10 lessons from Pavel Durov

3-04-2017, 18:26
Most Internet users know perfectly well who Pavel Durov is. But the interesting facts about him are not known to all. In this article we want to share some tips from the founder of the most famous social network in RuNet - Vkontakte.
So, 10 lessons from Pavel Durov are offered to your attention.

Important lessons of Pavel Durov

  1. Everything can be done much faster than it seems. The first version of "Vkontakte" was created in one month. Despite the converse claims, important things are either done quickly and well, or slowly and poorly.
  2. This lesson is similar to the previous one, but it only sounds more broadly. EVERYTHING needs to be done quickly. The fact is that in parallel with Vkontakte several similar sites of the same orientation were created. They are little remembered now only because the success of Vkontakte has overshadowed them.
  3. Need to develop in an organic direction. That is, the first step is the successful development of a forum. The second is to move on and create something more developed organically at its base. And so on.
  4. Quality is everything.People subconsciously feel even the smallest details that are made specifically for their convenience. No matter how small and insignificant - they will eventually bring many faithful friends. This is extremely important.
  5. Contrary to popular belief, combining several types of work is extremely effective. As soon as the social network "Vkontakte" began its existence, it was Pavel Durov who was responsible for creating the code, graphics and all interfaces. Moreover, marketing also lay on his shoulders.
  6. This is a very important and interesting lesson. Listen to your intuition. If you want to do something, be sure to take action. Pavel Durov asserts that whenever he had to listen to recognized “authorities” - it was almost always lost time, and often opportunities.
  7. A few motivated and motivated people are much better than an army of mercenaries who don’t invest their soul in the project. Talent and love for the subject of his attention - this is the key to success. The amount here does not matter.
  8. 100% trust no one. Even if it is the closest person with whom you are “from the cradle”.All key points must be controlled personally.
  9. This lesson from Pavel Durov is of particular importance. Fear is a waste of domestic resources. It is necessary to do what is required, and there come what may. An interesting fact: for the period of existence of the Vkontakte network, there were a huge number of hacker attacks, lawsuits, and competitive wars, and various intrigues. If you go on about the emotions of fear - you will not achieve anything.
  10. Principles are more important than any benefit. When it comes to allocating advertising space for additional income to the detriment of user convenience, this is definitely not worth doing. Only if you serve the good of others can you count on true success.

These are the 10 wonderful lessons learned by Pavel Durov during the ten years of existence of one of the largest Internet giants - Vkontakte.

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