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Airbus A320 is a representative of narrow-body air vehicles for medium-haul flights. It was created by Airbus S.A.S. The Airbus A320 (photo below) differs from other aircraft of a similar design with a more spacious passenger cabin, wide shelves for hand luggage, high carrying capacity of the lower deck and convenient hatches for luggage.

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Short story

The Airbus A320 was developed in the mid-1980s. At that time, it could easily be called innovative. For example, he became the first non-military aircraft equipped with Fly-By-Wire (electronic remote control system). Previously, this technology was used only on fighters. Ordinary steering wheels were replaced with side control knobs, and dial gauges were abandoned in favor of displays. Also computers came to the place of the flight engineer, which provided the calculation of all the necessary flight parameters and monitored the work of the crew.The weight of the aircraft was first facilitated by the use of composite materials. "Airbus A320" made its first flight in 1987, from March 1988 began its commercial operation. This plane at that time was not equal. He went far ahead of his main competitors, Boeing, while he could boast a lower price by reducing the cost of the fuselage skin.

Until the beginning of February 2008, the aircraft could only be assembled in the city of Toulouse (France), but since March 2008, due to increased demand, work was also carried out at the Hamburg plant Finkenwerder. Moreover, a line for the assembly of A320 liners in China was later opened. According to the data for 2011, the estimated performance was 4 aero machines per month.

Airbus A320

Since the release of the first prototype, nearly 30 years have passed. During this time, the aircraft has been repeatedly upgraded. The most recent modification, the Airbus A320 NEO, is distinguished by improved wings and an engine.

Specifications aircraft "Airbus A320"

  • Best places: 10th or 11th row (depending on configuration).
  • Crew - 2 people.
  • The length is 35.57 meters.
  • Wingspan - 34.1 meters.
  • The diameter of the fuselage - 3.95 meters.
  • The maximum allowable take-off weight is 780 centners.
  • Cruising speed - 910 km / h (840 km / h).
  • The noise level at take-off is 82 decibels.
  • The maximum possible flight altitude is up to 11.8 meters.
  • Flight range - up to 6.15 kilometers.
  • Passenger capacity depends on the configuration and ranges from 150 to 180 people.

A320 family of aircraft

A318 - the smallest of the representatives of the line. Basic configuration A318 is designed to carry 107 passengers in the salons of two classes. In the one-class variation model capacity is 132 passengers. He made his first flight in July 2003. This aircraft can fly to a distance of 5950 km. Also, the A318 can be used at airports with shorter runways than airplanes of similar dimensions and capacity. It is suitable for use at airports located within the city.

 Airbus A320 best places

A319 - A modified version of the A320 with a shorter fuselage. This was achieved by reducing the number of seats for passengers in two rows. Its dimensions allow to overcome the distance to 6850 kilometers. This is the longest flight range among the entire A320 family. Designed to carry 124 passengers. The permissible range is about 6650 kilometers, a version with a capacity increased by 32 seats, but with a shorter maximum flight distance.

A319CJ - business planes with a very small capacity, but a much longer range.

A319LR - modification of the "Airbus A319" with additional fuel tanks and the ability to fly a distance of 8.3 kilometers.

The A319ACJ (another name is Airbus Corporate Jet) is a corporate aircraft that can carry 39 passengers with a flight range of up to 12,000 kilometers.

 Airbus A320 photo

The A320 is a twin-engine airliner with a central aisle in the passenger cabin. It features four passenger entrances and four emergency exits. The Airbus A320 has a maximum capacity of 180 passengers. In the basic two-class performance in the cabin accommodate up to 150 passengers. The average flight distance is 4600 kilometers.

A321 - an extended version of the same "Airbus A320". Capacity - from 185 to 220 passengers. For the first time the plane took off in 1994. Flight range is 5600 kilometers.

New Engine Option

Airbus has long been engaged in the development of new engines, which will be equipped with the "Airbus A320". The scheme of the cabin is presented below. This development was called the New Engine Option, abbreviated as NEO. Customers are offered a choice of Pratt & Whitney PW1000G and CFM International LEAP-X engines. They are almost 16 percent more economical, although the total savings will be slightly lower, as approximately 2 percent of the money saved will be spent on reinstalling the engines on existing models.New devices will provide greater flight range (approximately 950 kilometers) and carrying capacity (as much as two tons). The A320 NEO is also equipped with updated wings with end washers, which are called shark fins.

Airbus A320 cabin layout

Pratt & Whitney’s PW1000G

Airbus's chief executive officer said that when installing Pratt & Whitney’s PW1000G series engines, it is possible to guarantee a reduction in operating costs by 15-20 percent. The first aircraft of this type will be delivered in 2016. In total, Airbus plans to launch 4000 A320 NEO class aircraft in the next 15 years. One of the largest customers was the American air transport company Virgin America, which issued all the documents and paid for the order immediately for 30 brand new Airbus. In total, under the contract to deliver 60 aircraft. Airline IndiGo is also interested in new engines and has signed a contract to supply about 150 aircraft A320 NEO.


The main rival in the aircraft market for the A320 family are Boeing aircraft. For example, the Boeing 757 is a competitor to the Airbus A321, as it has a greater range and greater passenger capacity. Fortunately for Airbus S.A.S., this model of aircraft was discontinued in 2005.Although the Airbus A320, passenger reviews of which have always been very good, has long been the most popular aircraft, the development of modern technologies forces developers to improve the aircraft again and again. In addition, the appearance of Next Generation aircraft on the market pushed the entire A320 family, which prompted Airbus to launch the A320 NEO class aircraft.

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