10 book novelties for children in Ukrainian from the "Publishers Forum" in Lviv

It is not so difficult to instill in the child a love of reading. It is only necessary to pick up books interesting to him and submit them in a beautiful "wrapper", that is, to make the kid interested in reading. It is important to choose a book that suits the child by age and his interests. So, kids will gladly listen to fairy tales and consider bright illustrations, and older children will certainly be interested to know how the world works, to read useful advice and stories for teenagers.

Ukraine regularly hosts book exhibitions, fairs and forums. Therefore, choosing the right book is not difficult - the range is very diverse. So, recently the Publishers Forum took place in Lviv, where many new books for children were presented.

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In many overseas schools and even kindergartens, career guidance is common. It is not easy to choose a kindergarten in which they would “conjure” children from early age in order to reveal their abilities. The same goes for schools. Usually, all children go through a general program, and identifying talents and choosing a profession is a “home” task. Perhaps that's why parents are increasingly choosing home education. Nevertheless, it is necessary to acquaint children with professions from childhood. The ABC of Crafts and Professions will help with this mom and dad. The book novelty from Nadezhda Repeta is written in verse, so that it not only satisfies the curiosity of the little "crows", but it will be easy to perceive.

Recommended price: 75 hryvnia


Poems have a good effect on the development of the child’s hearing. And even though the collection "Sandals for the centipede," written by Mariana Savka, is intended for preschool children from 4 years old. Younger children this book will also be useful. Reading poetry to children helps develop speech. In addition, "Sandals for the centipedes" and contribute to the development of the imagination is a coloring book, so that the children will be able to paint the characters of the poems to their taste.

Recommended price: 65 hryvnia

Босонежки для стоніжки


Surely you know what to look for when the child draws. In the image you can "consider" the chiological state of the baby. And in general, children love to draw. "Big coloring with numbers" (by Watt Fiona) will appeal to both you and the kids. The child will do his favorite thing and at the same time learn the numbers.

Recommended price: 95 hryvnia

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Greater rosmalovka with figures


Reading bedtime stories is a good tradition. They help the baby to fall asleep, develop imagination and fantasy. "Shustrik" Mariana Knyazevich is an unbroken fox. The tale tells about his adventures with a dog, a goose, a rabbit and other heroes. If you are not reading a book before bedtime, ask the child to finish the story in his own way.

Recommended price: 70 hryvnia


Unsurpassed sylvestre

Another fairy tale for preschoolers from a Ukrainian publisher. Dana Kaveli wrote and illustrated the story of the little mouse Sylvestre. He was lonely, since no one wanted to be friends with the gray mice. But one day he heard the boy playing the violin, and decided to make himself such a musical instrument.And that changed his life.

Recommended price: 65 UAH.

Nonversioned Sylvester

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Shaun Covey wrote a step-by-step guide for teens that will help them achieve their goals. The book tells and shows that dreams, goals and plans can be realized. This book has become useful for many teenagers and has taught them how to succeed. Translated the text of Rostislav Paranko.

Recommended price: 60 UAH.

7 звичок високоефективних підлітків


Oksana Karavanskaya wrote a style guide for teenage girls. In her book, she tells what to wear to a disco, a wedding, to school. She also gives tips on using accessories. In addition to the applied information, in the "Stylish book" the designer tells interesting facts about fashion and funny stories from his childhood. Such a book will be useful not only to girls, but also to their mothers.

Recommended price: 100 UAH.

Stylish book for piananka


The Strangers and the Bore story of Ulf Stark tells about a 12-year-old Simon, whose life is filled with real teenage problems. Her mother got in touch with Ine's bore, she needed to change school because of the move, her beloved dog was missing. And then there's the first love. In this book, every teenager will see himself, find support and understanding, and possibly a solution to problems.

Recommended price: 40 UAH.

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Divaki and Bore


Matiyash Dzvinka wrote a story for teenagers 14+. The story tells of Martha, who dreams of becoming an artist. The author shows the development of the girl's personality, talks about her family, friends, about painting and music, about her love and loss, about the birth of a new life.

Recommended price: 50 UAH.

Marta from the Holy Mikolaj Church


The book by JK Rowling tells about the history of the appearance of the golden Snitch, the bludgers and why the meat choppers are depicted on the mantles of “Comet from viatown”. The book from the series about Harry Potter was translated into Ukrainian by Viktor Morozov.

Recommended price: 50 UAH.

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