Kandiru - a fish that causes horror

Small catfish kandiru - the most fierce fishThe Amazon. This is the only vertebral parasite in the blood of its victim. Despite the small size (in thickness - two or three millimeters), the candyra can swell considerably. The catfish gets caught in the victim's body with its sharp fins, and the only way to remove it is surgery. Kandiru is a fish that the inhabitants of the Amazon coast are afraid of more piranhas. What caused this fear? Let's find out.


Growth catfish clearly failed, as a rule, notoccurs in individuals larger than a match. The body is thin, thin, so the fish is almost transparent. Having become hungry, the kandir begins to search for the victim, and chooses the bigger fish. Even in the opaque, muddy waters of the Amazon, an excellent sense of smell helps to find it. When the Candiru fish feel the characteristic water flow that the victim ejects through the gills during breathing, and catches the smell of ammonia (the product of fish metabolism, partially removed by breathing from their body), it rushes forward.kandiru fish

Attack of the victim

Having found fish, kandiru climbs into the gapdirectly under the gill cover and then firmly attached to the gills of the victim. Doing a catfish is using thorns located on the fins, so much so that you can not get rid of it by any forces, even the most powerful flow of water that passes through the gills does not help.

Now the fish kandiru begins to eat.With knowledge, she bites through the tissues of fish gills a hole, the blood begins to flow from her, which feeds the catfish. This explains one more name for the candida - the "Brazilian vampire". The fish eats fast, the time from the beginning of the meal to the full saturation is from thirty seconds to two minutes. Then kandir is detached from the victim and floats away.

Danger to humans

The dreadful thing happens when a catfish makes a mistake when choosing a host. In the role of the victim may be a person or another mammal, and then the consequences can be the most serious.

The fact is that the smell of water flowing from the gillsfish, kandir can be confused with the smell of urine, which in the water is isolated by mammals and people. In this case, the catfish can mistakenly get into the body of some animal or person. The parasite is able to climb into the vagina or anal opening, and small individuals penetrate even into the penis and move further - up to the bladder.kandiru fish

Defeat of people are very rare, but forthe affected consequences are extremely difficult. In the human body, the candiru eats the surrounding tissues and blood that the victim causes bleeding and severe pain. If you do not provide medical assistance in time, a catfish can lead to death.

Once inside the human body, the kandir (fish) is notcan get out of it independently, because people are atypical for the catfish owners. Often without surgery, the fish can not be extracted from the ureters. This catfish also keeps in fear the natives living along the shores of the Amazon.

Method of Indians

In 1941, in an American magazine onsurgery published an article about the kandir. Fish, according to the authors, can be expelled from the human body due to the use of a miracle drink. It turns out that this method was invented by the Indians. to expel the catfish from the body, they prepared a special composition of the fruit of the deciduous tree jagua, which grows in most tropical regions of America and reaches twenty meters in height. The fruits of jagua are like oranges, they are covered with yellow-brown skin. Of the pulp of these fruits, the Indians were preparing a sour drink, perfectly quenching thirst. According to them, if you give him a drink to a person whose body is hit by a candyra, in a few minutes the parasite will leave its victim.fish candy in Russia

Features of behavior

Concerning what attractscatfish to the genital organs of man, zoologists expressed various assumptions. The most plausible version is that kandiru is a fish that is extremely sensitive to the smell of urine: it happened that she attacked a person just a few seconds after he urinated in the water.

However, the catfish does not always penetrate the victim.Sometimes, after catching prey, he bites the skin with his long teeth and begins to suck blood. From this, the body of the fish swells and swells. After eating, the catfish descends to the bottom.

Treatment and consequences

If the person who was struck by the candyra fish,Do not make an operation in time, he may die. In most cases, surgical intervention is without serious consequences. Residents of the Amazon shores traditionally use folk remedies. In the place of attachment of the catfish they inject the juices of two plants, in particular, the genips. As a result, the kandir perishes, and then decomposes.catfish


So, now you know that the most terriblevertebrate in the tropical rivers of South America - this is a small fish kandiru. In Russia, it does not occur. If a person commits urination in the turbid waters of the Amazon, the catfish feels a characteristic water jet, as well as the smell of ammonia contained in human urine. The fish takes the urethra by the gills and makes a fatal mistake, penetrating into the human body.

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