Many years ago there was such an experiment. Men needed to evaluate the appearance of a woman. They were divided into two groups. One was to walk along this shaky bridge over the precipice. At the other end was a woman waiting for them. Others did not experience such shocks. In the end summed up the results, which were unexpected.

Strong shock
It turned out that those men who were under stress were more benevolent and highly appreciated the external data of the woman. Others were less friendly and criticized her appearance.
Remember, there was such an anecdote, where a man brought a girl to the forest in winter, forced him to undress, gave a shovel and said to dig? That evening, she accurately remembered forever. In the film “Neighbor”, a young woman invites a teenager to drive a car, then strips him and drives off. For a while he runs behind the car, terrified and confused. Of course, we do not need such rude jokes. If you are planning first meetings, it is not bad if you have the opportunity to choose an active holiday, which includes a small proportion of risk.For example, horseback riding, skating or cycling together, etc. It is better to choose not comedies or melodramas, but films with dynamic action or even horror films. So you will have more chances to open up and share your impressions, and a girl may occasionally cling to your sleeve when the maniac on the screen gut another victim. Calm and predictable dates in cozy coffee shops, where nothing happens, are less suitable. Except when an armed terrorist takes all visitors hostage. Joint experience with a variety of emotions, both positive and negative, excites the mind and brings.
Elimination method of the third
I call it “the Queen was seducing me, but I did not succumb,” since this phrase fully reveals the essence of this little trick. Hint that you, of course, had a huge number of opportunities, but chose him because it is special, the most interesting, etc. That is: “Do you know how many men run after me? Do you remember Victor, the photographer? He called the day before, begged to return to him. And Vasily Petrovich, my teacher ... Yes, sorry for him. But I honestly deserved the top five in physics! ”, Etc.
When you see huge stacks of resume applicants on the table at the personnel department, this also does not always mean that they are your direct competitors. Often this is done in order to create the illusion of a struggle for a position.
Girl in trouble
The method, which is traditionally used by all people, but periodically forget about it or underestimate. We love those whom we have helped in some way, this creates a sense of significance and enhances our self-esteem. To do this, many women have traditionally asked to help move the chair or help to install an antivirus on a computer that they understand much better than you.
A request for advice may also be the beginning of friendships between two people of the same sex or help in moving up the career ladder.
This method involves the use of tactile touches and the pronunciation of pleasant words. In order for you to associate a person with something good, try to touch him imperceptibly when he is in a positive mood. For example, when you are told about some important pleasant event with burning eyes, they share their impressions. Suppose when a girl says: “And then I flew to Malta and was so happyit was the best two weeks of my life! ”touch her elbow lightly and stroke.
"Madonna the prostitute"
All men, without exception, like noble women who have dignity. Well, when modesty and inaccessibility is combined with ... gorgeous sex. Provided that a man is sure that this is possible only with him, that before that you were cold and impregnable, but now he is so interesting that she completely demolished the tower and she is ready for anything.
During the very first sex in any case should not be some kind of constraint, sanctimonious disgust or restraint. Everything should be as if it was your first and last time in your life. After this has happened, behave as modestly and discreetly as possible. Even if you are a woman over forty, it’s best to gossip about something like, “God, this is the first time with me! This is some great delusion! Never was this! So embarrassing ... "
This technique is applicable to both women and men. Recall, at least, a conversation between a provincial woman who came to Moscow and a multimillionaire from the film “Glitter”: “I'll tell you, you're in bed ... it's something ... I had women like cowards. But like you have not met.This pale with perestroika was not. You like me, in spite of all your pens. ”That is, here is the method of elimination of the third, which is not hard to believe, since Klymenko flies on private jets and rests on yachts, so is the recognition that this sex is for his 40 -45 years was the best. Please note that when she is sent as a purchase and entertainment for a spoiled and vulgar entrepreneur, she is dressed and groomed in the style of Grace Kelly and says the learned phrase "You have a beautiful house." That is, it represents innocence, tenderness, status, which she doesn’t have.
It would be better if you apply all the techniques for a short period of time, then the chance to like and be remembered is much higher.

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