13 scenes, shooting in which ended for the actors tragic

We are used to the fact that in films everything is not real: instead of actors, stand-ins or stuntmen are at risk, many tricks are performed in the studio, with insurance and the support of specialists.

But some scenes from this list could end up for the film crew loss of capacity and even life. Perhaps this top is able to re-instill confidence in the true game of heroes, even in the inveterate skeptic.

Source: BuzzFeed

In the first part of “Mummy” there is a scene where Rick O’Connell, his role playedBrandon Fraser, was sentenced to be hanged in an Egyptian prison in Cairo. Few people know, but during one of the duplicates the actor could really die. Despite the fact that the props were chosen correctly, the “unreal suffocation” led Fraser to clinical death for 18 seconds.

There are people who selflessly "tear well ** poo" at work. Joined themRobert Pattisonwhich was laid out in full on the filming of Twilight in 2008.During the staging of one of the battle scenes, the actor literally tore up the gluteus, after which the physiotherapist recovered the actor for a long time with the help of massages.

Margaret Hamilton“Gave a light” during the filming of The Wizard of Oz in 1939. The actress played the witch of the West and during her theatrical appearance she was caught up in flames. The cause of the incident was a banal technical failure.

During the filming of "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring"Sean austinwho played Sam, Frodo's friend, stepped bare foot on a piece of glass and pierced his ankle through, so the film crew had to call a helicopter to urgently take the guy to the hospital.

"The illusion of deception" could end forAyly Fishervery tragic. During the drowning stunt, the girl was on the verge of death. The fact is that the chains that were supposed to open automatically were jammed. The actress recalls: “Everybody thought that I was just playing very well, and I was really fighting for my life.” According to rumors, this is one of the reasons why Ayla refused to shoot in the second part.

Sylvester Stallonelanded in intensive care during the filming of the movie "Rocky 4".The actor decided to have a real fight with Dolph Lundgren. The first 45 seconds of their fight are real. A couple of blows were enough for the actor to completely shut off, and Lundgren took everything for the game and continued beating. As a result, Stallone was in a hospital bed for 5 days.

ActressMeryl StreepI almost drowned during the filming of "Wild River." The director forced her to continue the game, although the woman said she was tired. Kayak actress turned over, she was in the water. Fortunately, we managed to save her.

“Terminator 2: Judgment Day” has become a very laborious project for the film crew.Linda HamiltonI felt in my own skin what it means to work with firearms. In front of the scene with shooting in the elevator, Linda forgot to insert the plugs into her ears. Without them, shooting in an enclosed space had serious consequences for the health of the actress: for several days she did not hear anything with one ear.

Daniel CraigI would not be a real Bond if I hadn’t got a real trauma in the shooting process. During one of the duplicates of the battle scene in Quantum of Mercy, Craig was cut off with a fingertip. This “piece of Bond” was never found.

James Caviezelon myself felt the power of nature. Together with the director of the "Passion of Christ" the actor came under the thunderbolt (!!!). Fortunately, everything ended well.

Directed by JJ Abrams andHarrison fordreceived serious injuries in the process of filming "The Force Awakens." The hydraulic door on the Millennium Falcon suddenly sank and jammed, tightly holding the actor's ankle. The director made an attempt to raise her, and as a result pulled her back.

Remember the moment in the “Fox Hunter” of 2014, when the heroChanning Tatumhead banging against the wall? The scene was not shot understudy, the actor personally went through all the doubles. Only here it ended with numerous cuts and abrasions on the head. The actor literally broke through the plasterboard head overlap.

Cary elvessuffered a severe head injury during the filming of "The Princess Bride". It was written in the script that another actor touches Elves’s head with his sword, but he was too heavy and his partner was slow. In general, a light touch turned into a strong blow. As it turned out, Elves was lucky, the scene could have ended with a brain injury.

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