These names first come to mind with the phrase "the old guard of Hollywood." Before you - seven stars who became the founders of modern standards of male beauty and forever imprinted in the hearts of the audience the image of a romantic, courageous and rebellious Men.

These idols remain with usThese idols remain with us

1. Montgomery Clift

Despite his aristocratic origins, in the films, Monty Clift appears to the audience as a blustery and unpredictable person from the working class. He made his film debut in 1948 (the film “Search”), and overnight became an example for young actors of the post-war era, who were seen at Montgomery, one of the first Hollywood followers of the Stanislavsky system, a pioneer of a special type of game, intense inside, but as natural as possible. outside.
 Montgomery Clift was an adherent of the Stanislavsky systemMontgomery Clift was an adherent of the Stanislavsky system
The first tape with his participation brought Clift "Oscar" for the best male role; over the next 13 years, he went on the scene three more times to present the cherished statuette (“Place in the Sun”, “From Now and Ever”, “Nuremberg Process”). In 1966 Montgomery Clift's creative path was interrupted due to a heart attack; he was only 45 years old.

2. Paul Newman

The man who went down in history not only as an inimitable actor and one of the pioneers of Hollywood, but also as an outstanding public figure and peacemaker. In his impressive filmography, which has about 80 roles, there are images that have become recognized classics. This is a tape about the adventures of a young swindler, from which the legs of the vast majority of modern crime comedies grow (“Scam”, 1973), and the cult screen version of the play by Tennessee Williams, where Paul Newman played the role of former athlete Brick Pollit, forming an organic tandem with Elizabeth Taylor , and the iconic western "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid".
Paul Newman was actively involved in charity.Paul Newman was actively involved in charity.
In the 60s, the actor used all his influence to draw public attention to the problem of racial discrimination, for which he even got into President Nixon’s list of personal enemies, and at the dusk of the day he sacrificed most of his Newman’s Own profits to foundations for children with cancer.

3. Clark Gable

Inimitable Clark Gable is the recognized “king of Hollywood”; there is hardly a person who would not enjoy his game in tandem with Vivien Leigh in the unforgettable film "Gone with the Wind."At the turn of the 30s and 40s, the male part of the US population wore mustaches “under Geybla” and massively refused to wear T-shirts, and all because of the fact that in one of the scenes of the film “It Happened One Night,” the actor tore his shirt and showed the audience a naked torso. When, a week after the completion of the filming of The Restless, Clark Gailba’s life was interrupted by a heart attack, American newspapers, without saying a word, published an obituary with the heading “The King Is Dead” - and everyone realized with horror who was being talked about.
Clark Gable called the King of HollywoodClark Gable called the King of Hollywood

4. Marlon Brando

Don Vito Corleone from The Godfather, Stanley Kowalski from Tram's Desire, Johnny from Savage and Sky Masterson from the Guys and Dolls musical ... Marlon Brando's outstanding roles can be continued for a very long time, because almost every one of his 5 dozen The work deserves close attention. Success came to him after the first role in the film "Men", which turned a simple guy into a Hollywood idol. Al Pacino, Robert De Niro and a string of other prominent actors recognized him as their idol.
Marlon Brando fought racial discriminationMarlon Brando fought racial discrimination
Marlon Brando won the Oscar twice (for Tram's Desire and the Godfather), but he refused the second statuette. When at the ceremony, the presenters opened the envelope and pronounced the name of the winner in the nomination “Best Male Role”, the audience looked at each other in confusion: an Indian girl named Lightweight Feather went up on the stage instead of aged, but still holding Brando. She read from the stage a letter from the actor in which he addressed a multi-million audience and said that she could not afford to accept the award because of the discrimination of Indians prevailing in Hollywood.

5. Sean Connery

It is unlikely that anyone will dispute the fact that the canonical James Bond is an impressive 007 agent performed by Scottish Shawn Connery. It all began in 1962 with the release of the first part of the "Bond" tape, called "Doctor No". The success of the film adaptation of the novel by Yana Flemming was so grandiose that the following parts appeared on screens one after the other with only a one-year gap: “From Russia with Love”, “Goldfinger”, “Fireball”, “You Live Only Twice”.
Sean Connery was great in the role of James BondSean Connery was great in the role of James Bond
Despite the phenomenal popularity in the image of James Bond, Sean Connery was not going to remain an actor in one role. By the age of 85, he had nearly a hundred images on his account, and although the last years of his life he moved away from acting, we will remember forever his professor from Indiana Jones, mentor Duncan MacLeod from Highlander and Jim Malon from The Untouchables, thanks to which Connery added to the list of Oscar-winning actors.

6. Gregory Peck

The film career Gregory Peck began with an extremely curious experience - on the set he met Russian actress Tamara Tumanova; together they worked on the film “Days of Glory”, which was enthusiastically accepted in Russia, and in the United States received the stigma of “communist propaganda.” This did not prevent the actor from acting in two dozen outstanding films over the next 10 years. And when in 1953 the premiere of the film “Roman Holiday” took place, he was forever remembered by the public as a journalist Joe Bradley, who arranged for Princess Anne (Audrey Hepburn) an unforgettable day in Rome.
Many remember Gregory Peck in the film "Roman Holiday"Many remember Gregory Peck in the film "Roman Holiday"
In the collection of the actor - a myriad of awards, including 6 Oscars.Especially Gregory Peck was proud of the statuette for his role in the film “To Kill a Mockingbird”, where he appeared before the audience in the image of attorney Attikus Finch, an opponent of racial discrimination.

7. Cary Grant

Cary Grant is an actor who made his name synonymous with the word "gentleman" and turned the costume into an essential attribute of a real man. Even running away from the corncob, he remained needle-clad. In one of the interviews, he shared with fans the so-called “rules of a real gentleman”: always watch your appearance, do not dwell on money, be an honest little, keep a sense of humor and love women.
Cary Grant Style IconCary Grant Style Icon
The popularity of the actor in the second half of the 20th century was largely due to his collaboration with Alfred Hitchcock, who even admitted that he hated working with anyone other than Grant. In his declining years, Carey starred in four films of the director: “Suspicion”, “North through North-West” (the same one with the corn dirger!), “Catch a Thief” and “Evil Glory”. In 1999, Cary Gran won second place in the list of the hundred greatest actors in history made up by the American Institute of Art, giving way to Humphrey Bogart.
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