11 tricks that will help keep you cool in the house in the heat

5-07-2017, 18:06

Summer can be very hot, and not everyone has air conditioning. As a result, sometimes you cannot even fall asleep due to the fact that the temperature in the house is too high. In this case, if you open the window, most often there is the problem of mosquitoes and other insects. If there is an air conditioner, it is not very economical to switch it on constantly You have to look for alternative options for refreshing your home. If coolness seems like an inaccessible dream to you, read these tips. With them, your summer can be much more comfortable. Simple changes in life will help you create freshness.
Lightweight, breathable linen sheets

Linen bedding is perfect for summer. This is especially true if you sleep with a partner, because when two bodies give off heat in bed, it becomes more difficult to cool it. Try soft, breathable bedding, which helps to distribute heat better. Sleep under this much nicer.
Cool lighting

Traditional light bulbs spend ninety percent of their energy on heat production. If you switch to LED lamps, you will not only seriously save on electricity, but also get rid of the heat that you do not need. This may seem trivial, but it works quite effectively, so be sure to try this method.
Cushions filled with buckwheat husks

It may seem unusual, but pillows filled with buckwheat husk will be a really good solution, and there is a completely understandable reason for this. Buckwheat allows air to circulate through the pillow, it does not remain inside. Moreover, such a pillow perfectly adapts to the shape of your head, neck, back, which is very convenient.
Comfortable socks with gel inserts

Before you go to bed, put on comfortable socks with gel inserts, allowing you to cool your feet. You can leave gel inserts in the refrigerator throughout the day and take them just before bedtime. Sometimes cold feet are very nice!
Powerful but economical fan that runs quickly and quietly

A high-quality fan perfectly cools the air, works quietly enough and does not waste too much energy.Of course, you have to spend money, nevertheless it is a great investment in your comfort: it will be much easier for you to fall asleep even in extreme heat. Choose a fan with different modes and the ability to program the device for a certain period of operation.
Disable unused devices

The devices included in the network still use electricity, therefore, they produce a certain amount of heat. If you turn off all your devices, you will save energy, besides you can protect yourself from excessive heat.
Gel cooling pad for cushion

There are gel liners that are designed for direct contact with the skin. Thanks to them, you can lie on the cool insert face. To cool such liners can be simply in the refrigerator: it is enough to put the liner in advance in the cold and get it before bedtime. It will be especially convenient for people who often suffer from headaches.
Cooling eye mask

There are many gel masks that are decorated with plastic, but it is best to choose one that is decorated with a cloth, then the eyelids will not experience discomfort from a foreign object.Soft fabric will allow you to enjoy comfort, while the gel will no less effectively cool your skin. Such a mask can reduce puffiness in the area around the eyes. Keep the mask in the refrigerator and use as needed.
Curtain Sprayer

If you leave the windows open overnight and you have an insect screen, you can use a spray bottle with water. When the air passes through the damp fabric of the curtains, it will cool and it will be easier for you to breathe. Believe me, spraying water from a cup is not at all such an effective method. Where better to use a spray. It can also be used for watering plants. If desired, you can find an automatic spray that will maintain the humidity of the curtains throughout the night.
Several layers of thick curtains

Use the most thick curtains to block light, sound and protect the room from heat or cold. So it will be much easier for you to create the temperature to which you aspire. In addition, such a curtain blocks the light, and you will not wake up from bright rays, experiencing unpleasant heat on the face. Be sure to try - and immediately realize that it is convenient throughout the year.
Plants that need sunlight

Plants feed on photosynthesis, consuming some heat in the process. If you have several large plants that need a lot of sunny color for good growth, they will reduce the temperature in your apartment. For the same reason, it is cooler in a large forest when it is hot outside.

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