6 interesting facts about the movie "The Old Robber"

4-02-2018, 21:06
The idea of ​​a film about vigorous pensioners was born to Eldar Ryazanov when he was in the hospital. There the director met an older man who told how colleagues from the prosecutor's office almost forcibly escorted him to retirement. The director told the story to his permanent co-author - screenwriter Emil Braginsky, and soon there was a script about the adventures pensioners Myachikova and Vorobiev.

For the leading roles, without a doubt and samples, Yuri Nikulin and Evgeny Evstigneev. For the role of a “thug” young investigator, director invited Anatoly Kuznetsov. The actor refused, arguing that he already played investigators, but there are no old men yet and therefore I agree only on Myachikov or Vorobiev. The director did not lose the main role, but the investigator was Andrei Mironov.

Samples of actress Olga Aroseva director liked, but he was afraid that viewers will only see Mrs. Monika from the then popular show. "Tavern" 13 chairs "". "At least one curl from Mrs. Monica - will remove from the film! "- threatened the actress Eldar Ryazanov and sent her to master shooting a pistol. Aroseva with such zeal took up his studies, that in the days of training could not lift the spoon - so much my arm ached.

Evgeny Evstigneev did not particularly carefully read the scripts and loved improvisation on the set. The director and colleagues knew about it, but since improvisations sometimes turned out better than the script - nobody's did not resent. However, Yuri Nikulin did not miss the opportunity to play Evstigneev - somehow he asked the actor if he was ready for tomorrow? “And what about tomorrow?” - he got worried. “How did you forget the script? we jump with parachutes! I have already warned the family: you never know ... ”- absolutely seriously said Nikulin. Evgeny Evstigneev went to the director ask for tomorrow's shooting doubler. Eldar Ryazanov could not understand what backup, what parachutes ...

On the set, Yuri Nikulin wore a gray trim - he dyed his hair in black color. Olga Aroseva once asked: why does he need an artificial gray hair when you can wait a bit and will have its own? Nikulin It turned out to be a very philosophical and correct approach: “I work in a circus, a clown. If children laugh at old age - this is not good. When I, Balbes, fall, let them laugh. And if the old man falls, above him laugh sin So I am painted in brunet ".

Legend has it that during the filming, the Lviv Museum was robbed, where filmed "The old robbers." Allegedly the criminals gave themselves off involved in the film, almost for Evstigneev and Nikulin, asked rehearse the scene of the robbery and carried out the paintings of Rembrandt and Rubens ... In fact, this is fiction. There was no "Lviv museum", and the scene robberies were filmed in three places - near the town hall, on the stairs journalism department of Moscow State University and in the pavilions of Mosfilm. In the same pavilion decorations Detective "The Return of St. Luke" and an adventure the film “The Crown of the Russian Empire, or Again Elusive”.

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