Actress Valeria Zaklunnaya: biography, cause of death and interesting facts

"In the sky," night witches "," Earthly Love "," Destiny "," Siberian "... What do these films have in common? They starred Valeria Zaklunnaya - a beautiful and talented actress. Behind her shoulders are dozens of roles that brought popularity and recognition of the audience. The actress died at the age of 74 years. Today we will tell you about her life and work. You will also find out the cause of death of Valeria Zaklunnavaleriya


She was born at the height of the Great Patriotic War - in 1942 in Stalingrad. It is not known how her fate would have happened if, shortly after Valery Zaklunnaya’s birth, she and her family were not evacuated to Engels. After the war, they moved to Kiev. It is interesting to know, and what was Valeria as a child? What was your hobby? What are your plans for future life? First things first.

In childhood, she was friends only with boys.She was not attracted to the girls-mother-in-girl games. But at the same time, Valeria had no problems with behavior. She was good at school. Her interests were diverse: books, theater, home economics, gymnastics. She really liked to play by roles. She even played in performances, but did not seriously think about working in the theater. Valeria believed that only the most outstanding and talented individuals could work here. She did not consider herself as such. What did you want to be the back of the game? She dreamed of becoming a pilot or engineer.

After school, Valeria entered the college of water transport. Having finished it, she got a job in a design department. She liked her job very much, but two years later, fate took an unexpected turn. The girl decided to enter the acting department and went to Moscow. At the age of 24, Valeria Zaklunnaya brilliantly graduated from the Moscow Art Theater School. Today it is even difficult to imagine that a huge number of viewers could lose their acquaintance with such a wonderful actress.

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The beginning of a creative way

Years of study in Moscow only strengthened her desire to return to Ukraine. Although Valery Zaklunnaya was invited to the best Moscow theaters, she chose the theater named after Lesya Ukrainka. An important role in the decision was played by the fact that her parents lived in Kiev.In the theater, Valeria has worked for more than fifty years. He was her calling, an outlet.

It will be interesting to many readers to find out, with what role did Zelunny's creative journey begin? In the theater, they staged a performance based on the novel “Going on a Chill” by Alexei Tolstoy. Valerie was entrusted with the role of one of the main characters - Kati. She coped brilliantly with her, deserving the applause of the audience and bouquets of flowers from fans.valeriya biography

Films and roles

The huge popularity brought Valeria Zlununnoy cinema. She created a large number of bright and memorable images. Let's remember some of them.

All-Union fame actress brought a cameo in the film "The meeting place can not be changed." She played here the mistress of the leader of a gang of bandits. With the role of the actress coped really amazing.

She played Valeria in the film about the workers of the rear "Especially important task". In the story, men fight enemies at the front, and women help them in the rear. Valeria Zaklunnaya and Lyudmila Gurchenko showed how strong and resistant an ordinary woman can be during a period of terrible ordeals.

In the films Earthly Love, Fate, the actress played Katya Deryugin.Bright and bold, she became the favorite heroine of many viewers.

The role of Maria Odintsova in the film "Siberian" is one of the most vivid and memorable. The heroine of Valeria Zaklunnoy is doing her best to preserve the riches of the surrounding nature.

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Interesting Facts

  • The actress got her name in honor of the pilots Valeria Khomyakova, who shot down two Nazi planes near Stalingrad.
  • Valeria Zaklunnaya considered the Soviet Union as her birthplace.
  • In school, she attended a drama studio.
  • Valeria from the first attempt entered the theatrical institute.
  • Her film partners were such famous actors as Vladimir Vysotsky, Yevgeny Matveyev, Yuri Yakovlev, Armen Dzhigarkhanyan and others.
  • The famous actor Yevgeny Matveyev, who was considered a great admirer and connoisseur of female beauty, saw Valeria Zaklunnaya for the first time, literally numb with admiration and immediately decided to shoot her in his film Fate.
  • Among the unplayed roles of the actress are Anna Karenina, Vassa Zheleznova, Lyubov Yarovaya.
  • Valeria Zaklunnaya, whose biography became the object of our attention, worked without alternates. She herself learned to climb rocks, drive a car and do many other difficult and dangerous things that each new role required.

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Valeria Zaklunnaya: personal life, children

The talented actress and the beautiful woman had a huge number of admirers. Men went crazy about her - they piled up with bundles of flowers, said compliments. She fascinated with her eyes, voice, figure, temperament. Valeria Zaklunnaya was married three times. She met her first husband in Moscow. They studied together, and in the fourth year they decided to get married, however, they divorced a month later. The fact is that her husband, Harry Yakovlevich Bardin, wanted to live and work in Moscow, while Valeria dreamed of returning to Kiev. Compromise the young family could not find.

Soon Valeria again married the actor Valery Sivach - her partner in the theater. This marriage Zalununaya considered a mistake, as it was too late to realize that they were completely strangers. The third husband, Alexander Mironenko, was far from cinema and theater. He studied political science and philosophy. Valeria Zaklunnaya lived with him until his death. They had a wonderful warm relationship. She treated his daughter Olga as her own, and considered her children her grandchildren. They often met and loved to spend time together.

Did the actress have her own children? Valeria Zaklunna, unfortunately, failed to know the happiness of motherhood.She was always very worried about this and even kept the tags of newborn babies of her acquaintances and girlfriends.valerii zakununnaya personal life children

Valeria Zaklunnaya: the cause of death

On October 22, 2016, one of the most beautiful actresses of the Soviet cinema was gone. The death of Valeria Zaklunnaya was a blow to her relatives and friends, as well as to a large number of fans. What caused the tragedy? There are several versions. According to the first, she had cancer, according to the second, Valeria had a heart attack. Close ones refrained from commenting on this issue.


Valeria Zaklunnaya, whose biography and creativity are covered in our article, was not only a talented actress, she was also an amazing person with tremendous charisma and strong character, a woman able to defend her beliefs and principles. She measured the life of 74 years, but how much was in her - joys and sorrows, love and disappointments, losses and gains! She was a happy woman and a sought-after actress who decorated any film with her presence. It’s good that the vivid images of her heroines were left to the audience by Valeria Zaklunnaya, whose cause of death remained unexplained.

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