15 countries that may disappear in 20 years

7-01-2018, 23:35
The number of countries in the world is extremely changeable. States are created and disappear almost constantly, and the unstable global the situation only contributes to this. We do not know how it will look like. world in a couple of decades. But we know at least 15 modern countries that may soon cease to exist. At least in its present form.


Unlike most other countries on this list, Maldives are threatened not economic and political factors, but nature itself. These islands slowly but surely immersed under water. Although, if you look, it is not so too slow. Experts predict that by the year 2100 Maldives will to act above sea level just 1.5 meters. Already the government countries are seriously considering buying land and moving the country to another place.

In Haiti, natural disasters, the hurricane, the earthquake, then tsunami.Not bypassed this small state side and other plagues are wars, epidemics, ethnic cleansing. Lately due to strong climate change, Haitians suffer from tropical storms and hurricanes. There is a big enough the likelihood that soon Haiti, as an independent state, will simply cease to exist and, as an option, become part of a more successful neighboring Dominican Republic.
South Sudan

South Sudan is one of the youngest states on the planet. Independence he found only in 2011 and it is possible that he will lose her again soon. The fact is that for several decades now a huge civil war consisting of several tribal conflicts at once. Rebel groups fight each other over territory, while Sudan also really wants to return the separated part back.

Despite the fact that today Palestine is a separate independent state with its own economy and approved borders, disputes about the affiliation of this territory does not abate so far. The main the candidate for claiming Palestine is neighboring Israel. AND given its economic and military development, it is possible that in soon Palestine will simply cease to exist.

Why is the whole Middle East now one big hot spot in which wars and uprisings do not cease? This was once the largest European empires. Until recently, Iraq was one of the British colonies. But when Iraq gained its independence at the beginning of the 20th century, its borders were drawn “at random”, without regard to ethnic and linguistic features of all peoples living in this territory. By and large counting the war there never stopped. Now the country is rapidly splits: in the north Kurds dominate, in the west - Sunnis, in the south - shia In fact, today Kurdistan is independent state, with its government and its economy.

Another "victim" of the colonial past. In 1951, Libya was artificially created after gaining independence from Italy. For many years, it was only possible to restrain the collapse of the country strong hands and the will of the head - Gaddafi. It was he who did not give numerous tribes and ethnic groups tear the country apart. Today, this process is in full swing, and judging by its speed, it will take quite a bit of time.
North Korea

A country that has fenced off from the rest of the world has doomed itself on a long and painful death. For several decades of isolation and cauterizing only its own resources, North Korea is literally sense exhausted. Own resources are almost spent, and New to take nowhere. Industrial capital is exhausted, money is becoming less, the population is starving. In this situation, the country has only two way out: continue to wait for death in isolation, or to build external communication. But the second option automatically means the end of the current ruling mode. Therefore, it is likely that the country's leadership will choose first option.

Many still think that Taiwan is part of China. And the main the problem is that the Chinese government thinks so too, and, accordingly, has claims on this island. Meanwhile independence Taiwan started in 1949, when the head of the government of the Republic of China (not to be confused with the modern DPRK), having suffered a defeat in the civil war from the troops of Mao Zedong, took refuge in Taiwan. However, the claims are large China’s territory has not yet been withdrawn, and one day it may well be be realized.

In the Netherlands, with the political and economic situation, in general, everything ok, there are no hot spots, no open conflicts, no separatist sentiment. The problem is different: half the country is below sea level. And what's more, the Netherlands continues to descend. At all, The history of the Netherlands is the history of the struggle of people from the seas. Win over land by the sea here is happening since the days of the Roman Empire. But many believe that in spite of the development and high engineering technologies, some major cataclysm country may simply not survive.

By and large, Belgium can hardly be considered a single state. This the country is divided into two large and almost equal regions - Flanders in the north and Wallonia in the south. At the same time in Flanders speak Dutch and in Valonia in French. Also in Belgium there is one more small but separate German-speaking community.More the rich northern part of the country has long sought greater autonomy regions. The poorer south is desperately against it.

Spain, like Great Britain, is a country torn apart from the inside. Quite a bit of noise made a recent referendum, following which the Catalan authorities in unilaterally declared independence from Spain and the formation of the Catalan Republic. And there are many such provinces in Spain. In general, the whole country is quite heterogeneous. In its different parts live people of completely different cultures, speaking different languages. Next up A region that has declared its right to sovereignty is likely to be Basque Country. Edak after a few decades from Spain can absolutely nothing to stay.
United Kingdom

The UK is a holistic state only at first glance. A closer look shows that it consists of several very different and not very friendly countries. Scotland and Northern Ireland already long cherished the dream of secession from the kingdom. Do not mind separate and wales. And although the recent Scottish referendum on independence ended in nothing, England itself threw sticks into the fire. After the kingdom leaves the EU, protest sentiments are more likely all renewed with a new force.

The Chinese Communist Party, following the example of its old Western colleagues, not reaching the XXI century, holds the country in tight rein and diligently pretends that all is well. But the country is not at all OK. Social tension is increasing every day, more and more inequality between rich and poor increases, the gap increases in incomes between urban and rural residents, unemployment is rising. As it is not surprising, but one of the most important problems of China is terrorism, especially in the western provinces. Besides, just at a horrendous pace there is pollution. In many areas the countries already now the soil, the earth and the hydrosphere are so poisoned that they do not may be livable. According to some experts, to 2050, China can completely exhaust the supply of drinking water.

Another strong and seemingly very stable country on this list. Here, too, not everything is as smooth as it seems.For many years now in Canada there is the so-called Quebec separatist movement, the main the purpose of which is to separate the province of Quebec from Canada and recognition of its independence. This movement is big enough political and social power. In 2006, they reached an agreement with the Government of Canada on the accession of Quebec to UNESCO associate member. And if Quebec does separate, it’s only will strengthen similar sentiments in other French-speaking provinces.

The USA is a unique country in general. Every state there is equal subject of the federation, has its own constitution, legislative, executive and judicial authorities. Laws may vary by state. dramatically. What is allowed in one state is often strictly punished in the other. In many ways, this is why some states in Lately, they are desperately seeking independence. Especially strong similar sentiments in Texas, where for a long time and very active political organization "Republic of Texas". At the beginning of 2017 and in California, the movement for the separation of the California Republic, but the referendum was never organized. But New Orleans Already even submitted to the White House a petition asking for sovereignty Louisiana In fact, despite the fact that since the war North and South more than 100 years have passed, the tacit opposition of these two cultures continues. If this goes on like this, many states in end up wanting to become independent.

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