9 of the richest athletes in history

3-04-2017, 13:00
Despite impressive fees, not all athletes are able to make a decent fortune, and after the end of their career, their income, as a rule, is sharply reduced or even stopped altogether. And yet, some particularly stellar athletes manage to make money in sports, and convert their popularity into a stable retirement income.
1. Michael Jordan, basketball (completed his career in 2003)

The total earnings of $ 1.7 billion (hereinafter the amount includes salary, bonuses and prize money, as well as revenues from advertising contracts, taking into account inflation - at the end of May 2016).

For 15 seasons in the NBA, the greatest basketball player received a $ 93 million salary, and now Nike pays Jordan more than $ 100 million a year - thanks to the phenomenal success of the brand Jordan ($ 2.8 billion in revenue in 2015).
2. Tiger Woods, golf (favors)

Total earnings of $ 1.65 billion

At the peak of his career, winning tournament after tournament, Woods earned an average of $ 115-120 million a year - on the field and on advertising.Now Tiger plays a little, but still collects an impressive $ 45 million - thanks to the sponsors.
3. Arnold Palmer, golf (completed his career in 2006)

Total earnings of $ 1.35 billion

Palmer played in tournaments for 52 years, but earned only $ 3.6 million in prize money. But numerous advertising contracts and a range of branded products brought him an annual $ 40 million until the end of his life (Palmer died in the fall of 2016).
4. Jack Nicklaus, golf (completed his career in 2005)

Total earnings of $ 1.15 billion

In 1977, Niklaus was the first of golfers to bring the prize money in the professional round to $ 3 million, and since the end of the 60s he has been actively designing golf courses. Nicklaus Design has designed more than 400 sites worldwide.
5. Michael Schumacher, Formula 1 (completed his career in 2012)

Total earnings of $ 1 billion

Schumacher is one of six athletes who has ever led the Forbes annual ranking of the highest paid athletes (in 1999 and 2000). At the beginning of zero its annual income was about $ 80 million.
6. Kobe Bryant, basketball (completed his career in 2016)

Total earnings of $ 770 million

For the past six seasons, Bryant's salary in the Los Angeles Lakers (about $ 30 million per year) has been a record league. Kobi’s advertising revenues could have been higher, but in 2003 a basketball player was accused of rape,and some companies have refused to cooperate with him.
7. Floyd Mayweather Jr., Boxing (completed his career in 2015)

Total earnings of $ 765 million

In 2015, Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao brought $ 600 million in revenue to the organizers, and its winner, Mayweather, received $ 240 million. Floyd is now challenged by MOR's main star, Conor MacGregor, to be very expensive.
8. Phil Mickelson, golf (favors)

Total earnings of $ 760 million

In 2015, Mickelson for the first time ranked Tiger Woods in the annual list of the most earning athletes. He is loved by fans and companies. Among its advertising partners are Barclays, Rolex, Amgen (drugs) and other brands.
9. David Beckham, football (completed his career in 2013)

Total earnings of $ 730 million

After football, Beckham began to earn more. In 2014, thanks to two major deals, he received $ 75 million: he became the face of a new brand of whiskey (Haig Club from Diageo) and agreed with the Global Brands Group to launch a line of branded products.

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