100 compliments to the girl

Every girl likes to listen to beautiful and gentlethe words. Representatives of the fair sex becomes even more pleasant in the event that the expressions relate to her appearance. If a man can speak beautifully of a girl, then in her eyes he becomes more attractive. That's why young people need to know that there are popular 100 compliments to the girl. A similar number is both large and small. Of course, for men, 100 compliments to the girl - this is a fairly large number of words expressing delight and admiration. But for women this number is only the minimum they want to hear almost every day. Delicate compliments to the girl can be pronounced even without an excuse, because in any case she will be pleased.

Words of admiration should concern the figure as a whole, the waist, legs, neck, hands, color and structure of the hair, hair, lips, clothing, etc.

So, below are the 25 most popular phrases, taken from the best 100 compliments to the girl:

1. (Name), with your figure you can outshine many models. You have an ideal body that is admired by almost all the people around you, including me.

2. Honey, I'm proud that you have me. I'm happy that I can see how beautiful you are. You have a perfect figure. Everything that you put on looks great on your body. You're the best.

3. (Girl's name), how beautiful you are. Your ideal proportions make me jealous of you for every man. I see how they all look at you and secretly dream of being in my place. Apparently, your figure is crazy not only for me, but for everyone around me.

4. Honey, how glad I am that you do not need to go to gyms with your gorgeous figure. I'm happy because you will not be watched by numerous fitness instructors. Therefore, I will be calm.

5. Beloved, I want to say that I'm proud that you are so skinny. I am very happy that I can carry you on endlessly!

6. (Girl's name), you are beautiful. The new dress perfectly emphasizes your ideal body, at the sight of which I lose all my thoughts and can not concentrate on anything.

7. (Name beloved), every day I look at you and I understand that you have an incredibly beautiful waist. It is so thin and fragile that it sometimes seems to me that I have to hold it all the time. I hope you will let me do this.

8. My dear, your waist reminds me of the trunk of a young and elegant tree, which strikes everyone with its beauty.

9. Honey, sometimes it seems to me that I noticed you thanks to your beautiful figure. Then I immediately noticed your waist, which captivated me with its fragility.

10. Beloved, your figure is the ideal of beauty. And your waist is just perfect!

11. (Girl's name), it seems to me that absolutely all women in the world should strive to be the same as you. I think that, first of all, it concerns your incredibly thin waist.

12. Honey, you're the most beautiful. I especially admire your waist, which drives me crazy with my subtlety.

13. My dear, every top model will envy your legs. I'm proud of you.

14. (Name), I admire your thin and long legs. They for me - perfection.

15. Your legs do to me incredible. I become jealous and understand that I will never give you anything.

16. (Name), thank your parents for the fact that you have such beautiful legs.

17. Honey, I'm captivated by your beauty. Those. your sexy legs.

18. I'm crazy about you. I'm ready to admire your thin legs for hours. They are beautiful.

19. (Name), what are your beautiful legs! Yes, and you yourself - just a beauty.

20. Honey, I'm ready to kiss your neck every minute. It is incredibly soft and silky. She is my treasure.

21. Beloved, I like your hands so much. I am very pleased to touch them, because they are very soft and gentle.

22. (Name), your hair is so nice to touch. In them I like absolutely everything: both the color and the smell.

23. Darling, you are very much this hair. With her you have become even more fragile and tender for me. I want to hug you sooner.

24. (Girl's name), you have very beautiful lips. I'm looking forward to the moment when I can kiss them.

25. Honey, I like your style so much! All your clothes make you more sexy and successfully emphasizes your figure.

In addition to the above, there are other phrases that are included in the list of the best 100 compliments to the girl. It should be noted that they are all something similar to each other.

Also, there are good compliments to the girls aboutsmile. In this case, it is important to say that it adorns it and makes it more attractive. You also need to ask the girl to smile more often, and say that you will be very pleased.

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