which helps develop certain reflexes.At the sight, smell or use of alcohol, a person begins to feel nausea and dizziness, reinforced by a strong fear of death. This effect is achieved by trial use of a certain amount of alcohol under the supervision of a physician. The reaction of the body, caused by the presence of a special drug in it, scares the patient and forces him to refuse the subsequent methods of strong drinks.

It should be noted that the coding of alcohol dependence is carried out only with the consent of the patient. To successfully obtain a therapeutic effect, a clear understanding by the patient of the problem and his willingness to solve it is necessary.

Medications for the treatment of alcoholism

Some people unknowingly confuse conventional hangover cures with remedies designed to combat addiction. The scheme of action on the body of these drugs is completely different: in the first case, symptomatic therapy occurs, and in the second - aversive. This means that the remedies for a hangover only help temporarily improve the health of the patient. Actually, drugs for alcohol addiction contribute to the development of a disulfiram-ethanol reaction, which disrupts the breakdown of alcohol molecules and this causes intoxication of the body.At the same time, a feeling of fear, an overwhelming desire to drink, comes to the drinker.

The most common in medical practice are the following drugs:

  • "Esperal" - a remedy for alcoholism, produced in the form of tablets. The reverse effect of the drug is due to disulfiram.
  • "Kolme" - drops from alcohol dependence on the basis of cyanamide. They are less aggressive than the previous tool, although they are very similar in their action.
  • Tetlong-250 is the strongest disulfiram drug. It is produced in the form of a solution for intramuscular injection.

drugs for alcohol addiction


Treatment of alcoholism with the help of hypnosis, or coding according to the Dovzhenko method, makes it possible to get rid of the disease by completing a course of special procedures. During the sessions of therapy, the doctor acts on the patient's psyche, instilling in him an understanding of the danger of the addiction. In this case, the Dovzhenko treatment does not include disulfiram-based drugs for alcohol dependence. In a state of hypnosis, the patient is susceptible to the suggestion that alcohol is something terrible and strictly forbidden. As a result, the patient begins and in fact feels disgusted with alcohol.

To successfully complete therapy, a full course of complex treatment is required, consisting of a certain number of hypnotic sessions, as well as group sessions and individual to get rid of alcohol addiction


This technique also applies to methods for treating cravings for alcohol. The elimination of addiction occurs by inserting needles at specific points on the body. The method is convenient in that it allows the treatment of alcohol dependence at home. Of course, this is possible only if the specialist agrees to leave.

As for the procedure itself, it allows you to adjust the psyche of the patient, thereby giving a significant therapeutic effect. The needles are inserted under the skin in such a way as to neutralize the effect of the points provoking the desire for alcohol. The location of the areas that should be exposed to each person can be individual. Therefore, before starting therapy, a specialist should carefully analyze the clinical picture of the disease. The choice of acupuncture points is influenced by factors such as the duration of the addiction, its stage, recurrence rate, etc.treatment of alcohol dependence at home

Laser treatment

In general, this type of struggle with such a state as alcohol dependence has much in common with the previous method. The only difference is that instead of needles, a laser beam acts on the body. This method is considered more modern and safer, since the selection of points to be subjected to therapy is carried out by a computer program. The desired areas are affected in order to suppress unwanted impulses.

Folk remedies for alcoholism

Despite the rapid development of modern medicine, not everyone will be able to come to a specialized clinic with such a delicate problem as the craving for alcohol. As an alternative, the patient begins to look for information on how to get rid of alcohol addiction without the help of doctors. The easiest way to do this, using folk remedies.

One of those is decoction based on leaves of moss (it is also called “baranets”). The tool has the effect equivalent to medical drugs with aversive action. If the patient takes ½ cup of infusion, and then consumes a small amount of alcohol, a prolonged gag reflex will occur.The recipe for cooking broth is this: 5 g of dry leaves of baranza is poured 100 ml of water and brought to a boil.

Successful treatment of alcohol dependence at home can be carried out using infusions of lovage. Dry plant mixed with bay leaf, melissa or yarrow. On the basis of the collection collected, an alcoholic infusion is prepared For aversive therapy, it is enough for patients to drink ½ cup of the medicine. Moreover, in addition to consume alcohol for the development of gag reflex is no longer required, as it is part of the infusion.

Successful treatment of craving for alcohol is possible only if there is such a desire in the drinker. If a person suffering from alcoholism is aware of the seriousness of the situation, then he has every chance of getting out of the swamps that are dragging him down.

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