A couple of tips on how to cook corn in a slow cooker

The appearance of the multicooker in the kitchen pushes many housewives to various culinary experiments. For example, the preparation of what I did not want to do before. Including cooking of corn, which requires careful monitoring. He didn’t understand much, and she was already tough and tasteless. There are a couple of simple ways to cook corn in a slow cooker. Read carefully.how to cook corn in a slow cooker

What is useful dish

Unfortunately, few people know how useful corn is. And in vain. First, it is a source of protein. Therefore, the dish is especially important for those who for some reason do not eat meat. Secondly, corn contains a huge amount of vitamins (A, B, PP). Thirdly, it is a source of potassium, phosphorus and magnesium. Without them, the human body simply can not function normally. Before you cook the corn in a slow cooker, you should immediately remember that the dish is still high-calorie.And that means that those who are on a strict diet do not quite fit.cook corn in a multicooker redmond

What corn is suitable

The most useful are young (dairy) ears, which can be easily and quickly cooked in a slow cooker. It is in dairy corn that contains the greatest amount of nutrients that are stored during cooking. That is why the slow cooker is indispensable for those who watch what they eat. The healthier and healthier the meals, the easier it is to keep track of health and body, despite the calories. Before you cook the corn in a slow cooker, carefully inspect the cobs. The leaves should not be rotten and yellow - this indicates the freshness of the product. Grains should not be bare, otherwise all usefulness will disappear. And, of course, no rot and a bad smell should not be. Corn should smell like greens.how much to cook corn in a slow cooker

Multivarki "Redmond"

Cooking corn in a multicooker of this model is not so difficult. First you need to choose suitable cobs, clean them from greenery and hairs (do not throw them away), rinse thoroughly so that the grains are clean and shiny. Sheets are placed on the bottom of the bowl. Those that are greener and fresher. Then the cobs themselves.If they do not fit entirely, they can be cut into smaller pieces - this will not affect the result. From above you can put more greens to make the corn juicier. "Hair" can also be put - they will give flavor. Before you cook the corn in the Redmond multicooker, decide on the program. The following modes are suitable:

  • soup;
  • cooking;
  • porridge;
  • croup.

Cooking time remains unchanged, regardless of the program - 30 minutes. If the cobs are old, then you can increase another half an hour. Water is poured into the bowl. It should not cover all the corn, half is enough. After cooking the cob, you can salt or grease with butter.cook corn in a Panasonic crock-pot

Multivarki "Panasonic"

These models are usually different "modesty" programs. There are not too many of them, but this does not mean that you can cook less in them than in others. Cooking corn in the Panasonic cooker is not at all difficult. Cobs are prepared: cleaned, washed, greens are not thrown away. Salted water is poured into the bottom of the bowl (one and a half measuring glasses). Cobs are cut, if necessary, placed in a slow cooker. On top you can put basil sprigs or melissa, sheets of corn, her mustache. The cooking mode is suitable "Quenching" and "Buckwheat." Cooking time is 40 minutes.If the cobs are old, then 10-20 minutes more. It is noteworthy that in the "Buckwheat" mode you cannot set the time yourself. Therefore, you can leave on the heated ready-made dish for 10-15 minutes. After the time the cobs are removed, salt and oil are added to taste.how to cook corn in a slow cooker


The most nutritious and juicy corn is obtained if boiled for a couple. In a slow cooker, this is especially easy to do. First of all, make sure that your model is equipped with a special container for this and mode. Before boiling the corn in a multicooker for a couple, cut the cobs far and wide, if you want them to fit in the bowl, and the lid to close freely. Pour one and a half liters of water, you can add salt to taste. When evaporated, it will soak the grain. Turn on Steam or Steam mode, depending on how exactly the program in your model is called. How much to cook the corn in a slow cooker depends on the power of the machine and the amount of water. One and a half liters require about 20-30 minutes of cooking. It is noteworthy that the grains are not digested, but remain crispy, but fully prepared, regardless of the "old age" of the cobs.And, of course, there are a lot of vitamins and beneficial trace elements with this method of cooking. It does not affect the caloric content, since the dish still remains too heavy for those who are on a strict diet.


To get a tasty and juicy dish, it is absolutely necessary to stand at the stove continuously. It is enough to entrust the cooking process to your kitchen assistant. Before boiling corn in a multicooker of any model, make sure that the cobs fit into the bowl freely and do not rest against the walls tightly. Ready grains can be used as a separate dish, and as part of salads, side dishes, ingredients for complex dishes. In addition, you can preserve the product yourself, then use it. In this case, it is better not to drain the water after boiling.

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